Huffleblossoms Review - Duct Tape Hair Bows!

~ Huffleblossoms Review ~

I'm thrilled to be reviewing a brand new business today, one created by our awesome hair blog friends over at Tweeny Hair! Have you heard of Huffleblossoms yet? These are the most unique, well made, attractive hair bows I have seen in a really long time! Read on ...

When we first received our Huffleblossoms hair bow in the mail my daughter was thrilled! Her eyes lit up and she couldn't wait to wear it. (Which was interesting because she hasn't been interested in hair or hair accessories lately at all. I've even been known to sneak a bow into her hair before she leaves the house - when she's not looking!)

There was no sneaking with these unique hair bows! She wore it every single day without fail for at least a week. Then when she was finally able to part with it for a few minutes - I just had to borrow it! This is such a versatile hair accessories line ... we both love Huffleblossoms!

The Huffleblossoms hair bow we received was made using .... DUCT TAPE! Now if that isn't hip and cool, I don't know what is! My husband didn't believe me when I told him that. He even wanted to attempt to take it apart and see! (It's not legos, honey!) I quickly rescued the hair bow from his inquisitive grasp... this was by far the most attention he's ever given to our hair bows. Haha!! The fabric on the back of the duct tape makes it pretty sneaky. Soft and pliable, and oh so cool!

Rae and her daughter make all of these designs and styles ... and MORE! They are constantly creating new unique hair accessories. Be sure to find them on facebook and Huffleblossoms on Etsy as well.

Q and I want to give a great big Thank You to Rae, Sid, Huffleblossoms and Tweeny Hair for giving us the opportunity to review their amazing new line of unique hair bows! We enjoyed every moment and I can sense our hair bow stash is about to increase by leaps and bounds ....

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Cheap Homemade Fabric Headband

I think fabric headbands are so cute right now! I see people wearing them, I see them in stores, etc!  Q tried one on once and I just fell in love! Too cute! ....BUT... she would never leave it on her head. I know that. So I could never bring myself to shell out the $$ they cost, even though they are adorable!

Well, I got home.... and after pining away for these headbands and knowing it was silly to spend the money, I decided to make my own! So here is my very informal tutorial on How to Make a Fabric Headband - the really fast and easy way! (and highly imperfect. Did I mention that?)

Wordless Wednesday ~ Wedding Hair!

I guess we know where Q got her curly hair!

I know, I should have waited to share this 'til an anniversary....but I'm working on our wedding photo album and just couldn't wait! We'll have been married 5 years in April.

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