Tips for Removing Tangles

Let's talk about tangles. 

They come in many forms and hide behind many names.
Rat's nests.

Tangles and snarls happen on straight hair AND curly hair. There is no preference - tangles just love any kind of hair! :) Each head, scalp and hair are different and each must be treated as such!

If a child says his/her hair hurts when you are working with it - Please listen, believe them, and try to be more gentle. (Yes I have a story behind today's soapbox - and unfortunately, No, I'm not at liberty to share it!)  I believe that the more gentle we are as caregivers, the "tougher" heads our kids will get. :) And the more trusting they will be. and the better our connections with our kids (or customers! lol) will be. There is no reason I've found yet to continue being "too hard" when a child says it hurts. There just isn't.

TIPS for Caring for Tangled Toddler Hair!

* If you don't have enough time to properly, gently detangle - do a messy updo style that loves the frizz and makes it look great! Then make time to gently detangle later. (click HERE for my go-to styles for frizzy tangled hair!)

* Curly hair should always be wet (damp at least!) when detangling.

* I find that tangles in straight hair can sometimes be removed most easily when the hair is dry. However, I have had snarls that preferred wet hair to remove them - even on straight hair.

* Pay attention to patterns - not in the hair, but in your child! If they always say it hurts when you comb fast (even if you think it shouldn't) just comb slower! If your child always says it hurts when you get to the tiny little hairs at the base of her neck - be more careful down there! :) etc.

* ok, and pay attention to patterns in the hair, too. I always know Q's curly toddler hair will be most tangled and matted at the crown of her head. Another angel I get to play with often always has knots at her neck.

* Prevention is half the battle sometimes!

* Using a detangler (or conditioner mixed with water to dilute it) can help

* Fingers First! - then use a wide tooth comb. If you have curly hair stop there! If you have straight hair and want can then use a pick or a brush.

* Tiny little baby hair knots hurt like crazy!! - always be extra careful when working those out.

* Start at the bottom (ends of the hair) and work upward toward the root. Get the tangles out as you go. Starting from the top and pulling down will just make the knots bigger and tighter and more impossible to remove!

* Detangle hair in sections.

* As you go, clip the already detangled hair out of the way and start in on a new section.

* Clean hair seems to detangle easier for me than dirty hair.

And that's all for now! Add your tips and tricks in the comments below!


  1. "Start at the bottom (ends of the hair) and work upward toward the root. Get the tangles out as you go. Starting from the top and pulling down will just make the knots bigger and tighter and more impossible to remove!"

    I find that is the biggest thing people don't know. I've given this advance so many times over the years and people always thank me. Once again good info! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I wanted to add... really detangling only takes a few minutes. If you sit aside a few minutes either in the morning or before bed to always brush your kids hair people will find fewer tangles. Also to avoid tangles that are caused by sleeping on your hair. Do a quick braid... it doesn't have to be pretty and all the hair doesn't need to be in it. Just collect as much as you can and braid it either one long braid or two pigtail braids (I do the pitail braids for my girls). Its part of my household's nightly routine putting a quick braid in our hair which we take out in the morning.


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