Random Little Clips in Short Hair

Pretty self-explanatory :)

This hairstyle was designed by my desire to keep Q's bangs out of her eyes, and the desire to encourage her hair to curl on the top of her head. The curl part didn't really work, but I thought the result was cute and her hair stayed out of her eyes!

Have fun!

Follower LOVE! :)

I just LOVE watching the "followers" number grow :) I love getting your comments, emails and pictures!! and as of right now we have 65 followers! WOW! I had mentioned in an earlier post that we should do another giveaway when we reach 75 followers.... we're only 10 away!! 

Tell all your friends and family! Let's get 10 more followers and then GIVE SOMETHING AWAY!! Wooooo!

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Leave a  comment and let me know!

Too Cute and had to share!

For all you "modern" art lovers out there ... ok, and the rest of you, too, you HAVE to check out this etsy site! It's soooo cute! The artist is 2.5 years old! :)

Lovely Lulu Hair Bows

You must check out this new hair accessories store! :D She has just opened her etsy shop and her stuff is SO cute! and Affordable!! wooo!!! Lovely Lulu Hair Bows

and if that isn't enough for you, you can enter a giveaway to WIN something from Lovely Lulu Hair Bows!! Head on over to Mommy of 1 and Counting to enter.

Easy Pull Through Headband on Short Curly Hair!

This is how Q wore her hair to Grandpa's funeral. 

I wanted something simple (had to wake up early) yet special. I wanted something that let her curls hang out and free, yet I wanted it pulled back and out of her face. I had put a little too much shea butter in her hair the day before and thought the crown might look a bit greasy - but there was no time for a bath, so I wanted something that would sort of mask that. 

(As it turned out her hair loved the extra Shea Butter and soaked it up so much by morning you couldn't even tell that there might have been too much the day before! ha!)

Anyway, this is what we ended up with.

Basically, it's just a pull through on each side of her head, by the ears, and two on top. 
I did the top front one first, then the sides, then pulled them all back to the second top pull through.

I don't have step by step pictures, but this is a simpler variation of THIS style from Princess Hairstyles, and she has great step by step photos if you want to see. The only difference between the two styles is that I didn't split the side "tails" I pulled all the hair back into the second top pull through.

(I'm sure that won't make any sense unless you see her pics! Sorry!)
Top view

I also added a ribbon. I thought the black would be cute, but appropriate (plus it matched her dress). I added the ribbon after the style was completed by threading each end of the ribbon under the ponytail (one on each side of the "tail") and then tucking it back down under itself. 

(Wow - what a terrible explanation! Hopefully you can see a bit in the picture what I did. It stayed fairly well and looked very "natural" which I liked. It wasn't a big added clip on top of the style, it just seemed to fit with the style. If that made any sense! lol)

Side View
(and showing off her Baltic Amber necklace :) )

That's it. I hope you like it! 
Oh, and if this one and the princesshairstyles.com ones aren't enough, I've also posted two other similar styles on the blog previously :) HERE and HERE. Enjoy!

We LOVE you, Grandpa! and will miss you forever. 
We miss your music, your laughter, your wisdom, your guidance, your never ending acceptance and Love. Thank you for everything. You were a blessing in more ways than I can count. We only wish we'd gotten the chance to love you longer.

Life's never a guarantee

We had a death in the family this week, so I've been off in my own little world these days - and I'm not sure when I'll be back. Probably next week sometime. I do have a couple posts waiting to go, so if I get a chance I'll post them.
Until then, keep creating :) 

and, please, VALUE your friends and family. Take time out of your busy schedules and visit people. Spend time together. Even the ones who live "too far away."  Take Pictures. Even if it isn't a special occasion. Remember to enjoy the great moments - and the day to day stuff, too.

Coming to a funeral is important - but ideally isn't it better to see each other when we're still alive to all enjoy the time?!?! Don't waste it while you have it. You never know when you won't get the chance again. The chance to say, "I love you." The chance to say "til next time." The chance to say ... "I'm sorry."

You never know when it'll be too late. Seize the moment, and cherish life. This is the only one you get.

New email address

Feel free to contact us anytime! I love reading your emails and seeing your pictures!

We have updated our email address to coincide with the new domain name, I still (at least for awhile) have and check the old email address, too, but for future reference, the new email address is:

(Curly Hairdo Ideas)

Toddler Park Ponytail Mohawk!

This hair style was made out of a strong desire for calm hair on a windy day!
We were heading to the park and I wanted some way to keep Q's short curly hair from becoming a terrible "rats nest" :)
(with longer hair I probably would have just gotten away with one big ponytail or messy bun, but her hair is too short for that yet! So we got creative.)

I took her existing (not post-worthy, lol!) style from earlier in the day and just absorbed it into this...

I parted her hair from ear to ear in three sections.
Then I made a ponytail out of each section,
On the last time through the ponytail, I left the "tail" partway in the loop, so that the hair formed a loop :)

A little wacky and crazy, but I'm pretty confident that we'll use this hairstyle again! I liked it and it was incredibly functional :)


I'm so excited!! We are planning - and executing - some changes around here!

1. As you may have noticed, the header picture changed... and will be changing again :)

2.  Once I decide on the header - I'm going to change the background to match - or at least look cohesive again. (and I'm insanely in love with the color purple, so there will probably be more of that, too!)

3. We got a .com domain name!!! So now you can find us like normal... OR by going to www.curlyhairdoideas.com !! Wooo hooo! 
Remember - that's www.Curly Hairdo Ideas.com

(I was hoping that would be easier to type that curlyqshairdos - cuz who really uses the letter Q when typing?! ...however, now that I see it - IDK. Maybe it's just as confusing. lol! oh well!)

4. Because of the new domain name (though you can still find us using the blogspot name) - I think we'll be updating the email and facebook accounts as well. Don't worry, I'll keep you informed as we go along! :)

Also - keep in mind that when we reach 75 followers we're going to do another GIVEAWAY! Comment and let me know what you'd like to win!

We hope you're enjoying our blog - and maybe learning somethings too! and like always, we LOVE hearing from you!

Updates on the "Products" Page

I just updated (and reformatted) the "Products" page - have you checked it out? What products do you use and enjoy? Have I missed anything you think I should add?? :) 

As Q and I discover and play with more products and hair tools, we'll be sure to keep updating the page! So keep checking back :)

New Blog Graphics!

New Blog Graphics! :D

I Need to Hear from YOU!


I would LOVE to do another giveaway! I was thinking we could do one in honor of reaching 75 followers - sound good?! SO...what I need from you...

Is to know ... What do you want to WIN?!?!

Leave a comment, email me, or post a message on our facebook page and let me know what you'd like to win!! Hair products? a Book? Accessories?? Something else?! 

Let me know! 
and spread the word that we need to reach 75 followers, too! :)

Coconut Oil and Shea Butter

I wanted to talk a bit about the oils we've been trying in Q's hair. First, I had wanted to either make my own "products" or stay away from them completely - well I'm starting to think that was some pretty naive thinking! lol!

First I had heard that I could just wet her hair with water and gently comb in out with a wide tooth comb every morning. (This works well, we still do this most mornings) I thought that sounded good - easy enough - and non-intrusive.

BUT I felt like there was more I could be doing to help the hair stay moisturized - and defrizzed. After naps and after being in the carseat (for any amount of time) Q's curls just love to get matted and frizzy, looking like we never detangled them at all!

So I got satin pillowcases and covered the back of her carseat with a piece of satin. 
(The satin was old, so maybe not as slippery as it could have been - I'm thinking I'd like to try some other fabric)
... the satin DID help! But not enough.
Next I have read about adding coconut oil to the hair for moisture...I've done this! But on Q's light hair anyway, it is VERY easy to get too much - which then just makes her hair oily and greasy looking. Not moisturized and healthy! 

Organic 100% Virgin Coconut Oil - 16 oz (474 ml) Natural Skin/Hair Care ZERO PRESERVATIVES, ZERO ADDITIVES

Then I heard about African Shea Butter (which is also a key ingredient in many good products for curly hair) so I decided to try some! www.thelegendsofafrica.com 

100% Organic West African Shea Butter 16 oz

I love the stuff! I still have to be careful not to use too much at a time, but I find that it's more forgiving than the coconut oil, and less "greasy" - maybe it absorbs into the hair better? I'm not really sure! But I found in also worked quite well in keeping her curls from tangling in the carseat. 

(Coconut oil worked too, as far as keeping tangles at bay, but Shea Butter was better!)

(her hair is still wet in this picture - I add the oils to wet hair)

Just natural (un-attacked by the carseat as of yet!) and dry...

So now our "daily routine" is to spray with water and detangle, then add Shea Butter! 
(organic, unrefined)

And I've stumbled on another "routine" that we're just starting and I think is working well ... every so often (twice now - lol) I cover her curls with coconut oil and olive oil and let it sit. Then I wash out the majority, but not all ... then the next day I braid her hair and keep it up, letting the oils get a chance to really soak in. Wash again that night and get all the excess oils out ... this leaves Q's hair SUPER soft and looking fabulous!!

Three Days of Three Braids - Day Three

The Final Installment :)

This hairdo was kinda wacky - but I liked it!
I took out the elastic holding the first braid, and then twisted the braid (and the loose hair under it) back toward the back of Q's head, including the other two braids as I went. I made a twist on the other side of her head as well and pinned both twists, creating a sort of cascade of curls in the back! :)

The pictures aren't as great as I would have liked - but in this one you can see the twist behind the braid - It kind of swoops around ...

And there's the other side. Yummy apple! Thanks Daddy! :)

I hope you enjoyed the Three Days of Three Braids! :)
Hair styles can be very versatile! No need to start completely over each day - unless you want to!

... to see what we did the next day, go to THIS post.

Three Days of Three Braids - Day Two

Here's our slight variation for Day 2 - 

tiny claw clips!

I just twisted the ends of the braids around the base of the braid, then attached the claw clip to hold it together!

Don't forget to check tomorrow for Day 3! ...

Three Days of Three Braids - Day One

We braided a 3 cornrow headband - and it stayed for 3 days! 
(How appropriate, right?! lol)

Here's Day 1:

(try to ignore the oh-so-sad face in the mirror, I promise I'm  not torturing her!)

Come back tomorrow to see how we varied it for Day 2 ... !!

Un-Braided Hairdo

This one is after a 3 day stint in braids!
(posts coming with all the variations we did on that theme!)

We used the wavy undone braid hair and went with it! Instead of trying to start all over (no time for a bath this morning - this was our mother's day 'do! lol)

It's hard to see in that picture, but her braids had been in a headband type of design, so I left the parts where they wanted to go and bobby pinned the sides back on each side. Nice and loose so that the wavy hair kept it's wave. :)

Then when I had the bobby pins crossed in an X where I wanted them, I added a bow over the top to draw attention away from the bobby pins and more toward the accessory :)

And then ... I thought I'd just add a couple pics from our Mother's Day :) Just for fun!

Getting ready for church ... quickly!

All-time favorite past-time ... wearing the hair ties as bracelets!

And my personal favorite...
about 5 minutes before we need to leave the house...

Q decided to put on mascara!!!! By herself!!
Well you gotta get dressed up for church, ya know!

Note to self: Q can now open twist on/off containers! .. like mascara tubes!

awwww, they grow up so fast! LOL

Puffy Elastic Toddler Ponytail

Here's another version of the toddler ponytail - when you want a ponytail but not all the hair is quite long enough! And this time I used softer hair ties (which are kinder to the hair than using the rubber elastics all the time)

I thought the look worked quite well with this shirt! (Which she would wear 24/7 if I'd let her!)

In case it's hard to tell in the pictures, I just made 3 small ponytails on the sides and top of her head - then brought them back into the "big" ponytail which included the rest of her hair.

Have a Happy Mother's Day!!

Featured Follower!

*~* Princess *~*
(Real names avoided for privacy - so we're using the nickname her Daddy uses!)

I am SO beyond excited to share this post!! I've been lucky enough to have some emails exchanged with a totally inspiring mama, Lisa! I asked if I could share these adorable pictures of her beautiful baby girl with you - I hope you are inspired! This mama really knows how to work with those teeny tiny baby hairs!

Cutely accessorized "sprout" ponytail on top of her head...

Adorably classic headband ...

(remember - don't leave baby hats and headbands on too long - they can cause headaches or get too warm too fast and leave Baby uncomfortable and with no way to let us know! Especially if they're young enough not to be able to reach their head and pull it off by themselves.)

You can never go wrong in the right buree ... :)
how cute is this?!

Cute simple sprout ...

A close up of that adorable clip from the first picture ...
Talk about using what you've got! Who says you need a lot of hair to sport a ponytail?! As long as it's not too tight - why wait?! :)

Pigtails!?! ...

and my personal favorite - Pigtails and a Sprout! ...

What a beautiful baby!

Thank you so much for sharing Daddy's little "Princess" and your creativity with us, Lisa!

If anyone else is interested in being showcased as a Featured Follower participant - email me! We can do repeats, too, so don't wait!!

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