Baby Braid Buns

So I started out going to do something else - and this is what happened instead :) I'm in love!


So first I detangled Q's hair by spraying it with water and combing it out gently (starting at the ends and working in sections) with a wide toothed comb. Something like this (we like the handle and curved tines. It's very important to get a comb with smooth teeth!!)

Then I made a zig zag part


Next I made two small ponytails in the hair on top of her head. One on each side. I used clear elastic bands and rubbed them with Coconut Oil first! (This should have been done more in advance to get the most benefit from it - the coconut oil helps soften the rubber to make it less damaging to hair.)

I could have stopped here and added some cute clips! 
But I didn't stop :) I threaded a ribbon through each ponytail using a plastic craft needle (be careful!)

Then leaving one strand of ribbon hang, I combined the other into one of the strands of a regular braid. 


Then I added a small elastic at the end to hold the braid together. I sort of attempted to keep the ribbon on top so some of the color showed thru - but I didn't work too hard at it. The end result will be adorable whether there's that tiny bit of extra color or not! :)
Next, I curved the braid up around itself in a bun sort of fashion and tied the ends of the ribbon together! (One end from the braid and the other was still hanging loose from the ponytail.)

At this point I could have cut the ribbon to a more even length, but I wanted more color again, so I just made crazy bows with the ribbon I had left!

(This picture is of the Big lopsided bow I started with, and then I just went wild from there - NOT going for symmetry on this one! lol)

(You can see the tails of the braid sticking out to the side of the bun on this one - but I don't mind. It kinda offsets the fact that I have two straight ribbon tails coming off the left side!)


Oh boy, what a face! lol!

and my Favorite Picture of the Day...! :)


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