No 'Poo Hair Care

I've alluded to this before - now it's time to explain myself! :)

No 'Poo Hair Care:

Basically instead of using shampoo's that are full of icky chemicals, a person washes their hair with a mix of water and baking soda. The ratio will be different for everyone - it's a personal preference and 'do what works on your own head', kind of thing! (I use about a 50/50 mix and stir it up in the shower each time. Some people prefer a thicker paste with less water.)

Then, instead of conditioner, a person rinses with a mixture of Apple Cidar Vinegar and water. Usually a 50/50 mix. I believe I read that the apple cidar vinegar is necessary to balance the ph of the hair after using baking soda. (but wouldn't you know I can't find the reference right now! grr.)

Personally I've been doing "no 'poo" for over a year! I've used shampoo once in that time (see review of Tate's products HERE) and I realized I don't even like shampoo anymore. It made my hair feel too fluffy and flyaway. I find that with baking soda and apple cidar vinegar, that my natural oils spread out through my hair leaving it shiny and soft and clean, without feeling dehydrated and stripped.

Because I used shampoo recently, and this will happen if you decide to try No 'Poo - there is an adjustment period where your hair has to relearn how much oil to produce! This adjustment time can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months. Be prepared! But it's so worth it. Just use a few more ponytail styles or wear a cute hat and no one will know the difference!

You can use the baking soda and apple cidar vinegar as often as you like - but eventually you can get it down to washing only once a week! The rest of the week you just wash with water! And don't forget to give yourself a nice massage while you're at it. That helps clean your scalp with good old 'elbow grease'. It also promotes hair growth!

If I understand correctly, No 'Poo was first created for curly hair, because curls react so much worse and more obviously to the harsh ingredients in commercial products. But since then the health benefits (and low cost!)  have made it very appealing to us straight haired folk, as well! I find the No 'Poo method to work just as well on myself as it does on Q. (straight hair vs. curly hair)

For more about how to No 'Poo - read THIS article. It's one of the first that I read about No 'Poo actually! I have seen many conversations on the topic (with many different perspectives and opinions) on as well. For more information and to look up ingredients in your products that might be questionable - go to

Please feel free to comment or email me with more questions!
and be sure to come back for an explanation of Conditioner Only Washing, also known as Co-wash!


  1. Whoa, awesome--good to know. I may have to do some more research and try this. Probably better environmental effects than having all of that chemical stuff down the drain, too. What about conditioner? No need?

  2. For "conditioner" I use a 50/50 mix of apple cidar vinegar and water. It stinks to high heaven (I don't like the smell of vinegar) but as soon as you rinse it out you can't smell it anymore. :)

    Let me know how you like it if you try it! It is SUPER cheap which I love. That kept me going on some days when I felt like it'd be easier (and less weird!) to just use shampoo again. But now I'm a convert ;) I don't foresee ever using shampoo again! Between no 'poo and co-washing, shampoo will rarely be used around here! :)

  3. This is a great way to go greener but I, for the life of me, can't stand the smell of vinegar. I'll keep using my shampoo and conditioner like normal. Thanks for the info though.

  4. Woot, no 'poo! I've been doing this for a long time, definitely over a year, maybe two. I also love it! I generally don't like the way my hair feels after shampoo anymore either. I use 1/2 tablespoon of baking soda to 6 ounces of water and use it like a rinse. I also use a VERY small amount of ACV in the same amount of water because I heard you need a 10% solution or else it dries out your hair. I think 50/50 would make my hair look way greasy, but maybe it's my soft water? So many variables!

    I've only recently been cutting back on washing every day. I am down to 3 times a week and my short term goal is twice a week. Maybe when I have a week off of work I'll try going down to once a week. It's a process, but so worth it. There is definitely a difference in my hair from no 'pooing less, it's awesome!

  5. wow thats reallly interesting and good to kno! ill have to book mark this pagE! thankkss

  6. When I tried the "no-poo" method, I did not use a scrubby paste, I dissolved a tablespoon of baking soda in one cup of water, poured it over my scalp, then rinsed it out and poured some diluted apple cider vinegar over the rest of my hair.
    The first time it was fine, except my ends snarled easily when I ran my fingers through my hair. (My hair is very long.) After a few more washes, the hair above my ears felt kind of stripped, dry and hard to work with. I had heard that sodium is corrosive to hair, so I was afraid I was doing damage and I stopped.
    Do you think I was doing anything wrong? I tried a paste once, I think, but found it very frustrating trying to rub a paste on my scalp through thick long hair. And the water here is hard water, that might have something to do with it.
    I'm trying co-washing now.

  7. This is very interesting, thank you for the info! My question is: is the vinegar moisturizing?? I find if I get my hair wet, or even damp, and don't use condition I CANNOT even finger detangle it. How would using a leave-in conditioner affect the greasy-ness of the hair? and ultimately the need to wash only a few times a week? Thanks!


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