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Straight Hair Stickers

I bought these "hair stickers" at Claire's, I think it was, quite awhile back because I thought they were really cute - and unique. Since then I have worn them in my own hair a few times! So I thought I'd share the idea with you, too....

Sidewinder Hair Holders are fun!

I mentioned in my last post about Sidewinder Hair Holders that they can be used in place of beads on the end of braids - and also that I put them up at night so that Q didn't have to sleep on them...

Well here's a picture of that! In case anyone was curious. I actually ended up leaving them like this the next day because I thought it was cute! I should have used a cuter hair elastic, though. Oh well, next time!

and then I wanted to share this little video of Q swinging her Sidewinder Hair Holders! (Just like she swings her braids when they have beads!)

I had just asked her to swing them again like she had been doing a few seconds previously - when I, of course, didn't have the camera out! She looks like she thinks I'm a bit nuts to have her re-create something she was just doing spontaneously 5 seconds ago! 

Don't they look fun!?!

Friday Feature!

I really want to start a regular trend here at Curly Hairdo Ideas... one in that on Fridays I feature YOU!!

So send me some pictures, a story, a tip or trick you've learned = Anything! It'd be fun if it were hair related, but really, I'll take anything! :D

email your submission to with the heading "Friday Feature" and I'll email you back telling you what Friday is YOURS! If you have your own blog, store or website, be sure to let me know and I'll link to you, too!

To JUMP START things, I have a $5 amazon gift card to give away randomly to someone who sumbits a Friday Feature in the next week!!  So get those Feature emails sent to me by this time next week (March 4th, 2011) and you'll be automatically entered in the drawing!!  Need some ideas of what to send me? Check out the Be Featured tab under the header.

I can't wait to hear your stories!

Playdate Crashers!

I just wanted to give a little shout out to today!  If you haven't heard of them yet, they do podcasts, too! "Internet Radio for Moms Like You"

Lots of good stuff over there!! ... and today is a guest post from Yours Truly! lol (wow, can I talk myself up any higher?! geeez!)  But you won't hear me babbling about hair today - today I'm babbling (and oh can I ever!) about Elimination Communication!

In fact I started a new website...  so be sure to go check it out, pretty please?!  and read my guest post at PlaydateCrashers, too!

Braids & Sidewinder Hair Holders!

Here is a hairstyle idea using beads to keep the Sidewinders on! I think it is super cute! and if you are one who loves beads on the ends of braids, this is a quick and easy alternative!

* First braid some braids
* Finish them off with one bead at the end.

Get Up and Go Hairstyle! - The Headband

Hair doesn't always have to look perfect. I mean, let's face it - it doesn't always look perfect! So if we felt it should, we would really be setting ourselves and our children up for failure.  Instead, I like to embrace a kind of "Do what we can, when we can" attitude. I love doing fun, fancy hairstyles on my little girl - but I also live in the real world (sometimes) where that doesn't always happen. 

Not only that but I want my spunky 2 year old to play and romp and have a grand ole time just Living - not worrying about her hair.

So some days we end up with unique funky hair - and other days I just need something to run out the door with.

What better accessory on a day like that than a trusty headband? This is a headband that I made. and I also added two bobby pins to try to keep it in longer - but the jury's still out on whether they helped or not! I'm voting "not".

If I don't have time (or the desire) to detangle Q's hair, I like to fluff it a bit and separate a few curls. I love her big hair! and it helps make it look a little less "just slept in", at least in my opinion!


Sidewinders Hair Holders ~ Braids and Sidewinders

  The variations and options that there are with Sidewinders Hair Holders are truly limitless! Here is a hairstyle for little girls (or big ones, too!) that uses braids and Sidewinders.

Sidewinders Hair Holders ~ Floating Hairstyle (with video!)

I promised you some Sidewinder Hair Holders' tutorials! So here we go! I apparently favor the "Floating" hairstyle with these (I love it! I can't help it!) So that shall be our first tutorial! ...

It's really really easy to use Sidewinders! To get this look:

Sidewinders Hair Holders ~ Review!

   Have you heard of these Sidewinder Hair Holders? They come in 26 different colors and you can mix and match them to make different looks! They are designed to be an easier alternative to beads and barrettes ... aren't they cute? And they are so quick and easy to put in... and even faster to get out!

Your Valentine Inspirations!

Thank you so much to the lovely ladies who sent me pictures to share with you all - Valentine's Day Styles!  (Now you have more inspiration for next year, too!) I love showing you off, so feel free to send me pictures anytime!

The first amazing style is by Tiffany (who recently started blogging at! Be sure to check her out!)

Happy Valentine's Day!

I didn't get any pink 'do's up this year - yet, anyway!! Any V-day 'do's in your houses today??

I'd love to feature all your Valentine ideas, so send me some pictures if you want to!! either post them to the facebook page, or email me at!!

Have a Fabulous day!

Traction Alopecia Awareness

I don't have any personal experience with Traction Alopecia but I do know that it's an avoidable condition. In a nutshell it is when too much pressure (or pulling) is applied to the scalp when doing hairstyles, etc. Anyway, I would like to help spread the word and raise awareness!

Please read these two posts from two GREAT hair blogs for more information and then check out!

Alopecia Awareness by Beads, Braids, & Beyond
Hair Stress by Happy Girl Hair

So make sure that you are very gentle in your styling and do not pull the hair too tight! If your child says it hurts - believe them!! (Traction Alopecia can occur without pain, too, so that is not the only indicator to go by.)

Have a Happy Saturday!

How to Match Your Hair to Your Glasses

I love having guest authors, have I ever mentioned that? The timing is working out really well lately, too, with my blogging computer having recently died - I have had the chance to post these great guest articles while I try to get my picture program back up and running. If you missed the other one, be sure to read Cost Effective Ways to Take Care of Your Child's Hair by Kalen Smith.

Anyway, I hope to have things back to normal by the weekend, but in the meantime - here's a post for you by Sara Roberts ....

How to Match Your Hair to Your Glasses

Remember when you used to try and hide the fact that you had to wear glasses?

More than Just Hair!

Welcome to the February Carnival of Natural Parenting: Parenting Essentials
This post was written for inclusion in the monthly Carnival of Natural Parenting hosted by Code Name: Mama and Hobo Mama. This month our participants have shared the parenting essentials that they could not live without. Please read to the end to find a list of links to the other carnival participants.

I didn't start out to write about hair! Really! But the more I wrote... this is what came out....

Wow! What an Honor!


Have you stopped by Her Best Hair, yet? Well it's a treasure trove of information on taking care of natural hair, so make sure you check it out! And while you're there don't forget to check out her store IMI! Very neat handmade jewelry and hair accessories over there!

Anyway, I'm thanking her because she has passed on the Stylish and Versatile Blog award to us! I'm totally flattered and honored that she would think of our little blog when passing on this award. So, again, Thank you, Tia!  Apparently the rules of this specific award are that I have to share 7 things with you, and then pass the award on to a few of my favorite bloggers! So here goes:

Cost-Effective Ways to Take Care of Your Child’s Hair

Happy Saturday!! (and superbowl weekend, if you're into that!) If you're on our Facebook Page, you already know, but my blogging computer broke! oohhh!!! I know. Anyway, what that means is that I need to revamp my system - and I can't get at pictures right away.  So...... I have a couple guest posts to share with you in the meantime! 

A big Thank You goes out to Kalen Smith for these money saving tips! Enjoy!

Cost-Effective Ways to Take Care of Your Child’s Hair

Dance Hair!!

Isn't she too cute?!
(in my totally unbiased opinion, of course!)

Do you recognize the hairstyle? It's Braided Pigtail Braids! We did this style a day or two before her very first dance class.... well when it came time for class I thought it would be cute to wear... but... 

Two French Braids

Q's hair is getting so long!  This style isn't unique, I'm just excited that we can do it! So I'm sharing...

We didn't even mess with a fancy straight part - just divided the hair however it felt like doing it, into to sections. Then I french braided each section from forehead to nape of neck!

I could have added some cute bows or something at the bottom, but I didn't even think of it, to be honest! Some Easy Fancy Hair Ties would work nicely, wouldn't they?!


Dutch Braids Ponytail

This is just an easy variation of the Dutch Braids Headband that we shared a few days ago - well I love taking a style that took a bit of effort to put in and making it last more than one day!

So here is a second day (or 3rd or 4th or whatever!) hairstyle variation to spice things up a bit.

Easy enough, huh? Just add a ponytail! And of course, your favorite hair accessory. This dragonfly is one I made out of iron on appliques! (It's on an alligator clip tho, not a hair tie.)
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