Finger Coils for Curl Definition

I have been trying something new with my kid's curly hair lately!  I got the idea from finger coils... but Q's hair isn't curly enough to wear finger coils as an actual style.... so what would happen if I used bigger sections of hair and coiled it while the hair was wet? Then fluffed it out when dry??

Here are some pictures! ...

Here is a picture of the inspiration:


Isn't that just a neat look!?! Ah! Anyway.... Here's what we did:

I gently twist my daughter's beautiful curly hair into about 5 or 6 twists - then let it dry (or mostly dry)

THEN.... gently separate the twists and her curls are protected and well defined! Especially for a young child with curly hair! 

I've found that I can "style" her curls, or form them, in about 3 different ways. and get 3 different looks - yet all with curls hanging down! It's fun to play with, for sure!

Have you ever tried finger coils? My way or the actual way?

p.s. be careful because one way to start dreadlocks is by making small finger coils or palm rolling. If that's what you want, Great! (But do get more information on it first!) But if it's not what you are going for - then don't let them stay in too long or get too matted! :D


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