Mind if I show off a bit?

:) *blush* This is totally silly - but I feel like showing off!

I just made my first few korker bows! I used the directions found HERE.

I made a yellow one to match a dress I upcycled for Q the other day (she's been wanting a yellow dress, so I bought a shirt thing from walmart for $1 and re-purposed it - of course I didn't manage to get a picture I did take some!!! I just found them!! See below for pics! before I accidentally shrunk it in the dryer. sigh. )

Then I made a green one, for Q and another little angel I love :) - it was kinda neat - it was made with smaller-than-normal-korker-bow sized ribbon, so I used a smaller dowel and made the ribbon curl tighter. The ribbon was shiny, too! ooo-la-la. :)

THEN!! I splurged and bought Q a Halloween t-shirt. LOL! I have no idea why. I guess I though it was cute - I don't usually buy holiday apparel since you can't wear it very often and really get your money's worth out of it!  But, I bought one this year anyway. So then I, of course, had to make some bows to match. :)

What do you think?! :)  They're not the greatest - but korkers are MUCH harder to make than they look! Kudos to all those mamas who make and sell them! Mine are definitely not up to resale-par yet! HA!


UPDATE: I found pictures of that shirt/dress I made for Q! 

What I know I don't have is "before" pictures of what it used to look like. sigh. oh well! It was like a spaghetti strap tank top shirt attached to shorts thing. In the juniors section at walmart. I did a search online and I can't find anything that looks like it or even figure out what those things are called! It reminds me of the one piece things people wore in the '80's.  Anybody know what those were called?!! It's gonna drive me crazy....

 update: it's now 2019 - those outfits are called rompers, silly! and they're all the rage again these days LOL


  1. Looks better than all the korkers I've ever made! Those things are too tricky for me. You did a great job mama!

  2. aw Thanks! yeah, they are definitely not easy.

  3. Looks so fun and festive. I'm a sucker for the holiday shirts. Get them for Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine's Day. Also Father's Day, and the 4th of July. Great job on the corker bows. Try the dress thing again. Would love to see it.

  4. Thanks!

    Actually I just found that I DID take pictures!! I'll be back to post them once I get Q down for her nap...

  5. Looks really fun and cool... Love those krokers... Great job!

  6. Looks great!! I haven't tried making tham yet as everyone says they are hard!


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