Zig-Zag-gy Braided Hair

I know, goofy name! This isn't actually one of my favorite styles, but I was trying something new...and Q got a TON of compliments on it! So I thought I'd share the idea with you - maybe you can put your own spin on it and make it even better! :)

Skiing Hairdo!

We went skiing before Christmas break! SOoooooo fun. I love skiing AND snowboarding!

Q went to the daycare they provided on the hill one day, so I wanted her to have some kind of "hair control" hairstyle in, so that her hair wasn't in her eyes all day. But I didn't want it to take much time (need a super fast hairstyle to put in?) and I didn't want to have to detangle her hair much.

Here's what we did!


A curvy variation of step ponies, on the side, with a side part!

What do you think? Functional, Quick and ready for the ski hill?! :)  I thought so anyway :)

A Christmas Braids and Ribbon Hairstyle for Kids!

Merry Christmas!  I hope everyone had a lovely couple days celebrating Jesus's birth.. and Santa... or whatever else you do for the Holidays!  I didn't have time to get some fancy Holiday Hairdo's up before the holidays (when they might have actually been useful!) Sorry! But I'm going to post a few that we did, now, so maybe you can have some inspiration for the future!

I was on a "present wrapping ribbon" kick - we used a lot of it! You know, the shiny paper ribbon you use for wrapping presents? Instead of the fabric ribbon we often use in hairdos.

 Think of it as dressing your kiddo up like a present! LOL! Making memories and memories with your kids IS one of the best presents of all anyway, right?!

If you want me to share more steps in the photos, let me know! But here's how to get this look:

1. Pick a spot for a high side ponytail
2. Part the hair into 4 sections all angling toward that predetermined ponytail area!
3. Braid or cornrow the 4 sections so that all the braids end together....

4. Use one ponytail holder to tie off all the braids together in one high ponytail.
5. Undo any extra braid length so that there's just normal, unbraided, hair in the ponytail. (Curls! If you have them!)
6. Then, using a plastic craft needle, thread some ribbon in and around and through the braids! I didn't use any precise method, just every which way until I liked how it looked!

I left the back two braids un-ribboned because it was right before nap time and I figured they'd get flattened while she slept. I intended to add more ribbon after Q woke up, but then I never did! I think it's cute either way.

and that's it! This was our Christmas Day Hairdo this year! 

How did you do your little one's hair for Christmas Day?

No time for hairstyles?

We haven't done much for hairstyles lately - so busy, you know! lol  Anyway, I thought I'd share a few pictures just for fun...and the reason why I like to DO a hairdo on Q....

(I also found that a trick to her letting me do her hair often and being willing to sit for it - is for me to attempt it often! We've gone for a while with minimal styles and not much time given to hair and yesterday I tried to do a "fancier" braided 'do.... and she wasn't so willing at first! Good to know....)

Santa brought her this crocheted hat... isn't it adorable?!! Now if I can just get her to realize this isn't a hat you wear outside to keep your head warm....it's for fashion! HA! (and keeping her hair out of her eyes....)

 (sorry for the blurry pic - it's the only one we have of her in the hat so far!)

I hope you had a fun and blessed Christmas!!! Feel free to share your stories and pictures, hair related or not, on the facebook page!

Merry Merry Christmas!!

Just wanted to say a Merry Christmas to all my awesome readers! :-D

I hope you are having a lovely holiday and spending it just the way you want to! Ours has been lovely so far - yet lacking in the hair department! I have a great idea for a Christmas style...we'll see if I can get it up sometime in the next week! ha!  Until then, Be Blessed!

Happy Holidays!

My True Nature - Product Review

I found this company through a random SwagBucks search, actually by finding http://www.abesmarket.com/ - which turned out to be a pretty cool find!

My True Nature (Bath time fun beyond the rubber ducky) is a new company owned and created by a sweet, caring Mom who wanted safe and FUN products for her little ones! I was going to paraphrase her story, but she says it best - so read all about it on the website!

And so was born the characters and products behind TubbyTown! :D Right now they specialize in Bubble Bath and Baby Shampoo/Body Wash! (Keep looking for new products in the new year! I hear there will be a Conditioner added soon!!)  Bubble Bath?!?! Did I see that right?! (... that's what I thought when I first found these products.) I had never seen a natural (largely organic!) BUBBLE BATH before! I had to look further....

Quick! Before Christmas...

If you need stocking stuffer ideas, I have a couple for you!  (full reviews to come!)

Sidewinders Hair Holders! Q and I are having so much fun playing with these! they are unique and creative and the possibilities are endless! They are incredibly versatile, too, as far as using them in any type of hair. I hope to have lots of styles created with Sidewinder Hair Holders(I should really just post what I have - and then keep going! Kind of a series of reviews of Sidewinders! lol We'll see.) to share with you soon!

My True Nature Bath Products!!  I had no idea when I started my search for baby shampoo with good ingredients that I would find so many! There aren't a lot, actually, especially when compared to the amount of junk you find in a drugstore - but there are more than I thought there might be! And keep in mind that I have a VERY strict test each product must pass before I give it my "stamp" of approval!  This is a very new company and she only has a few products out right now - with lots more coming in the new year!  But one of the things she has that I haven't seen much of in the "natural bath product world" is Bubble Bath!!!  What kid doesn't love bubbles!?! and now you can use a brand with trustworthy ingredients!? Hard to pass up, if you ask me!


PSA about bubble baths -

Vaginitis in Children

Most vaginal itching or discomfort is due to a soap irritation of the vulva. The usual irritants are bubble bath, shampoo, or soap left on the genital area after a bath.  

Read more on the topic at kidsgrowth.com

So enjoy your bubble bath - and Don't Forget to Rinse!! 


 and last, but certainly not least - our Sponsor!! Beija-Flor Naturals!  I have tried quite a few of her products and they are Fabulous. I kid you not. If my life wasn't so hectic and crazy and upside-down these days you'd have gotten review long ago! (One of these days, I promise!!)  If that's not enough, I just got in a variety of scents in her new shampoo/body bar!!! OH goodness! They smell delightful! My hubby was opening the package with me and smelling all the different aromas... he got to the peppermint shampoo bar first and exclaimed, "This one's MINE!!" LOL!!! I hardly got a sniff in sideways, he was so attached to that shampoo! ha! Anyway, make sure you head on over and check out her great selections! You won't be sorry you did! 

I hope all your holiday preparations are going along smoothly and everyone is able to rest and relax a bunch in the coming days and weeks! :D (ok, who am I kidding?! Well a girl can dream.)  If nothing else send a little Thank You to the skies for creating a reason to celebrate at this frigid time of year! Sending Love and Laughter your way... 

~ Karli & Q 

Best Hair Blog

Did I get your atention with that heading?! What do you think is the best hair blog? If you're not sure - and need some blogs to check out... be sure to visit this great big list of the "Top Hair Blogs" according to the Cosmetology School!

And to my great honor and surprise - They included Curly Hairdo Ideas in list of those awarded! Awwww! :-D

Click on the image to see some more! You can never have enough hair blogs, right? lol! 

Thank you sooooo much to all those at CosmetologySchool.org for the recognition! It's greatly appreciated!!

NOW it feels like Christmas!!

I'm so excited!  I love Christmastime (for the most part. It definitely has it's hard moments, too, tho) ... yet we'd been waiting to really do much for various reasons... but tonight the rest of our family got here and we set up the tree and lit it with way too many lights, hung Hawaiian (well, palm trees anyway) garland across it and hung way too many ornaments - and NOW it feels like Christmas! Not to mention enjoying a snack of "Christmas oranges" and eggnog mixed with milk! YUM!

(forgive the picture, my camera didn't know what to do with the dark & light combo - and I didn't know what setting to use either!)

I just love snuggling up with a blanket under a well lit Christmas tree! :) So soothing and comforting. Peace, in the middle of chaos.

Q helped get into the spirit by hanging window clings :)  She's really into stickers right now, so these were perfect!

Oh, and we got a TON of snow piled on us today, so now we'll probably even have a white Christmas, too!

What's your favorite thing about getting ready for Christmas??

White Girl Braid Out?

LOL - okay, so have you seen these beautiful Braid Outs on curly hair that you see on sites like Beads, Braids, and Beyond or CurlyNikki or Happy Girl Hair?  I loooove them! So pretty, so full!

You've seen us do a couple Braid Outs before (day after curls, etc) and my own mom used to let my hair be wavy the day after wearing french braids... but it isn't a sure-fire style for me! Or Q! It's kinda hit-or-miss. and it never looks big and full like some hair types do... sigh. ;-)  But this blog is about learning to love what we have, right? and not wishing for someone else's hair (or clothes or features, or shoes, or...!)

So, I wanted to show you some before and after shots! :)

How to Get Your Child to Sit Still?

This question come courtesy of a fellow Curly Hairdo Ideas follower! Hi Dawn! (be sure to enter her Strawllers giveaway over at her new Hair Blog!)  Dawn asked this question on the Facebook Page today -

Any ideas on how to get a 20 month old who hates getting her hair done to sit still and be good while getting her hair done?

and I responded with:

Does she watch a lot of TV or movies? If she doesn't (this is my standard trick!) Let her watch while she lets you mess with her hair. If she doesn't want you to - the movie goes off. No big deal. If she wants to watch - she has to let you play :)

Other things that might work are to put her in the high chair and give her little things to play with (that maybe are new or usually not things she plays with) I've found that little things keep Q's interest longer and keep her head more still. (but don't use this method if she's likely to put them in her mouth!!)

Or you can try sitting her on the counter in front of the mirror so she can see what you're doing.

With any of the ideas - keep the styles short (like - one ponytail - or a clip) in duration until she gets the hang of the system and realizes it's ok to let mom play! :)

And be SUPER gentle. If it hurts, they're never going to want you to touch their hair again! Be ultra gentle on their hair - WAAAAY more careful that you think is reasonable - give them every reason to trust and no reasons not to want you to play with their hair! :)

I hope that helps!
Thanks for the question!

If YOU have any questions, or want to add your hair-time ideas to solve the question of Keeping Baby Still - feel free to leave a comment below, or join the facebook discussion, or email me at curlyhairdoideas @ yahoo dot com! I love hearing from you! :)

Curly Zebra Winner!

drumroll please!!!!!!

..................and the winner (chosen by www.random.org) is............................................... #26


Please email me to claim your fabulously awesome Satin Lined Winter Hat from Curly Zebra!

If you didn't win - you can still purchase your own Satin lined hat for curly hair - and you get free shipping if you order 3 or more! So get your friends in on the deal, too!

Butterfly_9801, you have 48 hours to email me - after that I pick a new winner!

Thanks for playing, everyone! :-D  and here's to a great December! Can you believe it's December already??
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