Twisted Curly Funky Updo

I just love this one! It started out as an experiment one night before bed, and that did NOT work out! So I modified it and ended up with a wacky, weird, adorable (at least in my opinion) hairdo!  What do you think?

What we did:

The night before after washing her hair and detangling and moisturizing - I twisted her hair in little pieces (in all honestly I wanted to know what would happen if we finger coiled her hair! LOL! Yeah, we don't have the right kind of hair for that! ... but it's a super cute style. Anyway)

I twisted and twisted and then I pinned a few of the twists up (I wrapped the twists around each other in little buns) and left them overnight.

The next morning when I took the clips out - her hair looked pretty goofy! So I pulled all those top twists (the twists in back that I hadn't pinned had fallen out) into a side ponytail.

Then I pulled the rest of her hair up toward the first ponytail and made a second on with her remaining hair.

Tada :)  I also added that big twist in to make the twists look cohesive.

and added a big flower! To match the dress I made for Q. :) (and then managed to shrink in the dryer after she wore in once.)

To get this style without teh crazy twisting overnight thing - you could just start with fresh twists the day of styling. The only difference would be  -  can you see how these twists are kinda curvy? (It was easier to see in real life!) You wouldn't have that with fresh twists - but it's probably not that big of a deal! :) I think this style is fun and unique whichever method you use!

Another option would be to make the ponytails into messy buns. - Q's curls kinda kept them together anyway, but on straight hair I would probably do messy buns because as the day went on you could kind of start seeing that it was two ponytails rather than one big curly poof.


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