Gymnastics Hairstyle

I love getting emails from my readers! :D and I love creating special hairstyles just for you! 

This style is uniquely designed for Kristine! (Thanks for the inspiration!) But it hopefully will be useful to anyone who needs a good solid updo. (and that has relatively long hair. This style won't stay well for those of us with short haired kiddos!) Kristine's daughter is starting gymnastics, so I've been brainstorming ideas that will hold well and keep her hair out of the way while she's being super active.

Now, Q adores open gym, but she's only 2! So bear with me if some of my ideas won't work. I wasn't sure about high ponytails (will they get in the way of somersaults and shoulder rolls?) etc, so I put this one on the side! (lol - maybe it will still be in the way? Gymnast's, chime in!)

Kristine also requested a style with no bobby pins since they don't seem to stay put in her daughter's hair.

Here's what we did...

First I took a section of hair near the right ear and started twisting it!

As you can see, I also added in "new" hair from her bangs area as I went. This is not necessary (obviously, you can adapt any hairstyle however you want to!) But I liked the way it used that front hair. The more you can incorporate those small hairs as you go along, the longer the style will last! (rather than just trying to pull it all into a ponytail when the hair is many different lengths.)

I was not particular about my parts, I sometimes like the irregular look! :D

Next I made a french braid from her forehead along the left side of the front part of her head!

(Almost done!)

Finally I gathered up ALL her hair into one side ponytail. and removed my temporary claw clips that were holding the ends of the braids.

Then you can either leave this in a ponytail, or if you're working with longer hair and want it out of the way more, a messy bun would be cute! OR, if you need even more containment and control, you can braid the whole tail and make a bun out of the braid!

Then before and after gymnastics, if you want to you could add a bow or cute clip - but take it out before class! :D

I hope this works, Kristine! Thanks for the challenge. :) 

(this style actually didn't stay in very well for Q because her hair isn't long enough yet. If I really wanted it to stay better, I would have done some more twists leading up to the ponytail I think. Or another french braid... the possibilities are endless!)

Be sure to send me pictures of your little darlings sporting their styles so I can show them off here on the blog! :) email me at


  1. Thank you so much. I can't wait to try it on Monday : ) Ill let you know how well it holds up!


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