Virtual Playdate! Play along!

We've been invited on a Virtual Playdate!! Thank you to KandyLand Kurls and Diary of a Hair Princess for the invitations! Here's the scoop... I'll share ten things about Q and you do the same about your kiddos in the comments! (or on your blog if you have one)

Time to Play!

1.  Q adores her brother and sister immensely! Anything they do is always the newest and coolest.

2.  Animals make her day. It doesn't matter if they're warm and fuzzy or weird and wiggly, she likes 'em! She also loves each and every one of her stuffed animals - and yes she has WAY too many of those.

3.  Q is newly addicted to "shaky braids" - otherwise known as box braids. She loves them so much she won't let me put in any hair style right now that Doesn't have her beloved shaky braids!

4.  She's a dress girl. Not a girly-girl, persay, but she adores dresses. and if they twirl when she spins, she's in heaven.

5.  She loves to play outside and could swing for hours

6.  She went (fake) rock climbing for the first time this summer. Harness, helmet and rigging, too!

7.  Q loves going for bike rides, too, she has a bike seat on grandma's bike and a trailer on mommy's - she loves them both!

8.  Q eats almost anything - but ice cream tops the list every time.

9. She said her first bedtime prayer last night! so sweet!

10.  Q's real name actually doesn't start with the letter Q ... sorry! It's just a nickname we came up with for her to use on the blog back in 2009 when all this started!

Thanks for playing with us! We look forward to reading about you, too!

Lovin' Life!

I've so enjoyed all the Friday Features we've had over the last few weeks! Thank you to all who shared your pictures and stories! If anyone else would like to join the fun, please email me at curlyhairdoideas @

We can't wait to hear from you!

Life has been so busy lately! How has your summer been so far?! We have been kept busy with my new doula venture (see website! - still under construction - and the facebook page! Cyber Doulas)

We were also participating in the Beads, Braids and Beyond protective hairstyle challenge during May! Wow. What a learning experience! I have to say though, it came with an unexpected turn of events. We did a lot of braiding during the month, and our longest stretch of Box Braids, too. Which Q LOVED. She called them her "shaky braids." and now every style I even *think* of doing on her MUST include some kind of "shaky braid" or I get in big trouble! (ahh, the joys of the 2 year olds!)

So stay tuned this summer on Curly Hairdo Ideas for lots of braided styles! Some of them are a bit goofy, I must say, but I get so bored with just braids, braids and more braids! We also have more reviews coming up and who knows what else?!  How 'bout we start off the official summer fun with a Virtual Playdate and a review of the Protective Style Challenge? Sounds like a plan! See you soon!

Friday Feature ~ Diva Do's Mommy and Daughter Edition

This is a super special edition of Friday Feature! We have a combination Mommy and Daughter Interview today from the Mom and Model behind the blog Diva Do's & Everything In Between. (Make sure to enter their first giveaway on their blog!!)

Mommy Version:

What is your daily hair routine?
My daily routine is pretty low maintenance during the week since I work full time, I sleep with a satin bonnet at night and I usually wear a wash and go, a ponytail, or a twist out.

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