WINNER - and Have a Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween, to those who celebrate it! 
I hope you have a blast dressing up and take lotsa fun pictures!

and.... we have a winner of the Jell E Bean Designs giveaway! ... using the winner is comment #90 ...  ROSIE STEPHEN!!! Please email me at to claim your prize!

I also want to say a GREAT big Thank You to Rosie for suggesting our facebook page to ALL her facebook friends!  What an honor!

Have a fabulous Sunday, everyone!!!! Stay safe!!

Our New Hair Washing System!

There are a million different ways to wash your children's hair - which one is best obviously depends on each individual child and their caregiver!  Do they hate water in their eyes? Their ears? Do they not care? Do they like the shower head? Do you have a removable shower head? Can you reach them if they're in the bathtub? etc, etc!

I'm not going to go into all the varieties of ways to wash hair on this post - but feel free to ask if you need more ideas! All I'm going to say now is that I thought using the sink was something we wouldn't be able to do for awhile - that Q was too young, that we wouldn't have the required communication, or she wouldn't have the patience - plus she likes to be up running around! Not sitting or laying down - especially not if it's Mom's idea!   WELL...

What are your little ones going to be for Halloween??

Just curious! 

Is your whole family dressing up? 
What are your kiddos going to be this year??

Share your awesome ideas in the comments! 

(and if you need spooky hair ideas, make sure you check out this hair blog -- Princess Piggies! She's been doing all kinds of crazy awesome Halloween Hair lately!)

Cara B Naturally ~ Shampoo/Body Wash, Leave In Conditioner, and Bar Soap

Behind the Scenes report 

 As you may have already read, I fell blindly in love with Cara B Naturally hair care products! After my infatuation wore off (somewhat) I realized I should critique this product just the same as I do any other! Here it is, the in-depth review of Cara B Naturally!

mineral oil-free
no artificial colors or fragrances

Calling All International Followers!

Good morning! (at least in this part of the world!)

I would just like to remind EVERYONE that we have a fabulous (and generous) giveaway going on right now - only a few days left to enter! CLICK HERE for instructions on how to enter!

Twisted Curly Funky Updo

I just love this one! It started out as an experiment one night before bed, and that did NOT work out! So I modified it and ended up with a wacky, weird, adorable (at least in my opinion) hairdo!  What do you think?

Curls on the Go!

Who says curls can't be active?!  

Here are just a few fun pictures I've taken recently and wanted to share ...

Criss-Crossed Half Cornrows - with Ponytails!

You may have seen our Criss Crossed Half Cornrows Style -- I have to admit I'm a huge fan of that one :)  So of course, after that much braiding, I had to leave it in a few days! Here's what we did to change it up...

Two Small Braids and One Giant Hairbow

Cute or Corny? I guess it depends on your taste and how you dress it up!

Karli's Kreations

Not many people know this... so I'll let you in on a little secret!

Mind if I show off a bit?

:) *blush* This is totally silly - but I feel like showing off!

I just made my first few korker bows! I used the directions found HERE.

I made a yellow one to match a dress I upcycled for Q the other day (she's been wanting a yellow dress, so I bought a shirt thing from walmart for $1 and re-purposed it - of course I didn't manage to get a picture I did take some!!! I just found them!! See below for pics! before I accidentally shrunk it in the dryer. sigh. )

2 year old's response to Sesame Street's "I Love My Hair" video!

I had to share this ... :)

I guess even with all the positive response the Sesame Street video has gotten, there are those who think it's still not quite up to the mark yet, and isn't sending the "right" message. Well Q and I think it's doing just fine! I love that (even tho it's one muppet) there are many different types of hair featured. I think it makes the video more universal and more kids (and adults!) can relate to it.

Here's what our little caucasion curly girl thinks of the video ...

Sesame Street - I love my Hair!!

This youtube video has been flying around the web for a bit now, so you may have already seen it - but I just have to share!

I agree with so many other bloggers and commenters - this is a message that is AMAZING! Universal! Necessary! (and somehow sad that it IS necessary. But I digress...)

Here's the clip! ...

Beija-Flor Naturals - Discounts!!

So, chime in ... :) Who's noticed the ADORABLE little cutie in my sidebar ad for Beija-Flor Naturals?? :D 

I just love that picture!

Anyway. On to the point of this post ~~

Featured Follower!! - Lisa and "Princess"

Welcome back to the series where YOU are the star! I absolutely love sharing stories and pictures of what everyone else is doing!

Let's hear a big welcoming round of applause for a RETURNING Featured Follower! :D  Don't miss Lisa's first post when Princess was just tiny! Especially if you need ideas for young babies or babies with very little hair! 

GIVEAWAY TIME!!!! Jell E Beans Designs!

Drum roll please...................... A Giveaway!!

This giveaway is being sponsored by  
(See our review of Q's new hair clip from Jell E Bean Designs!)

Jell E Bean Designs - Review!

I just LOVE going to the mailbox when I know fun stuff is coming! :D Q and I were so excited we ripped open the package right there in the post office! In retrospect, I wished I had waited til I had the video camera out so that I could show you all Q's reaction to her new hair clip from

Black spots in hair? Could it be moldy?

I need your opinions, ladies! I received this email two days ago  ...

Ok so I was wondering, what does this moldy hair look like? I keep looking for pictures but can't find anything. I have these black spots on my hair not all of it but where the hair tie is. when my hair is soaking wet they are black, when damp they are white, in like a perfect pattern, and when my hair is dry the spots are barely noticeable, but black. A hairdresser told me that it was wax buildup from the products I use, and to use a daily clarifying shampoo but that seems not to work either.....
I'm at a loss. Does anyone know what this could be? Experience? Stories?!? Please leave a comment!!

Messy, Beautiful, and Quick Hairdo for Kids, Teens and up!

I love this style for its versatility. You can dress it up or down, rough it up or make it picture perfect - Totally up to you!

Featured Follower!! - Rosie and Hannah

Welcome back to the series where YOU are the star! I absolutely love sharing stories and pictures of what everyone else is doing!

More than just loving it myself, though, I think it's also important! The styles I do on Q's hair and the thoughts I have about hair in our society and how hair affects our self-image and therefore our LIVES, is still only just me! The more YOU share as well, the more we will all learn from each other.  So feel free to send in your opinions and photos! (

Today's Feature is from Rosie! Thank you so much for the fun facebook conversation! :)

"This is Hannah's hair on her 1st day of school! I had only just learned to french pleat. For picture day I would add some hair coils in to the tops of the pleats ...

Homemade Fabric Headband - Pictures!

Happy Thanksgiving!! To my Canadian readers :)

YAY! Not too long ago I shared a tutorial on how to make a fabric headband... yet I said Q didn't leave it on her head long enough for me to get a picture, right? WELL!  ... She finally left her it on long enough for me to take a few pictures! :D  (sorry about the quality)

Criss-Crossed Half Cornrows

This style is one of my current personal favorites :) It keeps her hair out of her eyes, but is also unique! The braiding technique is somewhat reminiscent of  X-Twists.

How to Make a Fabric Headband - Fast and EASY!

I think fabric headbands are so cute right now! I see people wearing them, I see them in stores, etc!  Q tried one on once and I just fell in love! Too cute! ....BUT... she would never leave it on her head. I know that. So I could never bring myself to shell out the $$ they cost, even though they are adorable!

Well, I got home.... and after pining away for these headbands and knowing it was silly to spend the money, I decided to make my own! So here is my very informal tutorial on How to Make a Fabric Headband - the really fast and easy way! (and highly imperfect. Did I mention that?)

Gymnastics Hairstyle

I love getting emails from my readers! :D and I love creating special hairstyles just for you! 

This style is uniquely designed for Kristine! (Thanks for the inspiration!) But it hopefully will be useful to anyone who needs a good solid updo. (and that has relatively long hair. This style won't stay well for those of us with short haired kiddos!) Kristine's daughter is starting gymnastics, so I've been brainstorming ideas that will hold well and keep her hair out of the way while she's being super active.

Strawllers Giveaway ... WINNER!!!

Thank you so much to everyone who entered and told their friends about our recent giveaway! I love hosting giveaways, it's just fun! I love reviewing new products, sharing them with you (for free!) and of course, getting all sorts of comments from YOU!

So, thank you again for such a fun time! :D

..... now .... on to the winner! .....

Picture Day Pictures!

The pictures are here! For how we styled Q's short curly toddler hair for these pictures, go to this post... 

And here are the final results! :D

Last Day for Strawllers!

Don't miss out on your chance to win a set of Strawllers Hair Curlers!! I pick a winner at midnight! Get those entries in!!!

There are many ways to enter - visit the contest post for more info!

If you don't enter, you can't win!

Picture Day Hairstyle!

We just had Q's 2 year pictures taken! (2 months late, but oh well!) As always the question remains -- How should I style my daughter's hair for Picture Day??!

Well here's what we decided on this time...

Curls created by Strawllers Curlers!

Don't forget! The Strawllers giveaway ends on Tuesday at Midnight! (central time) Get your entries in! Be sure to leave your comments on this post ... Strawllers GIVEAWAY!!

Now, for inspiration, I thought I'd share a few more pictures :)  All of these curls were created using Strawllers Hair Curlers! Weeee!

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