Diamond Headband

I didn't really know what I was going to do with Q's hair today when I started out... but I thought it would be fun to try something else with a zig zag part - so we started with that. (and I thought something a little crazy and not too symmetrical would be nice for today :) )

This is what we ended up with!

So (since I didn't know what I was going to do...) I started by parting her hair all the way down the "middle" in a zig zag ... (and I decided to give her "bangs" for the first time! So those are in a temporary clip up front...)

(the hair is held off to the sides with temporary clips)

Then I just started putting in little elastics!


One up on top of her head, then one by her ear.)

Then I brought the "tails" of both of those piggies back into a third piggy...

(sorry about the picture quality on this one!)

Then the same on the other side!

Then I combed out the back of her hair (and got rid of the rest of the zig zag part) and combed her "bangs"

and added gel to them, and combed them straight (which on Q's hair isn't hard because the top of head has much much less curls in the hair. - It's kinda crazy!)

And that's it! I might put a clip in the bangs to keep them back as the day goes on - but as of yet they are staying out of the way alright. Here's some more pics... trying to capture the essence, but I think this 'do is better in person! :)



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