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Lately we've been talking about Box Braids again and I got these SUPER cute pictures in my inbox! Bri said I could share them with you, so here you go!
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Yesterday I took Avi's box braids out only to find she wanted them in. So I did them little different than last time. I must say its nice to only do her hair a couple times a week with braids instead of everyday.

As you see on top I made an 'x' which I was going to repeat on the sides. 

But my laziness got to me and I just pulled them back more simply.  She was happy with that for five minutes then wanted more done.  So I braided the four ponies and box braided the back into 8 braids with beads. 

Today she wanted more done so I simply pulled the braids into two pony tails. 

Tomorrow I'll undo them since I usually leave braids in about three days.  Trouble with tomorrow is I'll have to think of another design to add beads into. She's in love with beads right now.  I don't blame her they are fun to use, and specially fun for a two year old to shake her and make noise.

Bri (Mo Chuisle)
Adorable!! What a cutie! Now I'm curious to know what you did next with beads :) oh and I totally agree - Q was really enjoying swinging her beads the last time we did Box Braids. :) Thank you so much for your pictures and inspiration, Bri! 

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Conditioner Only Wash

Conditioner Only Wash, aka Co-Wash:

This is a method of cleansing your hair that does not involve shampoo, at all! You literally just wash your hair with conditioner! I know, I thought it was crazy, too. I mean, at least with No 'Poo there's a shampoo "replacement"! But NO SHAMPOO at all?!

Of course I had to try it.  I first actually started using conditioner only washes on Q because I was worried about getting baking soda in her eyes (yikes!) but I knew she didn't need shampoo. Especially with curls. Co-washing was designed with curly hair in mind, for sure.

And here's the reason: Curls tend to be dryer and need more moisture that straight hair (because curls trap the natural oils in the kinks and curves, whereas with straight hair there's nothing to stop gravity, etc, from evenly distributing the oils throughout the length of the strands.)

But don't let that stop you if you don't have curls! I don't have curly hair - yet I'm loving the results of co-washing.

Anyway, on to the method! How to co-wash/ How to wash your hair with Conditioner Only:

Of course, there are many ways to co-wash. Some "experts" say to just use a bit on the tips of your fingers, work that into your scalp on each side and repeat as many times as needed to cover and wash the whole scalp. Then once the scalp is washed, use more conditioner on the length of the hair in sections. Other "experts" on curly hair say to use a whole handful of conditioner and really basically do the same thing, but without the many careful "tips of fingers only" application.

I feel that my hair gets cleaner - aka, I do a better job - when I use a bunch of conditioner at a time. Probably 3 quarter-sized squirts. Then I go back again if I feel like I've missed a spot. That usually will get my length pretty well conditioned, too, by just letting the water run through my hair! But occasionally I use a tad more conditioner to just make sure I moisturized the ends well!

Be sure to add more conditioner if you need it by bringing the conditioner to you hair - don't pile up hair on top of your head and smush it around! (I used to do this all the time, hard habit to break!) It's much kinder to our hair to NOT do that! Just let it hang while washing it.

Make sure to rinse all the conditioner out - then if you choose to you can add more as a leave in :) 

With this method of co-washing, as well as with No 'Poo haircare, eventually you can be down to only washing your hair once a week or less! (with products) The rest of the washing can be easily done with water only. Water is so underrated these days! :) It actually cleans very well - especially with a nice scalp massage accompanying it!

I have to say, after I conditioner-only wash my hair - I can't keep my hands out of it! It feels soooo soft! I love it!

How to choose a good conditioner? Well ask 10 different people and you'll probably get 10 different answers, but MY answer is to base your decision off of ingredients. Avoid sulfates and anything that ends in -cone, for sure. Then check the www.cosmeticsdatabase.com for specific toxicity levels of the rest of the ingredients in the products you want to try.  (See our PRODUCT REVIEWS for some ideas!)

HERE's a blog post from Naturally Obsessed about Co-Washing if you're looking for more info! I have also seen this topic talked about on the www.naturallycurly.com forums as well as at the Long Hair Community. A fellow hair blogger (Hi Katie!) over at Happy Girl Hair has written a nice article about co-washing, too.

Have you ever done a co-wash? What did you think? (It takes a bit of getting used to, in my opinion. I think it's best to give it a good month or so attempt before you write it off completely!)

Feel free to email me or post any questions in the comments! I'll do my best to answer them :)

But I just washed her hair!

This easy toddler hairstyle was just a quick fix for us one night before Grandma and Grandpa took Q boating!! Q had been playing and getting dirty all day, so had already had a bath when Grandma and Grandpa said they'd take her out in the boat.

Q LOVES water and "boat rides" so how could I say no? Of course I couldn't ... and wouldn't!

But I didn't want her freshly co-washed hair getting really tangled and messy, so this is what we did...

Four ponytails.
The top two are only pulled halfway through.

The bottom two are normal ponytails pulled through all the way.
Notice the parts aren't straight or anything special - this was purely a preventative protective style!

I left it in overnight and it worked well to keep the snarls and tangles away in that situation, too! Detangling was a breeze the next morning!

And, strangely enough - I think it's pretty cute! :)

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No 'Poo Hair Care

I've alluded to this before - now it's time to explain myself! :)

No 'Poo Hair Care:

Basically instead of using shampoo's that are full of icky chemicals, a person washes their hair with a mix of water and baking soda. The ratio will be different for everyone - it's a personal preference and 'do what works on your own head', kind of thing! (I use about a 50/50 mix and stir it up in the shower each time. Some people prefer a thicker paste with less water.)

Then, instead of conditioner, a person rinses with a mixture of Apple Cidar Vinegar and water. Usually a 50/50 mix. I believe I read that the apple cidar vinegar is necessary to balance the ph of the hair after using baking soda. (but wouldn't you know I can't find the reference right now! grr.)

Personally I've been doing "no 'poo" for over a year! I've used shampoo once in that time (see review of Tate's products HERE) and I realized I don't even like shampoo anymore. It made my hair feel too fluffy and flyaway. I find that with baking soda and apple cidar vinegar, that my natural oils spread out through my hair leaving it shiny and soft and clean, without feeling dehydrated and stripped.

Because I used shampoo recently, and this will happen if you decide to try No 'Poo - there is an adjustment period where your hair has to relearn how much oil to produce! This adjustment time can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months. Be prepared! But it's so worth it. Just use a few more ponytail styles or wear a cute hat and no one will know the difference!

You can use the baking soda and apple cidar vinegar as often as you like - but eventually you can get it down to washing only once a week! The rest of the week you just wash with water! And don't forget to give yourself a nice massage while you're at it. That helps clean your scalp with good old 'elbow grease'. It also promotes hair growth!

If I understand correctly, No 'Poo was first created for curly hair, because curls react so much worse and more obviously to the harsh ingredients in commercial products. But since then the health benefits (and low cost!)  have made it very appealing to us straight haired folk, as well! I find the No 'Poo method to work just as well on myself as it does on Q. (straight hair vs. curly hair)

For more about how to No 'Poo - read THIS article. It's one of the first that I read about No 'Poo actually! I have seen many conversations on the topic (with many different perspectives and opinions) on www.diaperswappers.com/forums as well. For more information and to look up ingredients in your products that might be questionable - go to www.cosmeticsdatabase.com

Please feel free to comment or email me with more questions!
and be sure to come back for an explanation of Conditioner Only Washing, also known as Co-wash!

Quick and Easy Toddler Hairdo Ponytails

Here's a quick and easy ponytail hairdo for your toddlers with curly or straight hair!

Step 1: Braid two small braids in the "bangs" section of her hair. One on each side.

Step 2: Gently separate hair into two halves (they don't have to be even or have a straight part!) and combine them into ponytails, including the braids you already braided!

Step 3: Fluff the ponytails and add a clip to each one!

You're Done! :)

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Tips for Removing Tangles

Let's talk about tangles. 

They come in many forms and hide behind many names.
Rat's nests.

Tangles and snarls happen on straight hair AND curly hair. There is no preference - tangles just love any kind of hair! :) Each head, scalp and hair are different and each must be treated as such!

If a child says his/her hair hurts when you are working with it - Please listen, believe them, and try to be more gentle. (Yes I have a story behind today's soapbox - and unfortunately, No, I'm not at liberty to share it!)  I believe that the more gentle we are as caregivers, the "tougher" heads our kids will get. :) And the more trusting they will be. and the better our connections with our kids (or customers! lol) will be. There is no reason I've found yet to continue being "too hard" when a child says it hurts. There just isn't.

TIPS for Caring for Tangled Toddler Hair!

* If you don't have enough time to properly, gently detangle - do a messy updo style that loves the frizz and makes it look great! Then make time to gently detangle later. (click HERE for my go-to styles for frizzy tangled hair!)

* Curly hair should always be wet (damp at least!) when detangling.

* I find that tangles in straight hair can sometimes be removed most easily when the hair is dry. However, I have had snarls that preferred wet hair to remove them - even on straight hair.

* Pay attention to patterns - not in the hair, but in your child! If they always say it hurts when you comb fast (even if you think it shouldn't) just comb slower! If your child always says it hurts when you get to the tiny little hairs at the base of her neck - be more careful down there! :) etc.

* ok, and pay attention to patterns in the hair, too. I always know Q's curly toddler hair will be most tangled and matted at the crown of her head. Another angel I get to play with often always has knots at her neck.

* Prevention is half the battle sometimes!

* Using a detangler (or conditioner mixed with water to dilute it) can help

* Fingers First! - then use a wide tooth comb. If you have curly hair stop there! If you have straight hair and want to...you can then use a pick or a brush.

* Tiny little baby hair knots hurt like crazy!! - always be extra careful when working those out.

* Start at the bottom (ends of the hair) and work upward toward the root. Get the tangles out as you go. Starting from the top and pulling down will just make the knots bigger and tighter and more impossible to remove!

* Detangle hair in sections.

* As you go, clip the already detangled hair out of the way and start in on a new section.

* Clean hair seems to detangle easier for me than dirty hair.

And that's all for now! Add your tips and tricks in the comments below!

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Tate's Miracle Conditioner - Winner!!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in our Tate's Miracle Conditioner giveaway! We had such a great response! I'm thinking we should do this again soon :) What do you think?!?

Anyway, without further ado ... our winner is .... (drum roll!!) ...... Number 33!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations, Merynne!

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A Born Skeptic - and a Wooden Comb!

:) I LOVE receiving your emails! Have I ever mentioned that?! lol  Well anyway, I just had to pass this one on, in case anyone was still on the fence about wooden combs and wanted a personal angle...

This email came if from the lovely Common Goddess (be sure to check out her blog!!) who won our wooden comb blog giveaway ~

"Hi!  I got my comb yesterday and I just had to come back here and shoot you an email.  I was pretty much born a skeptic and it takes some convincing for me to try new things (I'm a creature of habit) but can I just say that after I showered this morning I used this comb and it was AMAZING.  I'm talking a huge difference from my plastic comb.  No grabbing, no pulling, no comb-stuck-in-the-hair.  Better yet, despite all of the humidity we are having, my hair has probably about half of the frizziness that it normally does.  I'm a believer!  Thank you again for the great giveaway, my hair very much appreciates it!  :)"

Awww! I'm so glad you liked it!! Thanks, also, for sharing your opinion with us! (yes, I did ask her first before broadcasting her email publicly! :) )

If you missed the post about wooden combs - read THIS! 

Also, be sure to check out our interview with Common Goddess, about her curly cutie!!

As Christy pointed out - I didn't mention where you can find these wooden combs! I haven't ever seen them locally (not that target or walmart don't carry them, I've just never seen it) but if you click on The Curly Hair Fun Store links right here on this blog - you will find a bunch of options to choose from! (as well as you'll be supporting our blog whenever you purchase from The Curly Hair Fun Store! so, Thank You! for looking around!)

Last chance to enter!

The contest post closes at midnight TONIGHT at midnight! Be sure to get all your entries posted today!! :D

YOU could be the lucky winner of a 16 oz bottle of Tate's Miracle Conditioner! Go HERE for details!! and HERE for the Curly Hairdo Ideas review of 3 of Tate's Products! (LOVE them!!)

Box Braids with Beads!

It has been awhile since Q's hair has gotten much special attention.
It was looking to me like it could use a rest! Especially that part in the back where toddler hair gets those nap-time/carseat matted hair snarls - you know what I'm talking about!

So I had some extra time Saturday and we opted for Box Braids! (See our first attempt HERE, and for Curly Hairdo Ideas's thoughts on the Benefits of braiding your hair, click HERE.)

This was the first time we put beads in the ends of ALL of the braids! Q was so cute as she figured out she could swing her head and make the beads clink together!

Here's how we got the look:

1. I braided two small french braids 
         (yeah, not cornrows this time - thought I'd see how the french braids looked next to box braids!)
2. I braided regular braids in small sections, all over the place! :)
          (I used a fair amount of coconut oil in the hair as I added the braids. so that her hair would get good moisture while they were braided. I also used coconut oil on her scalp at night.)

I don't have the patience for nice, neat, straight parts these days so I just part with my fingers as I go and hope for the best. 

Can you spot the difference between the picture above this text and the picture below? ...

Hehe! Here it is! 3 hidden braids underneath the rest of her curls. 
We actually stopped and took a break at this point because Q was getting restless. I was going to leave her hair down, but then realized I didn't want it to get all tangled again. So I put it up!

I was kinda hoping we could go out on the town - I loved her hair like this! :D

But, alas, no errands were necessary before naptime.
I really wanted to get the rest of the braids in before her nap so that we wouldn't have to re-detangle!

So after a Daddy break :) ...

(she bumped her lip at the park! :( but she's a tough one)

We got out the playdough and braided the rest! I think we had 21 braids by the end!

And that's it! So we tested them out at the park :) Look at those braids fly!

It's been about 5 days and the braids are still in! But they will be coming out tomorrow after her bath. We've been using Cara B Hair Mist in her hair/scalp in the mornings :) and coconut oil at night.

At night the beads were seeming to bug her (lots of fidgeting) so I've been clipping most of them up on top of her head to get them out of the way.

 Do you ever use braids for some "hair rest" time?

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Homemade Braid Spray and Lavendar Essential Oil - review

I shared this recipe in THIS post about taking care of box braids. I had read that it was good for using on braided hair especially, but also just in general as a daily spritz.

Here's the recipe:

* distilled water
* a natural oil (like jojoba or almond or grapeseed oil)
* an essential oil, like lavendar

Combine to your heart's content and spray away!

A mixture like this is good for your hair and your scalp. It can also be used instead of washing the scalp as a means of cleansing.
The health benefits of lavender essential oil include its ability to remove nervous tension, relieve pain, disinfect scalp and skin, enhance blood circulation and treat respiratory problems. Lavender has the Latin name Lavare, which means “to wash”, due to its aroma that gives the feeling of a clean aroma. (source)

So we tried it! I must say I added WAY too much lavendar. Especially for someone (me) who doesn't even care for the scent - there is just simply way too much in our mix. I have a small 2oz bottle that I was using...next time I'll try a mix of maybe 1/4 or 1/2 an oz of oil and fill the rest with water...then add ONE drop of Lavendar EO!

I liked the idea of a homemade spritz, and I understand the thought behind water and an oil... but what about lavendar?  I have heard conflicting things about Lavendar Essential Oil, so I did some research of my own. :)

As you can see above, lavendar has many beneficial properties, but what else? Read Health Benefits of Lavendar Essential Oil to learn more! Wow! This article is exciting! I'll leave you with this tidbit...  in reference to hair - in that lavendar can kill lice and lice eggs, as well as stimulate blood circulation (which will stimulate hair growth!)

Here are some more positive Lavendar EO articles!
Lavendar EO information
Wikipedia - Lavendar Oil

Ok, so far so good! But what about Lavendar or Tea Tree Oil being a xenoestrogen? Did you hear about these two essential oils being blamed for causing breast growth on pre-pubescent boys? Yikes - I had to look into it. I don't want my daughter having to go through puberty any earlier than necessary! Read the news article HERE.

After reading that and doing some more searching, I also found these two links:
Lavendar and Tea Tree Estrogenic?

I have to agree. The science seems to be lacking. I don't really consider 3 cases to be an accurate study. Especially without more information on the products being used! What other ingredients were in there? What other things were those boys being exposed to in the rest of their lives at the time? There are just too many variables and not enough "cases".

For myself and my daughter - I don't think I'll worry about Lavendar causing us problems. I might not use it everyday (no sense in being cavalier about it) but I won't shun all the possible benefits of Lavendar or Tea Tree Oil completely either!

Do you use Lavendar EO or Tea Tree EO?? What are your thoughts on the subject? 

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Switching hosting providers.

I've been thinking about it for awhile now - but I love the ease of blogger. As do spammers. (which are the cause of "false positives" as they call it when innocent bloggers get deleted.)

This blog was unavailable for awhile tonight - I'm not sure if my frantic antics actually helped or if they just replaced it by themselves - but WOW was that scary!

I can't handle that again!

I am 99% sure we will be switching providers now. But that won't affect you much, the URL / web address will stay the same.

If you use google reader, you might have to delete me and then add me again manually, but you'll still be able to see me there! :)

Please accept my apologies if you had trouble finding us tonight!! We are STILL HERE!! and don't miss out on the current giveaway!!!

Truly Pure and Natural - Tate's Products - Review!

This review will cover 3 of Truly Pure and Natural's "Tate's" hair products! 

From the website: Our custom blend of Tate's Natural Miracle Odorless Shampoo and Tate’s Natural Miracle Conditioner to make an excellent conditioning shampoo. Great for all hair types and will leave your hair clean and lightly conditioned. It's even biodegradable.

Uses: Shampoo for all hair types. Excellent as a body wash. Great for bubble bath. Safe and gentle for children and adults.
Odorless Shampoo Ingredients: Mountain spring water, coconuts, hazel nuts, pine needles, chamomile, nutmeg, lemons, thyme, passion flower, apples, cinnamon, eucalyptus, sea salt, geranium, raspberries.

Conditioner Ingredients: Mountain spring water, apples, strawberries, rose, lemons, blueberries, cranberries, raspberries, boysenberries, oranges, cloves, ginger, pineapple, blackberries, celery, cherry bark, oak bark, orchid, marigold, hazel nut, pine needles, coconut, chamomile, jasmine, calendula, parsley, thyme, papaya, eucalyptus, passion flower, cinnamon, geranium, nutmeg.

 From the website:  An incredible hair conditioner, and a hand and body lotion! Made of all natural ingredients. Your hair and skin will thank you!

 Uses: An excellent hair conditioner for dry, damaged hair caused by sun, heat, chlorine, perms, hair coloring. Helps with split ends, static, and controlling frizzy or curly hair. Use it as a leave-in or rinse-out conditioner. Provides a brilliant shine without weighing down your hair.

Other Uses: Excellent as a non-greasy hand and body lotion. Removes make-up. Makes a wonderful shaving cream. Softens cuticles. After tan moisturizer. Soothes sunburn. Baby lotion. Diaper rash. Helps relieve eczema! Moisturizing foot soak. Use in the bath or shower for a full-body moisturizer. Keep one by each sink and your nightstand. Warm a small amount of Tate’s and mix with your favorite essential oil for a wonderful massage cream! Click here to download the free PDF of uses for Tate’s Miracle Conditioner

Ingredients: Mountain spring water, apples, strawberries, rose, lemons, blueberries, cranberries, raspberries, boysenberries, oranges, cloves, ginger, pineapple, blackberries, celery, cherry bark, oak bark, orchid, marigold, hazel nut, pine needles, coconut, chamomile, jasmine, calendula, parsley, thyme, papaya, eucalyptus, passion flower, cinnamon, geranium, nutmeg.

Tate's Natural Miracle Hair Gel
From the website:  Tate's Miracle Hair Gel is an excellent, long-lasting hair gel for a non- flaky, non-sticky super hold. Holds up in humidity, creates shining highlights, adds elasticity and bounce. Moisturizes and conditions. For all hair types; perfect for any styling technique.
Uses: Hair gel, hair gloss.

Other Uses: Skin softener, skin polisher. Reduces eye puffiness, wrinkles, cellulite, age spots, acne, and varicose veins. Instant antibacterial moisturizing hand sanitizer. Apply to skin to relieve pain from headaches, migraines, tension, stress, minor burns, cuts. For more severe pain, heat the gel and apply for cramps and muscle, joint, back and arthritis pain.

Ingredients: Mountain spring water, pine needles, pine bark, oak bark, honey, lavender, calendula, basil, parsley, cucumber, tomatoes, rose hip, allspice berries, citrus peels, juniper, lemongrass, sage, mint, thyme, vinegar, peppermint, apricot, peach.
All of the products also state:

No dyes, gluten, colors, iodine, glycols, sulfates, parabens, fragrance, or phosphates.

No animal testing!

Curly Hairdo Ideas thoughts ...  
       "Wow!" was my first thought after reading the ingredients labels on all of the Tate's products. "Seriously?! I know what ALL of that means!" lol and it's true! So many times reading the labels of our cosmetics products (and even food!) I really don't know what the word means. Sure, I can guess, or I can assume - or I can tell that it's a chemical! But much more than that and I'm lost. (as I would venture to guess, most of us are!) So when I read these labels, I knew I had to try the products!

       When I received the products and reread the labels, I was a bit stumped. How in the world can a product contain things like "strawberries, cinnamon, tomatoes, nutmeg, and blueberries" and end up with a CLEAR, thick, odorless product?!? I had my doubts, so I contacted Denise at Truly Pure and Natural.

       She was so sweet! and answered my questions well and as quickly as possible - considering Truly Pure and Natural doesn't own Tate's so there was a bit of a chain to get through! (Gotta love great customer service!) 

Here's what I asked,
"I love all the ingredients you show on your labels, but what else is in your products? It seems like there must be something in them to take out the color and naturally occurring smells (unless all the ingredients shown are just the extracts of the various fruits and things?) and make the product thick. Some sort of preservative, too, I would think.  Would you mind sending me a complete ingredient list? Thanks!!"

Here's the correspondence I received back:
"We had all of the same questions you had about the Tate’s products.  We asked Tate’s and they said that their products are blended, filtered, and then cured for several weeks.  Through this process, the end result is a thick, colorless product."

We first started using Tate’s a couple of years ago.  Our nutritionist, who is super picky about foods and cosmetics, gave it to us and said that she had checked into the ingredients and they were all good. 

So…we asked some questions again today about the preservatives. This morning, we received an email stating that they now use Vitamin E to preserve all of their products.  We asked why it’s not on the label, and they said that they’re using up the old labels, and Vitamin E will appear on the new labels."
 I do feel better knowing the preservative. and I understand them wanting to use the labels they have! I'm glad to hear that they'll be including the Vitamin E on the new labels, though.

 So, what did we think of the products? They were GREAT!  (None of the products we tried had any scent at all.)

The shampoo was like normal shampoo, I guess! This was the first time I had used shampoo in over a year! (more about co-washing and no 'poo later!) and I realized that I don't even like shampoo anymore. I would possibly still use this as a shampoo for Q (to get the deep conditioning oils out of her hair occasionally - but we don't use any shampoo regularly. I really like that the shampoo can double as a bubble bath. That's something that I haven't found much of once we started looking at ingredients and steering clear of the foaming agents found in so many products.  The kids will like this!

The conditioner is lovely and worked well! I used it myself with the shampoo and on its own as a co-wash - it held up to my expectation both times! I used about 1-2 ounces at a time. It left my hair feeling very soft and hydrated. They say that it also can be used as a hand lotion, or conditioner. I found it to soak in very quickly and felt very light. It left my hands feeling nice and smooth, too!                            

The hair gel added shine and seemed to hold well. Would be great for braiding or other styles that need that extra security. We used it on loose curls and this is what we got! 

  (Q is cleaning the mirror!)

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GIVEAWAY! - Tate's Conditioner!

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For Extra Entries:

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Leave a separate comment for all your entries, Please!

I will be picking a winner by random (.org!) on August 21st, 2010 at midnight! (as in, you do have all day Saturday to enter.) Get your entries in quickly!! 

Please feel free to email me with any questions!

coming up ...

Can you believe we are only 3 followers away from reaching 100?!?! I'm so honored and excited! :D Thanks for all the support, everyone!

Soooo, I get to share some new product reviews with you! I've been testing out two new product lines and they are passing all the tests. :)  and the ingredients?! Wow!

I don't want to give away (hint, hint) too many details just yet, so check back tomorrow for the good stuff!

If you haven't seen them before and are interested in reading some of our past product reviews, we have ...

Original Sprout Natural Shampoo and Leave In Conditioner
Original Sprout Miracle Detangler
Original Sprout Leave In Conditioner (Leaving it in!)
Is Original Sprout really "easy rinse"?
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Enjoy! and come back soon for more!

Traditional(?) Korean Hairstyle!

My friend Olivia, from Write About Birth, emailed me the other day asking if I could help her figure out how to do a specific Korean hairdo! I was excited for the challenge, and borrowed my sister's head of long straight hair to play with. (Thanks, "Daisy"!)

Here's the style ...  Called a "chignon" - I think! Which, loosely translated means, "bun".

(photo courtesy of www.hanfever.com)

After my initial reaction of "Wow! That's beautiful!" My next thought was, "is all that hair REAL?!" lol As it turns out, there are traditional wigs that people, especially royalty, did wear in order to get some of the fancy, huge, traditional Korean updos. However, this practice was pretty much left behind because of the neck strain caused by the heavy human hair pieces! Even to this day, some movie directors choose to forgo the wigs and let their movie be less-than-historically-accurate rather than risk using the heavy wigs! There is one place that still makes and refurbishes these traditional wigs - you can read (or use google translate to read!) about it HERE!
(resource: Ask A Korean)

I also learned that the head piece worn by the girl in the picture is traditional, yet not all that common. It is called a bae'ssi daeng'gi. Which gets it's name from the pear shape of the ornamentation. :) The chignon (bun) is very common, however!

Now on to the style! Here's our version and the How To steps we took to create it. 

In my research of Korean styles - I found this picture...


I'm not sure if it's the same 'do or not, but I wouldn't be surprised! So we added the braids into our style as well. (I didn't have any pictures of how they started the braids at the top of the head, so I just made that part up!)

Here's a "before" picture so you can see the length of hair I had to work with...

(Oh goodness, my house is messy!!)

I had brushed it all out (yep, with a brush, lol) and then parted it down the center to her crown.
 (kind of hard to see in this picture, but you can tell it's parted because the hair is hanging down instead of trying to go back.)

Then I sneakily took a bit of hair out right here ...

and braided it!

Then I started french braiding. Here's the tricky part. I took a starting piece of hair up by Daisy's forehead and parted that into my 3 strands to braid. 

Then in this picture you can see that I added in more hair on the right side (by her face) but NOT on the left (hair hanging straight down) --This is Crucial! (lol, well, only if we're copying the second picture!)

At this point (picture) I have started the french braid, added one piece to the second "stitch" and now am holding the first braid...

Flip that little independent braid up over the french braid and out of your way! The rest of the french braid continues as though the little braid was never there. :)

Once you have taken up and added a piece of hair down by the ear - stop adding and just braid like normal for awhile to finish off this braid.

Here you can see the part a little better. I didn't part this beforehand, this is just where I stopped adding hair to the french braid.

Notice I never did add any hair to the left side of that braid, just the right.

Next pull all the hair (except that first small braid) into a low ponytail.
Use a good strong hair tie for this ponytail to help give the rest of the hair something sturdy to anchor to.

Other side! Nice and smooth.

Braid the ponytail!
(Notice little Q back there?! lol She was pointing at "Auntie's" hair and talking about how she wanted to have her's done next - and watch the "puppy movie, fox?!" :)  aka, Disney's The Fox and The Hound!)

Once the hair is braided, flip the whole thing up. 
It's tempting to just twist it around like a normal braided bun, but I really think there's a specific look to it when you start by flipping it up. I learned this from the first video on youtube listed in the resources at the bottom of this post :)

Bobby pin it here if you need/want to. 

Then start bringing the braid around the elastic.

(it would be nice if Daisy's hair was a bit longer for this style.)

Pretty much the last step (before accessorizing!) is to bring that very first little braid around under the chignon (bun) and bobby pin it!

Remember this?

How's this?
LOL - ok, so I know it doesn't really look much like it at all. I think part of the problem was that Daisy's hair was just too short. Longer hair would have given us a longer braid and more to wrap around.

I toyed with the idea of trying to add some "hair extensions" or yarn in the middle of the braid to make it thicker. That might work, but it wouldn't solve our length problem. If you had human hair extensions that looked good, then you wouldn't need to hide them and you might be able to get some extra length that way. After all, using wigs is traditionally Korean! :D

Ok, now the other side.
Remember this??

How's this??

There is also the possibility of trying to make two braids instead of one, therefore cheating the length :) However, I didn't do this because I thought each braid would be so small around that they would look funny. I don't know! It would probably be less "authentic" but maybe it would work?

We didn't have the proper traditional Korean hairpieces, and that would change (help!) the look a bit, but we made do with what we had!

I would LOVE to see this style on you!! If anyone feels like giving it a try, please email me with pictures! I'm soooo curious how it would turn out on longer hair. Or if I even got it right at all! LOL

For more fun reading on Korea and Korean Hairdo's visit these sites!
Ask A Korean - by far the most interesting Traditional Korean hair information I found on the web. Has some pictures of different styles and interesting little facts to go along with it!
Korea.net - "Gateway to Korea" - tons of info, tons of links! Not much about hair, but definitely worth checking out if you are interested in Korea at all!
www.soompi.com - Forums! Here are links to two threads about Korean Hairstyles! ONE, TWO!
Life Capsule - a crazy snapshot of some Wild Traditional Styles! These are all wigs and were worn by people in the palace!
O. M. G. blog - Pictures of Traditional Korean Hairstyles (I found these exact pictures in about 3 different places on the web!) 
and, of course, youtube.com! I'll let you do more searches here on your own, if you're interested - and Let me know if you find this particular style that we're attempting to do today!! - but first I wanted to share two updo videos I just thought were neat. THIS one is simple and pretty (and where I learned about wrapping the bun) and THIS video has a few different amazingly intricate traditional styles. Enjoy!
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