Duo-Trick Headband

I'm really excited about this one! I really like the "hair headband" ideas for keeping Q's hair out of her eyes, yet letting her curls hang free :) Plus the back isn't really long enough to do much with it yet. I found the ideas for today at another great hair blog (Babes in Hairland) and I'm combining this one and this one, and smocking, too!

First I made two little tiny ponytails in the front of her hair...

Then I flipped them forward and laid a ribbon just behind them.

Next, I started "smocking", gathering a ponytail on the other side of the ribbon and placing half of each "tail" into it as well.

I made 3 new little ponies behind the ribbon...adding the previous "tails" in as I went ...

Then I flipped them all forward and laid in another ribbon. (I like the thin ribbons in Q's hair because she's so young and little, and therefore has a small head! - and the ribbons are smaller and daintier than a big thick ribbon. I'm sure I'll love those too, when I try them, but for now I like the thinner, more subtle look.)

Then I just continued as before. Adding half of each "tail" to a new little pony...

Add the third ribbon and continue as before! (This isn't an exact science, as you can see, I didn't do each row exactly the same, etc. Just do what seems right! Q didn't really have enough hair on the edge to put that 3rd and 4th smocking into the third row, so I just left it until after the ribbon was in - then it could be pulled back further where there was more hair! ...did that make any sense?! lol)

and the other side...

Because Q doesn't have much hair on the sides I didn't try to continue the smocking down that far, but I did think it would help the ribbon stay to get that hair back a bit... so I added one elastic to each side...

THEN... for the ends of the ribbons that you have just hanging around.... find a piece of hair underneath in back and make a little "anchor" ponytail down there, that you put the ribbon into as well. This will keep the ribbon nice a snug and just where you want it all day! (In our case, that included a 3.5 hour nap!)


Do that on each side, then tie the ribbons together under the head ... and you're done! (and at this moment, my camera battery died, so I had to take "finished" pictures later - while Q was playing in front of the big window, so sorry for the picture quality!)


I hope you like this one as well as I do! I'm hoping it will stay in for tomorrow, too. :)

A Knot

I first found this style on another hair blog and I love it! (I tried to link to the other blog... :( but I can't find it now! I'm not sure which blog it was on, and I couldn't find the style on the blog I thought I found it on.. I'm so sorry!)  It's so simple and easy and only takes one elastic. :)

First I parted Q's hair diagonally and split that section into two pieces ...

Then I just tied it - like I was starting to tie my shoe! lol

Next I gathered up some hair behind the knot (and just laid the knotted hair out of the way)

Then I gathered the tails of the knot into the bundle of new hair and wrapped an elastic around all of it!


Lastly, just for fun :) I added my favorite clip! (Which I found in Q's carseat! YAY!)

Some "in action" shots!


Stand still for a picture?! Are you crazy?! :)

Diamond Headband

I didn't really know what I was going to do with Q's hair today when I started out... but I thought it would be fun to try something else with a zig zag part - so we started with that. (and I thought something a little crazy and not too symmetrical would be nice for today :) )

This is what we ended up with!

So (since I didn't know what I was going to do...) I started by parting her hair all the way down the "middle" in a zig zag ... (and I decided to give her "bangs" for the first time! So those are in a temporary clip up front...)

(the hair is held off to the sides with temporary clips)

Then I just started putting in little elastics!


One up on top of her head, then one by her ear.)

Then I brought the "tails" of both of those piggies back into a third piggy...

(sorry about the picture quality on this one!)

Then the same on the other side!

Then I combed out the back of her hair (and got rid of the rest of the zig zag part) and combed her "bangs"

and added gel to them, and combed them straight (which on Q's hair isn't hard because the top of head has much much less curls in the hair. - It's kinda crazy!)

And that's it! I might put a clip in the bangs to keep them back as the day goes on - but as of yet they are staying out of the way alright. Here's some more pics... trying to capture the essence, but I think this 'do is better in person! :)


Zig Zag Variation of the Step-Ponies!

This is what we did yesterday - I didn't even take step-by-step photos (mainly because I forgot to!) but also because it's really just this - but with a zig zag part!

Simple Twist

This one is really easy!

I sectioned off quite a bit of hair on top of her head, and inserted an elastic.
Next, I split the "tail" of that section into two parts and made a twist. (Twist both strands to the left and then wrap them around each other to the right.)
Then I secured the end of the twist into a second elastic farther back on her head.
Add a cute clip (or not!) and you're done!

Twisties in a "V"

These twisties actually have quite a lot of hair pulled into them... I just combed it forward so that the twist started closer to her forehead. I did one on each side and then brought them together and secured with my favorite dragonfly hair clip! (Which Q has misplaced since then....sigh....)

Also, I wanted to add a note about hair gel - since I had used some in Q's hair for Christmas and she hasn't had her hair washed since then (!!) ... by wetting the hair, it sort of reconstitutes the gel and it held her curls crunchy that day. :) Kinda nice when we're getting in and out of the car a lot, it helps keep the curls from ratting...

Recycled Wrapping

Hi! I hope everybody had a nice Christmas. and not toooo tiring!  I guess I'm not as second-nature about this blogging thing as I thought yet! I did Q's hair twice without taking any pictures along the way! But they're pretty straight forward, so I'll post the final pictures for ya!

First is Q's "Recycled" hairdo.... Twisted Christmas Eve .... on Christmas Day!
Not quite as stunning the second day, but not bad :)

Twisted Christmas Eve

I've been searching all over and racking my brain - trying to come up with a wonderful, exciting, interesting hairdo for Christmas Eve!!  What do you think??

(Inspired by this one!)

After spraying Q's curls down with water and gently combing them out (with a wide toothed comb) I sectioned out a four pieces in front of her head.

Then I added some gel and twisted each one. (Divide hair into two parts, twist each section to the same direction - I did the right- then wrap them around each other the, the other direction - I did the left.)


and brought them together. The two left ones together and the two on the right together.

(I anchored each "V" to a little piece of hair that was directly under where I wanted the tip of the "V" to stay.)

Then! I threaded my plastic kids craft needle! ... I wrapped the ribbon around each twisty and sort of sewed it to her hair! Up one twisty, and back down, up the other and back down, then I tied it in a bow when I got back to the elastic again.

Then I did the same to the other side .... and viola! All Done! A Twisted Christmas Eve Hairdo. :)


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