Friday Feature ~ Iceley

Welcome to Friday Feature! This is the series where YOU are the star!! I love seeing all your pictures and hearing your stories....and the best part is that we can all learn from each other this way! (So if you want to join in on the fun, be sure to email me at curlyhairdoideas @   
Today I'm so excited to introduce you to ICELEY!! She is so adorable, and her mom is doing amazing things with her hair. Be sure to read down to the end because that's my favorite part!   Here's what Iceley's mom has to say....

*~* Iceley *~*

These are some pics of my 5-year old's fine, thin, wavy/curly hair.  I like your site and you sent me on a journey to some others that also helped.  (Before that, all I did was brush her hair and it was always frizzy!)
In her sunday dress, we'd wide-tooth combed it and air dried (I think!)  
The last ones are a Conditioner Wash, followed by Aloe Vera Gel, and "plopping" (see all the things I've learned!:))   She has serious bedhead in one (after the plopping all night),
and then I finger-combed with Aloe Vera Gel and the results are in the other two.

I was looking through pictures and found a frizzy-hair one of her before we started following a different routine.  So here's one of her sulfate-shampoo and cone-full conditioner frizzy hair. 
and here's a new one of her in her Sunday dress and her much-loved hat that shows her hair is getting better by the week!

Isn't this great?!? I love love love the "Before and After" shots! What a great example of how different products can have different effects on the hair. Her curls are looking GREAT! and what an adorable little girl you have!

Thank you so much for sharing with us today!

Friday Feature ~ My Girls

Friday Feature! The series where YOU are the star! Every friday I like to feature someone else, someone just like you! (if you want to BE the Featured Follower please email me at curlyhairdoideas@yahoo .com - with "Friday Feature" in the subject line! I can't do Fridays without you!)

Today's featured stylist was 4 years old at the time (she just had a birthday!) .... and full of enthusiasm! Meet ...


Miss E and little Q

Q's curls were very detangled before I let Miss E have her turn - and she used lots of water and a wooden wide tooth comb! My little prodigies! 

I will admit though I could only handle the combed straight look *so* long and soon rejuvenated her curls again!

(I think whatever movie Q was watching finally captivated Miss E's attention, too!)

Do you let other people play with your girls' curly hair?

CUTE Hair Accessories!! ~ Sevastiana Review

I recently was honored with the chance to review some amazing new hair clips from

Zero Slip. Total Splendor.

I have to say these are among the most unique clips I've ever seen. I think "Hair Art" would be a better description than anything! They look amazing on the website and they are priceless in person.

Not to mention they arrive in such adorable bags and boxes. I guess I have to admit I really like good presentation from a company! If the package arrives looking nice I feel like they took time to make the product great as well. First impressions are just first impressions - but they have an impact! 

Besides, it shows that the person who packaged it (made it?) also thinks it's something precious. That feeling is transferred to me when I open it and see that it's been loved already and yet it's brand new!

The first clip I tried was the Sequin Lily clip. How cute is that?! The pictures on Q just don't do the clip justice.

I will say, tho, this clip worked much better on straight hair. The curls wanted to get caught in the sequins! I also tried this sequin hair clip as an accessory to a hairstyle that had more of her curls pulled back and "contained", as you can see below...

Much better! There were fewer curls flying around all day to get stuck in the sequins.

and here is the same clip on baby fine straight hair. It never moved out of place once! Very impressive.

(Isn't she a doll?! Way too precious. Not mine, though. I just get to "borrow" her every once in awhile. Thanks Crysta!)

Here are some more adorable hair clips we were blessed to be able to try!


(above) This was the moment we opened the package! We were so excited! This snap clip did pull Q's hair a little bit. It could get caught on the ends of the clip - however if she hadn't tried yanking it out on her own every time, I doubt we would have had that issue!

(below) I don't have a good picture of Q wearing the hat but we were marching in a parade recently and Q had her hair in two low braids with her straw hat clipped to one of the braids! Very appropriate and adorable, if I do say so myself!

I found with the French Barrette style clip that unless I used a good amount of hair that the clip liked to slip down. I also found that with the snap clip (ladybug) the less hair I tried to include, the better it stayed. Which is good to know before you purchase!

This butterfly clip is so delicate and precious. It's perfect for a subtle, dainty touch. It would be so sweet on a little baby! and the non-slip grip works so well you'd hardly need any hair to keep it in.

I have to make a note, too, that these clips all stayed in place really well in my daughter's hair. Sevastiana has a special non-slip grip that they add to each clip and I found it to be very useful! Read more about that on their website. 

This shot shows the back of the clips. You can see the non-slip grip as well as their signature flower. That magic little added touch they put on every Sevastiana piece of artwork.

You may have heard of my attention to product ingredients and how they affect our health in past reviews and posts - well who knew that would even cross over into the realm of accessories?!  Here's what Sevastiana has to say, "All Sevastiana hair accessories are made of finest and safe materials that do not contain lead or other dangerous substances. We use non-toxic glue only." YAY!! I honestly haven't thought about glue or lead or anything before ... I'm glad they made a note of it for me!

I absolutely loved these flowers. My hubby and I lived in Hawaii for awhile shortly after we were married and these flowers remind me of Hawaii! Of course, anything that reminds me of that beautiful place and that beautiful time is a GREAT addition to my life!  I love sticking Q's flower in her ear and pretending we're dancing on the beach feeling the warm sand between our toes while the sun sets against the horizon casting shimmering splashes of violet and pink and blue cascading around the world .... as far as the eye can see ...

 Which design is YOUR favorite? There are LOTS more on the website, too! Go check them out!

Quick Hairstyle for a Fancy Occasion

This was a quick Wash and Go type hairstyle we did on little Q awhile back. I liked it because it wasn't fussy, or time consuming, but it was quite pretty and unique - at least in my opinion! I think it makes a good little girl's hairstyle for times when you don't have a lot of time.

None of the parts are precise (though you could make them so if you chose to) and yet it still keeps all of her bangs out of her eyes, etc.

What is your little girl's quick hairstyle when you want something for a fancy (ish) occasion? Or do you plan better than me and don't need a quick one?!

Fun French Braid

My baby's hair is finally long enough to really do a french braid! Can you believe it?

If you don't know how to french braid, check out a fellow hair blogger's youtube instructions: Shaunell's Hair!

Just a plain simple classic French Braid! Now let's see yours!

Crazy Cornrows

Happy Saturday! This style is really just crazy wonky stacked cornrows, I did a bit of a star pattern in the front and a zig zag part down the back.

Here's the star pattern in front:

and another shot from the back:

Just a cute little view of the sidewinder hair holders we added for some bling!

Yay Sidewinders!! We love these hair accessories! Have you tried them yet? What did you think?

Have a great day!!!

Happy Mother's Day!

This is a little girls curly hairstyle I did the other day sort of by accident! Here's the story... so my mom mentioned side ponytails the other day. I was never a big fan of side ponytails (having grown up my younger years in the '80's) so I haven't done many true, pure side ponytails on Q. I have done a few variations, but nothing straight up side ponytail.

So today, in honor of Mothers' Day.... here's a side ponytail for my mom!

Now I said this was by accident, right? Well I've never straightened Q's curly hair so smoothly like this before because I didn't want to pull it.

The night before this hairstyle I had given Q a pre-poo oil treatment to soften and strengthen her curly hair. When I washed out the oils with a nice delicate, but somewhat stripping shampoo that has worked well for us doing this before - all the oils didn't come out of her hair near her head!!

She's only 2, and she doesn't love her hair being washed, so I knew it would be asking too much to make her wash it again right away. And the ends of her hair were SO soft and clean they definitely didn't need anything more.

So I thought "oh well!" and went ahead to style her hair the way it was.  As I was looking at it... a thought occurred to me. Q's other Grandma (where she inherited this amazing head of curly hair!) has mentioned that as a young girl she would brush her curly hair 100 strokes every night before bed.

I've also heard that natural bristle brushes are good for your hair because they even out the natural oils and help spread it through - giving you natural shine.

I've never done that. I only comb Q's hair when it is wet to avoid damaging it! Right? Welllll....her hair was so well detangled and so soft and healthy looking. and it was oily on top. hmmm. That oil needed to be distributed, or at least, it wouldn't hurt if it was!

and I have a natural bristle brush! for my own straight hair.

So I did the un-thinkable! I brushed my daughter's dry curly hair! SHOCKING! I know!!! But It worked! I used the bristle brush, very very gently. It didn't pull or snag or tangle her curls.

As you can see the oils left in her hair gave it a very smooth and shiny look and left her puff of curls just as soft as silk!

There we have it! In honor of my Mothers! a brushed side ponytail.  I LOVED it! Gee, who knew moms were so smart anyway??

So to all the moms out there, Have a very blessed Mothers' Day!!

Friday Feature ~ Love Your Girls Biracial Curls!

Friday Feature!!!! My favorite part of the week sometimes, I must say! Today you get to meet Diva R and her mommy! They have their own hair blog, too! (Check out some past Friday Features for other blogs and inspiration as well) You can find Diva R in the starring role at

So with no further ado - here is ...... 

Diva R!!

What is her daily hair routine?

At night I wash and condition Diva R’s hair with Bee Mine Botanical Shampoo and currently Vive conditioner respectively, followed by a gentle squeeze dry using my hands with help of a towel to absorb some of the excess water from her hair, (never rubbing). I then let it air dry a little for a few minutes and I apply our moisturizer, which is currently Bee Mine Juicy Spritz and/or Lavish Curls Moisturizing spray. Then Diva R will sleep on a satin pillow case or use a satin bonnet alternatively. The following morning I will finger detangle after I spritz some distilled water on her curls to moisten and liven them up after being slept on overnight. This usually takes me a few minutes to do. I then spritz/apply the moisturizer on and begin styling.

New Vacation Hairstyle Trends ~ Guest Post

I was approached by a company to share a guest post post with my readers, when she said Vacation Hair Trends - I thought YES! for us MOMS! This blog (and life, really, don't you think?!) is so focused on our darling children's hair that it's easy to put ourselves on the back burner.... but I personally have a BEACH VACATION coming up this summer that I'm TOTALLY excited about and this post is perfect timing - and time for a focus on us Moms! (Also just in time for Mother's Day, too! Aren't I clever? ha!!)  Anyway, Enjoy these New Vacation Hairstyle Trends for the grownups in the room .....


New Vacation Hairstyle Trends

It's almost summertime, and Mom’s everywhere are planning their family vacations. You might be going to relax on the beach, taking an exciting trip on a cruise, "roughing it" with the family on a camping trip, or herding the kids through an amusement park. Wherever you are traveling, you're sure to enjoy several new experiences, so wouldn't it be wonderful to give your hair a few new adventures of its own? We have three hot hairstyles that will look great for any vacation and, because vacations aren't always synonymous with free time for a mom, they all take less than fifteen minutes to achieve.

1) Rolling Waves
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