Picture Day Hairstyle!

We just had Q's 2 year pictures taken! (2 months late, but oh well!) As always the question remains -- How should I style my daughter's hair for Picture Day??!

Well here's what we decided on this time...

For pictures, I like to keep her hair out of her eyes, yet leave a lot of hair down to show the length. I also want to have as much of her natural texture showing as possible!  (memories!) I usually tend to favor a simple clip to the side, or french braid headband, but this time I wanted something a little more unique.

To get the look we started with 3 diagonal flat twists (not the neatest, but it was picture day - and those are notoriously rushed, right?) with temporary clips holding the ends of the braids.  (For one way to do twists, check out THIS post. For this picture day style I used the same method, but I twisted the individual strands as well when I twisted them together - If that made ANY sense! :) Maybe another tutorial is needed here?!)

Then pulled them all together in one hair elastic on the side and removed the clips.

Next I made a messy bun out of the "tails" of the braids and accessorized with spin pins!

I was hoping to be able to share the professional shots, too, but the website doesn't seem to be showing our session :( I don't know what the deal is there. Hopefully I'll have the hard copies soon! 

I also have a post with ideas on how to keep your child still while doing their hair. :) If you're in need of new ideas for picture day!

Bunny Kisses! :)

I should also mention that we detangled with Original Sprout Leave In Conditioner, and then added a bit more to use as a leave in. It's my go-to product right now! I wish I had used a little more on the curls right by her face, though. I was being very light-handed because I didn't want her hair to look greasy... I guess I was being too careful this time because instead of curling up nicely together, they ended up looking a kinda fluffy!

What styles do you prefer for picture day?


  1. That's super cute!

  2. I thought at first those were French braids. I'll have to learn how to make those flat twists. So pretty. :)

    Spinning Lovely Days

  3. Thanks!

    Here's one way to do flat twists ... http://curlyqshairdos.blogspot.com/2010/09/high-ponytails-for-toddlers-that-dont.html

    Or you can twist the individual strands as well when you twist them together - that's kind of what I did for this picture day style.

    I'll try to get a better how-to post up about twists and flat twists sometime! Good idea!

  4. it's so cute, i'm wondering how you keep your daughter at still while you're busy with her hair.

    from my blog:
    Teaching Kids How to Save

  5. Thanks! Here's some ideas:


    Thanks for visiting :) Come back again!


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