My Reasons for using Natural/Organic Hair Products

This topic came up on another hair blog the other day and this was my response - I thought it might be an interesting thing to share here as well! I know I talk all the time about ingredients in hair products and what to look out for, ingredients to avoid and harmful ingredients in hair products... but then I thought maybe I should write down in one place for you my reasons for using natural and organic hair products!

So here is what I wrote:

I saw a youtube video once of a hair blogger (don't know who, I don't do the youtube vids much) but she had a very good/cute video about "Do You" - it was all about taking in whatever info you got, process it through your own situation and desires and then, "Do YOU!" :D Very empowering.

We definitely should learn from others and gleen all the knowledge we can, because being well informed is never bad! and knowledge is power, etc, BUT at the end of the day we have to do what WE want with OUR hair - not feel obligated to do what someone else says is best.

All that said, the reason I do use the organic and natural products actually has nothing to do with them performing better - or even as well as other stuff - I just don't like the potential health problems that may (or may not) be linked to so many ingredients. I have only used something "mainstream" on Q's hair ONCE - and I certainly don't intend to make a habit of it! I watch our lotions, handsoaps, body soaps, bubble bath, laundry detergent, household frangrances, lip balm, etc! to try to keep our exposure to chemicals at a minimum. THAT's why I think hair products fall into the line of things to be watchful of. I mean we use them everyday!

After using even a small amount of a questionable ingredient for 20 or 30 or 50 years - what will that do to my little one's health? What will it do to my own health? At this point I'd rather not test it out! lol!
There you have it! My reasons for using natural and organic hair products. It has acutally NOTHING to do with performance in our hair, or what the products do, or how well they "work"  (I've really had great experience in that area though) it's all about cutting down on harmful toxic exposure in general.

Here is a list of just a few health problems that have been linked back to ingredients found in common hair products:

Reproductive issues/Infertility
Early puberty
harm to the brain and nervous system
Biochemical or cellular level changes
... and many more!

So, What are YOUR thoughts?!

Tips and Tricks for Curly Hair

I updated the Tips and Tricks page! I just wanted to make sure anyone who missed the posts the first time around knew there was a place to easily find them again. Right under the main blog title picture/logo, you can find a link called Tips and Tricks! Keep checking back for updates!

Or you can click here on Tips and Tricks!

I guess I should make some sort of disclaimer at some point that these are being Tips and Tricks for Caucasion Curly Hair....but I've been so hesitant to limit us like that! However, Q is Caucasion, just like both her parents - so really Caucasion Curly Hair is all I have first hand experience with. (at least at this point!)

I did find it incredibly hard to find information on Caucasion curls when I was first looking for our situation (straight haired and clueless-to-curls mom of a curly baby!) and I do hope our experiences can help other Curlies! Regardless of race!

I think there are a lot of similarities that can be drawn when working with any kind (whether that's curl pattern or race) of hair - most of what I've learned about Q's hair I first read about online... on websites and blogs dealing with Biracial or Black Hair!

I have learned what I can and then I try it, and then adapt it to fit our particular situation.

I truly hope that YOU are able to do the same with the information you have read here in my little corner of the blogosphere! Maybe that's why I've never felt the need to diferenciate between Caucasion Curly Hair and Black Curly Hair or Multiracial Curly Hair. I *think* there is a little something for everyone here! At least that's my feverent hope!

Ok, disclaimer over!  Don't forget... Tips and Tricks for Curly Hair! (Caucasion or Otherwise!)

Friday Feature ~ Little C

Wow is she growing up! Everyone, meet Little C! She was our very first Featured Follower, way back when! And now look how grown up she's getting! She's even going to be a flower girl in a wedding soon! awwww! 

p.s. If you would like to be featured or interviewed, please email me! Also don't miss our past Friday Features!

Now, for your enjoyment.... Little C and Her Hair!

Baby Hair Beliefs Examined - Guest Author

Today I'm sharing the stage with Robin! She has debunked some Baby Hair Myths for us! Read on....  and let us know your experiences and thoughts in the comments!
~~ * ~~ * ~~ * ~~
Baby Hair Beliefs Examined

Baby Hair Belief #1Don’t cut her hair because the curls won’t grow back!
                 Many moms assume that if their babies have curly hair, they have curly hair, and nothing, including a close encounter with the shears, will change that. This isn’t always so. While some little one’s curls do come back after a haircut, many do not. So if curls are important to parents, they might do well to put off that first haircut for as long as possible. Some suggest that the clue lies in where the curls lie. If your child’s curls are mostly at the end of his or her strands, then those curls are in danger. If your child has a whole head of curls, then his or her curls are safe.

I'm going to be a Doula!

Well I'm going to get training for it anyway! I can't wait! I really need to finish reading my books first, but on Thursday I leave for classes, together with a great friend! I can't wait. Up til now I guess I haven't given it much thought - just felt like it's in "The Future" - but Ladies and Gentlemen....the Future has arrived!!

I hope to have a few posts planned and prepared for you, so keep checking back over the weekend, and don't forget our Friday Feature! And by monday I'll be back and ever-so-much smarter than I am right now! LOL!

DONA International

Flying with Children - Guest Author

Thank you to Josh from Kids Chair World for today's post! Feel free to contact me if you have any parenting, hair or child related anticdotes you'd like to share! Or if you are interested in being interviewed by Curly Hairdo Ideas, please check out this information on our Featured Followers

Five Tips For Flying With Kids

Flying with kids is not for the fainthearted. In fact, many parents choose to avoid long trips to minimize the mayhem for themselves and their fellow passengers. However, air travel with children doesn't have to be a disaster if you follow these handy tips.

Dry Scalp or Cradle Cap?

I saw a funny colored something on Q's scalp the other day as I braided some cornrows and box braids. I wasn't sure what it was! She did have a bit of Cradle Cap when she was younger, but after our home remedy treatment for cradle cap it disappeared and has never returned.

Until now, it seemed.

Little Girls Hair ~ Friday Feature!

Welcome to our third (of what I hope is many! So send in your stories!) recurring Friday Feature! I have really enjoyed featuring my readers (YOU!) in the past!

Every friday be sure to check right here on Curly Hairdo Ideas for your styles, ideas, tips, tricks for kids curly hair, etc! or maybe you have a little one with short hair or long hair or red hair or thin hair or thick hair or blonde hair or brown hair or No hair! - even if it's not curly!? I'd love to show you off - so send me your stuff! If you need help coming up with ideas, check out the Featured Follower section. I love spreading the word about homebased businesses too, so be sure to send along your store or blog links!

Enough out of me, Let's get on with the show!!

Meet Sarah, the amazing wife and mother to 4, who blogs at She said she's been following along with the blog on facebook! Make sure you check us out over there if you haven't already!
 ~~ * ~~ * ~~ * ~~

Hi!  These are my two girls, ages two and four.  (soon to be three and five within the next month!) They both have really fine hair, it's still like baby hair in the front.

Beija-Flor Naturals

Have you noticed the ad on my middle sidebar? The one with the Adorable little girl sporting puffs?! It was another curly girl a little while ago, too. That's Beija-Flor Naturals!! Let me introduce you!

"The Mixtress" over at Beija-Flor Naturals was kind enough to offer to trade me some products of hers for some ad space here on Curly Hairdo Ideas - not only was I flattered, but also I was thrilled to be able to try her stuff!

I must say, I have used it and used it and used it and I can't find a reason not to repurchase. I love it! More details below...

 Here's what the website says about Beija-Flor Naturals:
Beija-Flor Naturals is a vegan/vegetarian bodycare line with luxurious treats that promote healthy skin and hair. For years, the Beija-Flor Naturals mixtress has experimented with natural health and beauty remedies as an alternative to mainstream products.
The raw materials used are influenced by her life experience and travels, especially the nutrient rich extracts of South America and Africa.
Beija-Flor Naturals vows to provide quality natural products handmade,customized and made to order with love in California.

Hairstyle for Skiing?

We did Box Braids and Cornrows for our hairstyle for skiing this year! I love, love, love skiing and snowboarding! We had Q out last year as well, when she was only 1.5 years old! She didn't go down the mountain at all, but she was out there, we even put skis on her feet!

(this pic was from this year, tho)

Top 50 Hair Blogs & Articles! Do YOU have a blog?

I got the sweetest email on Thursday! Lori from wrote to say that she had compiled a list of the Top 50 Hair Blogs and Articles on her own website. and Curly Hairdo Ideas made the cut!

Easy Hairstyle ~ Get Up and Go!

and a Braid Out! This style is a nice and easy hairstyle, partially because it IS a Braid Out and therefore no detangling and extra curl fussing necessary!

First I took out her current style (you could just leave this front braid in, really, to make this style REALLY super easy!)

Kids Curly Hair ~ Friday Feature ~ Curly Hair is Beautiful!

Coming to us today from is our Friday Feature!!  Read on to hear what Danielle was told as "advice" for taking care of curly hair!! I'm still in shock....



Fun, Random, and a WINNER!

I have a bunch of pictures I thought it would be fun to share with you :)  But sometimes I take them ... and then can't remember what the story was behind it! So today's Winner Announcement post will also have some random story-less pictures to go with it!

Birthday Giveaway Winners!!

THANK YOU to all who played yesterday in my birthday giveaway contest!! I had a blast reading all your comments! and I now have a giant ego, plus new ideas and thoughts to incorporate into the blog! YAY!!

- and we got so many facebook "shares" - that was very cool!!

Aaaanyway, on to the winners!! As I said yesterday, there are 3 of you!!  In no particular order:

1. BriM
2. Amber R.
3. Kandyce Dunham Cruz

Congratulations, Ladies!!

and the first of you to email me gets to pick which prize you want!! 

If you didn't win, but loved my little t-shirt design (hehe) you can purchase your own through CafePress! All while supporting this blog at the same time! How cool is that?! PLUS, there are 3 different designs to choose from!! (I totally meant to mention that yesterday and forgot!!)

p.s. Which means, Winners, that if you pick the t-shirt as your prize, you can also pick your design!!

Thanks again for the support and Birthday Wishes!! I had a fabulous, splendid day!! 

Winners, don't forget to email me to claim your prizes! If you don't... I'll have to pick new winners!

Curly Hair T-Shirt GIVEAWAY!

It's my Birthday!!!

and I want you all to share in the celebration! Now, granted, I didn't pre-plan this very well, so you might have to wait a bit for your prizes to arrive - but!

I want to give some stuff away!!

GRAND PRIZE will be a T-Shirt that I designed! lol!!

I know, that's giantly big, but I wanted to make sure you could see it. :p  lol, although maybe that won't make you any more likely to want to win it!

So, now for the details!

This is a short short giveaway! You only have until TONIGHT to enter! at 11:59pm this giveaway is closed. (cuz it's my birthday, ya know ;-) )

1. in order to enter you have to tell me one thing you'd like to see more of on the blog

2. and one thing you love about the blog!

oh, and 3. if you have facebook, just click the little "share" button at the top of this post.

Now, I mentioned that that shirt up there was Grand Prize... so YES! There are more prizes, too! There will also be a $5 gift card to! I've never actually shopped there, so I can't vouch for anything, but they looked cute and I have a gift card, so let's Celebrate!!

and the last prize will be a $5 gift card to! (also good in the Curly Hair Fun Store! lol)

Just by entering TODAY you could win a Curly Hair Advocacy T-shirt or one of 2 gift cards! 3 prizes total!! That's pretty good odds!

Enjoy!! and Thanks for entering!

WOW! Tomorrow!!!!!

I have it!!! (unless I change my mind before then) but Make Sure you come by the blog tomorrow! For my BIRTHDAY celebration!!!!  We're gonna have a quick Birthday Day only giveaway!! (Cuz who can really have too many giveaways? lol)

You don't wanna miss this!!! :D  Trust me!!

It's My Birthday!! Well, tomorrow....

I want to celebrate! But I don't know what to do.... hmmmm.  Last year on my birthday we gave something away... but this year we have a giveaway that just ended for Friday Feature posts - and there's a CURRENT GIVEAWAY for Non Toxic Bath Products - and we have a pending Facebook giveaway once we reach 200 "likes" or fans or friends or whatever facebook is calling them these days!!!

So, anybody have any ideas for me?? What should we do to celebrate?!


We have a Winner!! Remember our new Friday Feature series?! Remember how we jump started things by offering a giveaway to anyone who sent in a Friday Feature entry last week?! WELL..... drum roll please......

Using ............................................... Say Congratulations to Sarah Walker!!! (Stay tuned for her upcoming Friday Feature in the next few weeks!)

Sarah won a $5 amazon gift card! Which, of course can be used in the Curly Hair Fun Store! (hint, hint!)

Thank you so much for sharing your pictures and stories with us, Sarah! Please email me to receive your gift card code.

If YOU want to be featured in our Friday Feature series, please email me at curlyhairdoideas @!

Fancy Updo for Curly Hair

I recently saw this fancy updo posted on Girly 'Do's by Jenn (actually as a re-post, but I missed it the first time around!) I thought it was absolutely gorgeous! and would be probably pretty easy as a fancy updo for curly hair - seeing that we already have the curls!

Click here for Jenn's instructions.
See below for my adaptation!

ok, not much of an adaptation... all I did was add a side-swoop "bang" by combing that front bangs area to the side and then rolling it in the direction of the swoop. (in this case, to the left)
Then I clipped it with a temporary claw clip.

Then I picked up the rest of the hair that I wanted in the top ponytail... removed the clip and added an elastic:

Two more ponytails make 3!

Then bobby pin the hair into a fluffy pretty array of curls!

Now the fun part! Add ribbon! (with bobby pins)

Isn't this fancy updo for curly hair just lovely!?  Unfortunately it did NOT last long on this 2 year old curly haired kid. I also would use more ribbon next time, I think. I don't know, maybe I just need more practice, Jenn's ribbon looked more "natural" or something. Make sure you go check her tutorial out - it's positively gorgeous!

Anyway, give it try! It's a beautiful style and would dress up any occasion for sure! I don't think it's restricted to a specific age, either, even teens or moms would turn some heads with this hairstyle!

Thanks for the idea, Jenn!

Kids Curly Hair ~ Friday Feature ~ Willow!

Welcome to our first (of what I hope is many! So send in your stories!) recurring Friday Feature! I have really enjoyed featuring my readers (YOU!) in the past, but it has never been a regular thing.... until now!

Every friday be sure to check right here on Curly Hairdo Ideas for your styles, ideas, tips, tricks for kids curly hair, etc! or maybe you have a little one with short hair - even if it's not curly!? I'd love to show you off - so send me your stuff! If you need help coming up with ideas, check out the Featured Follower section. I love spreading the word about homebased businesses too, so be sure to send along your store or blog links!

Anyway, enough housekeeping! Today's featured follower is Dena, and her absolutely adorable daughter Willow. (What a great name, btw!) Here's what she has to say about her kid's curly hair! ...

(I love this pic! She looks like she has such a fun, spunky spirit!!)

Non Toxic Bath Products?! GIVEAWAY!!!!

It's been awhile since we've had a giveaway, hasn't it!? Before Christmas, I think, so that would be at least 2 months ago! Yikes! Let's correct that, shall we?!  I think so!

Do you remember the review I posted awhile back about non toxic bath products by My True Nature? If you didn't see it before, or you just want a refresher course, go check it out!

WELL - it's time to spread the love! My True Nature has offered one Curly Hairdo Ideas reader a 4oz combo pack of products! One bottle of non toxic bubble bath! and one bottle of natural 2 in 1 Shampoo/Body Wash!

Read on to find out how to enter for YOUR chance to win!!! ....

Get up and Go Hairstyle ~ The Clip

Another tried and true Get up and Go Hairstyle in our house is The Clip. I'm sure you've seen this one before!

Just a simple ponytail off to the side, with a clip to dress it up!

If you have time, and you really want to make sure that clip is staying put, you can use this little trick to keep your hairbows in place (video included in that link!)

I usually fluff the back of her hair to make it nice and big on days that I don't take the time to detangle it.
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