Friday Feature ~ Kandy Land Kurls!

Welcome to Friday Feature! The series where YOU are the star! I think it's great to share and learn from each other - we all have different hair types, different experiences, and different situations - so sharing our individuality is another way that we can connect, and maybe learn something from someone else. Whether it's because they have hair similar to ours or totally the opposite!  I have learned SO much in the past 2 years from a huge variety of sources!

Enough of my babbling... Today we get the chance to hear from another hair blogger! Thanks so much for joining us Kandy! Read on to hear her awesome tips ...

How old is your curly girl? N is 6 years old.
What is your daily hair routine? In the morning (when she doesn't have a style) I spritz her hair with water mixed with leave in conditioner. I add some moisturizer, then I detangle and seal with coconut oil. Next, I style her hair for school, at night I have her sleep with her satin sleep cap.

Do you have any other "routines" that you add to that, but don't do every day? If so, what are they?
I wash her hair weekly, I always condition after each wash. Once a month I do a hot oil treatment, protein treatment and deep condition.
Do you use chemicals in her hair?
No, and I never will! It will mess up her natural curl pattern.
Do you use heat (hair dryer, curling iron, flat iron, etc) on her hair?
No, I thought about flat ironing for special occasions, but I'm too afraid that if I don't do it right, it may cause heat damage.

Have you ever straightened her hair? Why or why not? What were/are your thoughts on straightening curly hair?
No, when she is old enough to maintain and do it properly, then she can straighten her hair if she wants the "straight-look." I think it's okay to switch up your hairstyles from curly to straight and vice versa. At her age (6) I think its more appropriate for her to keep her hair natural. When she is older she can choose to straighten her hair.
What is your favorite way to style her hair?
Classic pigtails, sock buns and cornbraids.

What do you like best about your little girl's curly hair?
Curly hair is very versatile, and each style brings out her beauty in a different way.
What is the worst hair advice you've ever received?Once she is 10 years old I should relax her hair, and always grease her scalp.
If there was one thing you could say or one tip you could give a young person with curls, what would it be?Don't try to fight your curls, instead embrace them!
If there was one thing you could say or one tip you could give to the Parents of young children with curls, what would it be?!
Try to remove all hair bows/barrettes at night, and make sure the hair is well moisturized.
*We have a blog KandyLandKurls it's designed for children with curly hair*


I think the horrific "advice" given to people is the most shocking every time I read a Friday Feature story! AHHH!  But really, thank you Kandy for all the GREAT advice you have given us here! (the tip about removing bows, etc, is a good one to remember!) and N is just Way too gorgeous! and that hair!!!!

If YOU would like to be featured in our Friday Feature, please email me at curlyhairdoideas I look forward to hearing from you! (if you need ideas check out our Be Featured link.)

Hair Ties and Oil

I love getting emails from my readers!!!!! Here is a series of notes back and forth that I thought everyone might benefit from reading, too, and so after checking with Lady H, here is our conversation about  

Hair Ties and Oils
I love reading your blog and getting helpful ideas for my daughter's hair.  You say that you put coconut oil or olive oil on your hair bands to help them come out easier. Whenever I try and do this the hair bands disintegrate after a couple hours. I was wondering if you have or have had this problem. I know you use braces bands mostly, but I was wondering if you ever had this problem?
Thanks for the help.
 Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 15-Ounce Tubs (Pack of 2)
Yes, I have had that happen, but never that fast! Usually mine happens when I am taking them out, so I kinda like it. However, in your case it doesn't sound very helpful. Do you soak them? Or add the oil right as you're putting it in the hair? I would guess that you could use less oil - or maybe your elastics are nice and soft and the oil isn't needed as much? (If so, I'd love to know where you got them! Ours are better than what I find in the stores around here, but if you've found something softer, I'm always interested in learning more!)
Thanks for the email, and keep me posted!

I have used a couple of different kinds. I have some that I bought at least 5 years ago, so they just may be old and not be able to handle the oil, but they are pretty soft anyways. The other ones are from Walmart, I think they are scuncci (or however you spell it). They came in a pack of 3 different sizes and I have soaked them, just put a little on, and also just put a little on the hair before putting it in. Thanks for the help.

Interesting. Yeah, I would agree that the older ones are probably just nice and soft from being older. But that's interesting that the same thing happens with the walmart ones. I think our walmart just has goody - but I wouldn't hold myself to that!  (and they are super hard)  What kind of oil are you using?
 100% Unrefined Certified Grade A Shea Butter 4 oz.
You are right they are goody. I have used coconut oil and olive oil and also shea butter. The Shea butter seems to work the best because I can lightly coat her hair with it and then that seems to do ok most of the time. I just thought today to just coat them an hour or 2 before they should come out and then they can break off by the time it is time to go to bed. Now I'm just thinking out loud. Thanks for your help. 

 Has anyone else had this experience with Hair Ties and Oils? What have you done about it?

Diva Do's Giveaway WINNER!!!

Thanks to everyone who entered the Diva Do's giveaway!! Out of 64 entries, the winning number is..... #54!!!!

Amber P.

Congratulations!!!!!  Now go check your email! 

Thank you to every single person who entered the giveaway, and to all of you who support and follow this blog - you have no idea how much you all mean to me!! 

Glee, Doula-ing, Easter - oh my!

Hi everyone! I hope you had a great Easter weekend!

I rarely apologize for posting frequency here on the blog - I kinda figure it gets old if I say, over and over again, "Sorry it's been so long since I posted..."  and really, who cares how often I post anyway?!

But...... I just have to say,  I'm sorry it's been so long since Q and I have posted any new hairstyles!! Between my new Glee obsession (it's okay, I've watched all the episodes now, real life can return), Easter, my new Doula enterprise and just LIFE in general - I've had a hard time making time for everything I want to fit in! 

I have thoroughly been enjoying the Friday Features we've had recently though! and there are more to come! Send your photos and stories too! curlyhairdoideas at!

Ok, off to create a post or two (hopefully), get a guest author post ready to go for us MOMS - Vacation Hairstyles!, and maybe re-watch an episode or two of Glee before bed....while studying Quinn's hair for more sweet ideas.... and PICK a GIVEAWAY WINNER!!!!  Good night All!  and Thank you for your support of (and interest in!) our curly hair blog!!

Friday Feature ~ Sock Bun with Braids ~ Untrained Hair Mom Style

For today's episode of Friday Feature we get to see a style from a new hair blogger, Untrained Hair Mom!

This is D and her "heart style". The heart was parted out and put into a bun, using a "sock bun" and the rest of the hair was put into hanging braids.

To see more of D's styles visit /


Thank you for sharing this style with us! Sock Buns have become so popular lately (Partially in thanks to Princess Tiana, I think!) so it's neat that now we get to join in on the sock bun fun!

Remember, Friday Features are for YOU! I love featuring your stories, styles, websites, stores, you name it! and I don't think we can ever know "it all" - so the more people there are to learn from, the better! Everyone has something to learn, and something to teach. We'd love to hear your story! 

Please email me at curlyhairdoideas at!

Dangers of a Brazilian Blowout

I know I'm behind the times, but hey, that's how I've been rolling lately. Sigh. Eventually I'll catch up! I hope!!  Anyway, I received this press release in an email the other day and thought I would pass it on. I guess I kind of feel like it's "old news" because I started hearing things about this on the radio months and months ago - and I live in the boonies! However, in case I'm more "hip" than I know and this isn't all that common knowledge yet... Let Me Share!!


Washington, D.C. – The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration has issued a health hazard alert to salons nationwide about the risks that popular hair straightening products, including well-known Brazilian Blowout, pose to salon workers and customers. The agency warned that formaldehyde – a common ingredient in many of the treatments – can cause nose and lung irritation and increases the risk of cancer.

Following several state investigations and international actions to restrict or ban these products, the agency, a branch of the U.S. Department of Labor, began a nationwide investigation of complaints by salon owners and workers of symptoms associated with the use of chemical straightening procedures, often described as keratin-based or “Brazilian.”

Environmental Working Group’s own investigation of chemical hair straightening treatments, the largest published to date, turned up numerous complaints of hair loss, blisters, burning eyes, noses and throats, headaches and vomiting in women who had been given or had applied Brazilian-style straightening treatments.

EWG’s investigation found that many top salons nationwide offer the treatments despite acknowledging concerns over possible health consequences.

And some manufacturers have played a common cosmetics-industry name game by touting formulations that were claimed to be formaldehyde-free, claiming that they relied instead on methylene glycol as a miracle alternative.

EWG’s researchers, as well as scientists at the American Chemistry Council and the Personal Care Products Council, have pointed out that methylene glycol is simply formaldehyde mixed with water. EWG believes that formaldehyde-based products should be taken off the market.

EWG’s investigation includes:

Unpublished FDA documents obtained by EWG showing dozens of reports of injuries and adverse effects for salon workers and clients.

A survey of top salons nationwide showing widespread use of formaldehyde-based hair straighteners.

Scientific review for all hair straighteners on the market with EWG’s tips of safest options.
First-ever database of more than 100 hair straightening products, including active ingredients and marketing claims.

“Deceptive marketing of formaldehyde-laced hair smoothing products is deplorable,” said EWG senior scientist David Andrews. “Chemicals known to cause cancer shouldn’t be hidden ingredients in any products that people inhale or apply to their skin.”

“While not as common as a haircut, these straightening procedures happen in salons across the country each day, exposing workers and customers to unnecessary levels of formaldehyde that could put them at increased risk of adverse health effects including cancer later in life,” added Andrews.

“Canada pulled Brazilian Blowout off the market six months ago, and our federal agencies are just now getting around to warning people of the health risks,” said Stacy Malkan, who helped found the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics with Environmental Working Group and other organizations. “It’s clear that we need a better safety system, where products are assessed for safety before they cause harm.”

Six countries have recalled straighteners based on formaldehyde, but these products are still completely legal in the United States.
Environmental Working Group is petitioning the federal Food and Drug Administration to regulate the use of formaldehyde in hair straighteners and require these products to include warning labels.

Some popular manufacturers are reformulating as news of formaldehyde in their products spreads.

EWG is urging anyone wanting straighter hair to consider the chemical-free method – a manual blowout with a blow dryer and hot iron.

# # #

EWG is a nonprofit research organization based in Washington, DC that uses the power of information to protect human health and the environment.

Friday Feature! Little Girls' Curls

Welcome to Friday Feature! The series where YOU are the star! Today we get to hear from Mommy H about her two little curly sweeties! Enjoy!

How old are your little ones? My girls will be 4 and 2 in May.

What is your daily hair routine? Each morning we spray down hair with some water and then comb it out and style as we would like for the day. Both of my girls have very fine hair that does not take long to get messy and they wake up with a huge rats nest so the water is necessary to get the hair to not look messy.


Ideas for Baby Hairstyles

Re-posting this Baby Hairstyle Ideas post from last spring - in case anyone could use a refresher, or in case you didn't see it before! I hope you enjoy!


I had an email request for some Ideas for Baby Hairstyles! I sadly realized that Q is not a baby anymore! :)  But she's still pretty close, so here are some ideas for those tiny little baby hairs... Please feel free to email (or upload to Facebook!) pictures of your little baby's hairdo's!!

The first one is a tiny little clip on the side. I really like these tiny clips when working with fine thin hair. Plus they just look so cute and delicate on small heads!

Or you can use the regular size clips - Does anyone know the proper name for this style of clip??! (updated info - I've since learned they're called "snap clips")
This picture shows the size difference....

Or you can split the hair in two parts and hold each back with a clip.
(I would say "part" the hair - but just getting it to split into two sections might be more than enough to ask on a wiggly baby!! Straight parts are NOT important while doing baby hair!)

This is the same style, but the hair is being held with tiny claw clips instead. I find clips faster to put in baby hair than elastics - however Q always liked to pull clips out! But she would leave elastics in, so we generally favored elastic hair bands. (or the soft fuzzy - but still stretchy - kind.)

In my opinion, claw clips work best on hair that is a little thicker, whereas the snap clips work great on thin or thick hair.

and here is an example of the first style, but using a claw clip instead (the "bangs" hair is pulled to the side and clipped.)

Close ups! lol!! (so you can see what I mean by "tiny" in relation to my fingers!)
Tiny claw clip...

This is a little flower clip that we were given as a baby gift. They actually work quite well - you can see the little "claw" to grip the hair... You could use this in the same way I've shown so far... or you can add it to a style to dress up a normal baby hairstyle.

This is a classic baby ponytail - my little niece sports the best kind!  Her fine, beautiful baby hair sticks Straight up in the air when she has a ponytail in like this. She also (one day anyway) was wearing it really close to her forehead, just like this - which worked well because the hair coming from the crown of her head is really long (which tends to be common in babies, I think)

And, like I mentioned above - any little baby hairstyle (ponytails especially) can be dressed up with a bow or other added clip! That way, you get a lot of variety out of the same basic style - just by changing the bow :)

Same idea - but started with the ponytail on the side, then added a bow!

I hope these help!! If you are looking for other ideas and haven't seen this post yet - take a look! 
Enjoy! and as always, feel free to share your own pictures!

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Diva Do's and Everything in Between GIVEAWAY!!

I'm so excited to host another giveaway!!! and this one is extra cool because it's sponsored by a new hair blogger and super-hair-doing mom!! AND... she makes ADORABLE hair clips!! Welcome, Diva Do's and Everything in Between!!

She sent this one for Q to try - isn't it so cute?!?!

(oh goodness *blush* I put it in upside down! That's terrible!)

Isn't this style cute? A friend of ours did it one afternoon for Q! and I think it works really well with her new bow!

and here is a new hair clip featured recently on her blog...

Aren't those hair clips so creative and unique!? LOVE it!!

Now on to the good stuff! Diva Do's would love to give away a hair clip to one very lucky Curly Hairdo Ideas reader!! ... but you have to go check out her site, too, ya know! (Don't forget to "follow" her while you're at it - or find Diva Do's on Facebook!)

This giveaway is open from now until midnight on April 25th, 2011.

Friday Feature!! ~ Jess

It's time for a Friday Feature!!!  The day of the week where YOU are the star! So make sure to send in your photos and stories for the coming weeks!

Today you get to meet Jess - a friend of mine and Q's! She stayed with us for a few days and I got to braid her hair!

(Do you like the bow? - that was Q's contribution to the festivities!)

Fun with Cornrows!!

and a Fabulous Braid Out --

and you'll see more of Jess in the future - I have pictures ready and waiting to show you a neat curvy cornrow style we did on her hair! Plus she's going to let me do her hair for PROM!!! So I'll have to snag a few pictures of whatever we end up doing then, too!

Thanks for letting me share your beautiful self on my blog, Jess!

Don't forget to email me your hair pictures and stories so YOU can be the star of Friday Feature! I only have one more lined up... so if you want more... send more!  and check HERE if you need ideas!
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