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Hair Milk, Hair Butter, Hair Gel, Spray, Smoothies, Masks and more...!?!?!

I am on a mission to discover what all these terms mean! Bare with me while I research :)   Today Q and I tried out a veeery simple version of homemade hair milk...

I will post results tomorrow if possible! It's still a work in progress, tho.

Happy Hair Do-ing! :D

p.s. Are there any other terms or concepts I'm missing that you know of - or what to know more about?? Leave a comment and I'll see what I can learn for ya!!

I have a Problem!

The house is a mess,
the laundry is dirty,
what's clean isn't folded,
the dishes just mock me,
the toys are taking on a life of their own ...

and all I want to do is take pictures of the top of Q's head!
(and dream up new styles and experiment with homemade hair product recipes!)

I think I have a problem. :) Can anyone relate?!

Baby Braid Buns

So I started out going to do something else - and this is what happened instead :) I'm in love!


So first I detangled Q's hair by spraying it with water and combing it out gently (starting at the ends and working in sections) with a wide toothed comb. Something like this (we like the handle and curved tines. It's very important to get a comb with smooth teeth!!)

Then I made a zig zag part


Next I made two small ponytails in the hair on top of her head. One on each side. I used clear elastic bands and rubbed them with Coconut Oil first! (This should have been done more in advance to get the most benefit from it - the coconut oil helps soften the rubber to make it less damaging to hair.)

I could have stopped here and added some cute clips! (Speaking of which, if anyone knows of a WAHM who would like some publicity - I'd love to host a giveaway sometime! Email me!)
But I didn't stop :) I threaded a ribbon through each ponytail using a plastic craft needle (be careful!)

Then leaving one strand of ribbon hang, I combined the other into one of the strands of a regular braid. 


Then I added a small elastic at the end to hold the braid together. I sort of attempted to keep the ribbon on top so some of the color showed thru - but I didn't work too hard at it. The end result will be adorable whether there's that tiny bit of extra color or not! :)
Next, I curved the braid up around itself in a bun sort of fashion and tied the ends of the ribbon together! (One end from the braid and the other was still hanging loose from the ponytail.)

At this point I could have cut the ribbon to a more even length, but I wanted more color again, so I just made crazy bows with the ribbon I had left!

(This picture is of the Big lopsided bow I started with, and then I just went wild from there - NOT going for symmetry on this one! lol)

(You can see the tails of the braid sticking out to the side of the bun on this one - but I don't mind. It kinda offsets the fact that I have two straight ribbon tails coming off the left side!)


Oh boy, what a face! lol!

and my Favorite Picture of the Day...! :)

Another Award?!

I'm so flattered! :D :D


A GREAT BIG Thank You to Mommy of 1 and Counting for the award!!  If you haven't already, you need to check out this Fabulous Giveaway Blog! Head on over there right now!!

I am supposed to pass this on to 10 other great bloggers, so here I go! Oh, and I'm going to try to not pick any "repeat" blogs from my last award - shouldn't be too hard - there are so many great ones to pass awards on to! :)

First, of course, I have to share my new-found hair blogs:
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And other blogs I love:
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How to Get the Elastics OUT!?!

This is just a quick post to let you know that if you're wondering what the best way to get those tiny elastics out of your little one's hair is....You're NOT alone!

Rubber elastics can be hard on hair and cause breakage - but I find them very convenient to use! So to safeguard against damage, I've read that it helps to soak the elastics in olive oil, or coconut oil, for an hour up to a day before using. (Too long isn't good either, tho. Gotta find the happy medium!)  This makes them softer and easier on the hair strands.

I like to make the first one or two times around the hair nice and tight, and then let the last one be really loose in comparison. I find that makes getting them out so much easier!

SO - how to get them out?! There are two methods that I use the most:

1. With my fingernails, I pick out the part of the elastic band that I left loose(ish), pull it up and then thread the hair back out loop by loop, just like I put it in.

2. My other method is to use a baby fingernail clipper - find that loose piece and just clip it! I am very careful not to clip any hair tho! Otherwise that kind of defeats the purpose! lol

These are my little "secrets". If anyone else has any tips and ideas they'd like to share - go right ahead!

Goody Clear Elastic Bands ~ 52 Bands

Ribbon Headband

I just love this hairstyle! I think it's an adorable yet fancy toddler hairdo! What do you think!?

I started by separating the hair I knew I didn't want involved and pinning it back temporarily with a claw clip.

Then I parted the hair in front (the "headband" section and made little ponytails. Keeping the elastics at the back edge of the section of hair. I made 6 ponytails. 3 on each side of her head.

then I removed the temporary claw clips and fluffed Q's curls :)

and the other side!

Now, you could be done at this point! 
I think it's cute. Especially if it had been done with colored elastics, or add claw clips to each ponytail, etc.
But I chose to add RIBBON!

I use a craft "sewing" needle to thread the ribbon thru the hair :) 

The threading process... I just "sewed" the ribbon thru each ponytail, nice and close to the elastic.

Here's what it looks like when you're done threading...


Then, instead of just holding the ends out of the way, like I'm doing in this picture - TIE them! :)


Make a bow if you want and cut the ribbon ends to the length you prefer...and you're done!


How can a person resist a face like that?? :)  And here you have a cute yet elegant toddler hairstyle!

Baby Elastic Headband

This hairstyle has never really worked for Q. She just won't leave it on her head! :) But man they are cute!
See that sneaky hand already tho? Reaching back to fuss at (read: pull off) the headband!
I think if I had gotten her used to the idea of wearing a headband before she had the coordination to reach up there and yank it off by herself, that maybe she'd be more inclined to leave headbands on her head.... but who knows?!  

(I have read, however, that you shouldn't leave small babies wearing headbands like this too long - because they can't get them off by themselves and aren't great at communicating - so if it starts to hurt or be too tight, they can't tell us. The headbands are made to be a bit snug but you don't want to cause undue pressure to a baby's delicate head!)

Anyway, I wanted to include this as a post because I think they are cute, yet so often overlooked! 

Daddy 'Do!

He really likes the beads, I guess :) I love it!

For this one it looks like he twisted each strand individually, and added a bead to it. Then twisted them together and added a bead to the end of the twist.  I don't have any more picture, unfortunately, but he did one of these twists on each side of her face - he likes keeping her "bangs" out of her eyes!

Curly Q's Hair Do's has been nominated!!

Curly Q's Hair Do's has received a blogging award! :D  I'm so excited! THANK YOU to Penniless Parenting for the nomination! And I have to agree - what a sweet thought and image to brighten the Winter a bit! :)  (Don't get me wrong, I love snow as much as the next guy, but I don't enjoy shoveling and scraping icy windshields!) So thank you so much for the award and bright thoughts!

Now I get to pass on the Sunshine! These 12 Blogs definitely brighten my days and are worthy of this Sunny Sunshine Award!

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Thank you so much to each and every one of these ladies and their blogs!! 

Now, don't forget the Rules of Acceptance...
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What do you think of the new Layout and Background?!

I've been playing and playing tonight :) But now I think it's time for BED!

Pure Curls

Sometimes Q isn't very interested in having me do much more than detangle her curls (if that!) So on days like this we go Free Style! :D

My goodness I wish my hair looked like this! (sans the nose picking) lol

In case you are wondering - we detangle by spraying her hair down with water and combing it out gently with a wide toothed comb. If I want the curls to be finer and fuller, then I go through it afterwards with a finer toothed comb, but I usually don't because it can get very big that way! :)  We do get different looks with the different combs, tho, for sure.

ALWAYS start at the bottom of the hair when detangling. If you start at the roots you can kind of just push the tangles down, and then when you get to the ends you have a big, massive knot. If you start at the ends, and attack the tangles and matted hair bit by bit, it's easier to get it all out. And it hurts much less! (That knowledge is from years and years of personal experience with long hair!)

One more little tip...

Brush or comb straight hair when it's DRY.
Comb (do not brush!) curly hair when it's WET!

The Diamond 'Do

Now there's a spiffy name :) lol


Another variation of Step Ponies! I started by brushing her hair forward


I made a ponytail in the back- and one in the front

(I'm just holding that middle hair out of the way so we can see the two ponytails.)

Then I parted that middle hair. I also parted each ponytail in half. Then I made a new ponytail including all the newly parted strands - as you can see below :)

Then I did the same on the other side and ended up with a diamond shape!

and from the front ...

A cute new way to jazz up the "two piggies" look :) What do you think?

Valentine Daddy 'Do!

My sweet, sweet husband let me sleep in this morning - and ended up doing Q's hair today, too! Doesn't it look adorable?! He's so clever :D


I didn't see it done, but it looks like he parted it into four sections, then braided each one and added beads! He adds beads by slipping the bead on and then putting an elastic underneath it to hold it on. He did that for each bead :) 

Here's the other side!

(little blurry - sorry! She was moving a lot! :) )

and this is her "silly" face - she's not actually grumpy - I promise!

and one last one for good measure :)


Combo Step Ponies

I don't have "how to" pictures for this one because it's ...well.... because I didn't remember to take them at the time! Oops!

It's a combination of Step Ponies and Weaving.


Triple Braid Side Pony

Oh boy! What are my "names" coming to?! Anyway, here's a new one!


Don't mind the backgrounds today! Yikes! lol
Anyway, for this one I carefully detangled Q's hair with a wide toothed comb after wetting it thoroughly (like usual!) Then I brought all the top hair (the stuff that still likes to fall forward) to the side. I noticed I had been taking it all to the right side of her head lately - so today I changed it up and combed it to the left :)


Then I made a part along the side and divided that into two section. One section of hair I put in a temporary clip, the other I braided.

After I braided that one, I removed the clip and braided that section. Then I decided to do one more in her "bangs" area - up by her forehead (gotta keep it out of her eyes!) So I ended up with this...

Then flipping the braids out of the way, I brushed (combed) all the other hair into a side ponytail. Once that was smooth, I laid the braids over the top and tied it all off with the same elastic :)


She was wiggly today! Sorry for the poor quality pictures!
Anyway, that's it! I could have taken the elastics out at the end of each braid, but I didn't. I did make sure that the elastic that held the ponytail was closer to Q's head than the other elastics, tho, otherwise the braids would have slipped out. This style lasted well all day for us!

And of course we love the curls!

and one more just because :)
 (Notice her Baltic Amber Teething Necklace? I LOVE these things! I don't know how anyone survives without them!)

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