The Beginning

I wrote this in our very first blog post on Dec 20, 2009! Maybe it will shed a little light on who we are and why we're here in the first place :)

Welcome to my brand new blog! I'm super excited and partially terrified about it! :)

I have recently been playing with Q's hair a lot and just am so inspired that I wanted to share it! And create a place that the two of us can record and remember this experience for a long time. (She LOVES seeing her face on my computer...:) )

When I realized that Q had naturally curly hair, I was THRILLED! I have always had very straight hair, and of course, always wanted curly. But my next thought was - "Oh NO! I have no idea how to care for curly hair!" So I set out on a mission to learn all the ins and outs of curls. My desire is for her to grow up Loving the curls God gave her! But in order to do that, I figure I have to learn it all myself and then teach her how to manage it - before it's managing her! lol

The other part of this recent hairstyling development of ours is that Q's "bangs" are constantly getting in her eyes unless I do something to keep them back - so creativity, here we come!
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