Karli's Kreations

Not many people know this... so I'll let you in on a little secret!

I have an online store! Well, now that I think about it, I suppose I have a few! LOL But the one I wanted to tell you about is called

Karli's Kreations!!

(That's my name in real life "Karli" - not Dreamer13, or Curly Hairdo Ideas, or even, as so many people call me anyway "Q's Mom"!)

Visit my store on Storenvy

Anyway, please go check out my store! I sell and make Baltic Amber jewelry for Pain Relief! and a new product has just come out that I'm SUPER excited about - Knee "Bracelets" for reliving knee pain!

There's lots of other great stuff, too, some that I order in, and some that I make at home - Baby teething necklaces, adult bracelets, necklaces, anklets, strands for back pain - this stuff is amazing.

I have a couple reviews on my Facebook Page, too, if you want more info! Or just feel free to email me at karli.anne @ yahoo dot com.  I'm getting an AWESOME order in soon and I'd love to spread the love! :D

THANKS for checking it out!!! :D       Visit my store on Storenvy



  1. totally unrelated to the post but I just had to comment on your email address karli.anne!
    I (obviously) have the same first name as you (spelt differently of course) and although my name is just Carly, I had a great many friends start calling me Carly Anne back in high school and the nickname just kinda stuck. Now it always amuses me when I come across people who are actually named Carly Anne (or any other spelling of the name). I dont know if that is actually your middle name or not but I just thought it was a cool connection!
    Looking forward to checking out your store.

  2. oh neat! Yep, that's my middle name :) Just like "Anne of Green Gables" too. :) "with an E!" lol I thought that was pretty neat when I was younger.

    I haven't actually met very many Karli's or Carly's in my life - I think you're the 3rd or 4th! of either spelling! and as far as I know none of them had my middle name - so that is pretty cool!

  3. Very unique products! I'll have to check back soon to see what else you have... very cool! ;)

    And btw, I would still love to have Q model some bows and I'm sorry for the delay in getting the bows to you! I did something stupid with my packages to be mailed and then had to remake some stuff. I decided to focus on my Halloween orders so they would get them on time. So now I'm back to packing and mailing... I know, rediculous! Lol, anywho, I'll be getting things shipped out this weekend and next week! ;)

  4. Thanks Merynne! Don't worry about the delays - I'm not! :D Whenever you have time. We might be able to get some interesting shots outside with the snow now if it warms up enough! hmmm!


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