The Truth about Satin Pillowcases/Bonnets/Sheets etc!!

Satin Pillowcases are a Curly Girl's Best Friend!!

satin pillowcases are wonderful for curly hair!

Soon after realizing that Q's hair was curly I knew I had a lot of learning to do! One of the first things I read was to have her sleep on satin. Satin sheets, satin pillowcase, wear a satin bonnet to bed, etc. I didn't think I'd be able to get her to keep a sleep cap on, so I opted for the pillowcase once she was old enough for a pillow. 

The carseat also always reeks havoc on Q's curly hair, so I made a make-shift satin cover from an old satin pillowcase. It goes over just the headrest on the carseat. **update - carseat covers are said to void the warranty of the carseat because they are added aftermarket. I would still probably use one layer of satin over the headrest, but not all the way down the seat. Never use a fluffy soft carseat cover between the child and the seat that will compress in an accident, these are Very dangerous.**

Fast forward a few months - I hadn't really given these things much thought after the fact. Q rarely sleeps the whole night in her own bed, so often she's off the pillowcase half the night anyway, and the satin in the carseat just didn't seem slippery enough to be making much difference. Besides - I was still detangling quite a bit and noticing that her hair was much more matted after sleeping, etc, just as it was before.

Or so I thought!

Fast forward even farther to NOW - and I realize how wrong I've been!! We were recently out of town for 2 weeks and I thought about bringing her pillowcase and then just decided not to bother. What good does it really do anyway??

And we used a rental car and carseat - so no cover there.

What a difference~! I admittedly stand corrected!!! And I want to share it with the world!! SATIN is fabulous!!!!! :)

I wanted to get a picture, but I never managed to. Q's hair was unbelievable while we were gone! Take the detangling and matted-ness that we have normally and multiply it by at least 4!! No joke! It was absolutely nuts! I had NO idea the satin was helping so much!  (I guess that's what I get for not appreciating a good thing! lol)

I do think that some newer, slipperier satin would still be beneficial for us (ours is a bit old and bally) but even some is apparently better than none!! Now ....

Let me state it loud and clear! - I will be forever grateful to satin pillowcases, satin sheets, satin sleep caps and satin carseat covers!! I vow to never go on vacation without them again!  


  1. This is something that never would have occured to me...interesting!

  2. My mom learned how well satin pillow cases helped our thick curly hair as kids and now I use it for my oldest daughter.

    I did five cornrows in her hair yesterday and since her sheets are in the wash she used plain cotton sheets last night. Normally with the satin the cornrows would look great but this morning they are super frizzy!

  3. I never thought of a satin cover for the car seat! My curly girl is in a backed booster now, but I am always noticing how it seems "caught" on the seat, and how extra messy it seems to be after we go somewhere instead of the days we stay home.

  4. Yep! Definitely see if you can try covering the back of the booster with satin - I was amazed at the difference!


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