A Born Skeptic - and a Wooden Comb!

I LOVE receiving your messages! Have I ever mentioned that?! lol  Well anyway, I just had to pass this one on, in case anyone was still on the fence about wooden combs and wanted a personal angle...

This email came if from the lovely Common Goddess (be sure to check out her blog!!) who won our wooden comb blog giveaway ~

"Hi!  I got my comb yesterday and I just had to come back here and shoot you an email.  I was pretty much born a skeptic and it takes some convincing for me to try new things (I'm a creature of habit) but can I just say that after I showered this morning I used this comb and it was AMAZING.  I'm talking a huge difference from my plastic comb.  No grabbing, no pulling, no comb-stuck-in-the-hair.  Better yet, despite all of the humidity we are having, my hair has probably about half of the frizziness that it normally does.  I'm a believer!  Thank you again for the great giveaway, my hair very much appreciates it!  :)"

Awww! I'm so glad you liked it!! Thanks, also, for sharing your opinion with us! (yes, I did ask her first before broadcasting her email publicly! :) )

If you missed the post about wooden combs - read THIS! 

Also, be sure to check out our interview with Common Goddess, about her curly cutie!!

As Christy pointed out - I didn't mention where you can find these wooden combs! I haven't ever seen them locally (not that target or walmart don't carry them, I've just never seen it) but a quick google search should help you out.


  1. I want one! Where do you get them? Just at Target or somewhere?

  2. I haven't ever seen them in my local stores.

    However...if you click on the Curly Hair Fun Store links on the right hand side of this page - you can find them! There are lots of different styles to choose from, too. :)

    or copy and paste this link into your browser... http://astore.amazon.com/cuqshados-20?_encoding=UTF8&node=4

  3. I bought one at a salon since stores like walmart and target don't usually sell them. Love it. Although I do have an expensive plastic comb that works just as well as the wooden one. I think plastic is ok if you buy a really good quality one.

  4. I'm not kidding you guys - go get one!

  5. I love mine that I won :) I helps SO much and even my 10 yr old tenderheaded daughter loves it

  6. Yay! :D Thanks for the opinions! I'm so glad you are liking them, too. I finally gave up on finding ours and ordered a new one to replace it! I've been using the plastic ones we always used prior to the wooden one - and - Wow! What a difference! I can't wait for the wood comb to get here!


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