Braided Pigtail Braids

I came up with this braided braids hairstyle for little girls with curly hair to try to protect that area of the back of their head that the curls get matted so easily! If you have a curly haired kiddo I think you'll know what I mean! That spot is attacked by the carseat and the bed and just gets full of tangles! This style will help protect that hair and help strengthen it.

and the best part? It's a super cute hairstyle on little girls who have straight hair, too!  (As are a lot of the styles on this site, I dare say! haha!)

Dutch Braids Headband

Do you know how to do cornrows? Or Dutch braids? Or "Inside out French Braids"?  If so then this style will be easy! (If not, you could also do the same style with flat twists or "French Knots" - no braiding skills required!)

Make two parts from ear to ear diagonally.

How to make (really easy) Fancy Hair Ties

I got this idea from my Sister-in-Law! and it's really easy ...  Trust me!!

and you can make them in a variety of styles! Flowers, butterflies, dragonflies, hearts, buttons... those are some of my favorites. Some are even sparkly! and you can do it in 2 very simple steps....

How to Regrow Damaged Hair - Treating Those Dead Ends.

So in the first part of this 2 part series on promoting hair growth, we talked about how the things we put INTO our bodies can have a drastic affect on the growth of our hair Outside our bodies! (If you missed it check out How To Regrow Damaged Hair - The Inside Scoop)

So for this segment we are going to share and discuss (add your ideas in the comments!) things we can do to the hair already on our heads to keep it in optimum condition - and maybe, just maybe, convince our hair to grow a little faster in the process.

(This picture is from a few months ago. If she wasn't sleeping right now I'd go measure again!)

Try These Tips for Faster Hair Growth:

How to Regrow Damaged Hair - The Inside Scoop

Is it possible to hurry the process of growing your hair out longer?!  There are many different schools of thought on the subject and I've had some ideas of my own.  But when a dear follower commented the other day asking for more information on this topic, I had to do some research!

First of all let me say that I found a lot! So this is by no means a definitive answer, nor is it a scientific answer to the question of how to regrow damaged hair or to promote faster hair growth! It is merely information that I have gathered and that sounds plausible to ME! How's that for a disclaimer?!  If anyone tries any of the ideas mentioned here, I'd love to hear how they worked for you!

1. Hair is Dead. So we can't recreate that piece of hair that got damaged, all we can do is try to make sure that the new growth coming out of the head is well protected and hydrated so that it stays supple and less likely to be damaged in the future. (Although, if the original cause of the damage was by pulling or scissors - then that is an entirely different source to combat! *wink*)

Celebrating Natural Hair

Welcome back, Olivia! Olivia, from Write About Birth, has written a few guest posts for us in the past, as well as provided some good questions to ponder! Check out her past articles HERE. (and email me at if you would like to be featured or have your own article published!)

Today's post is dear to my heart. It is really what's at the core of this blog - the fact that regardless of others we need to find beauty within ourselves and confidence in who we are. No matter if we have straight hair or curly hair. Freckles or bowed knees! :) We are all beautiful and we are all unique! I just love Little K's response at the end of this story... Read on!

 (This is Olivia's 4 year old daughter, "K"! The star of this story...)

Another Spin on Headband Twists

I mentioned yesterday that there are many ways you could finish off the Headband Twists... so here's another!

Headband Twists

One of my new favorite things to do with cornrows is make them all start at a central point! Isn't that just cute?! I think it gives an "old" style a new twist!

Finger Coils for Curl Definition

I have been trying something new with my kid's curly hair lately!  I got the idea from finger coils... but Q's hair isn't curly enough to wear finger coils as an actual style.... so what would happen if I used bigger sections of hair and coiled it while the hair was wet? Then fluffed it out when dry??

Here are some pictures! ...

LilyRae Bows!

(Isn't this perfect for Valentine's Day?!)

I haven't used any of these bows before, so I can't testify to product quality or slip-ability, but aren't they adorable!?!?  I found LilyRae Bows on facebook and just had to ask some more questions!!

Founder of Original Sprout Products on TV TODAY!

This might be interesting, let me know if you're able to see it! ....................

Original Little Sprouts Scrumptious Baby Cream 8 OZ Original Sprout Natural Hair Balm Original Sprout Natural Baby Shampoo 12 oz

Original Sprout Founder, Inga Tritt, to Share Healthy Beauty Tips on "The Talk" on CBS

Don't miss it! Wednesday, January 19, 2 p.m. ET and 1 p.m. PT/CT

Inga Tritt, master stylist, mother, and founder of Original Sprout will talk about healthy beauty on CBS’s hit daytime talk show, The Talk, on Wednesday, January 19. The show will air live at 2 p.m. ET and 1p.m. PT/CT. Tritt was approached by the show’s producer this fall when one of the show’s hosts commented how much she loves Original Sprout products. Tritt will discuss what she has learned on her journey to create her line of hair and skin care products that are safe for babies, bur perform for adults. She will also share healthy hair and skin care tips from do-it-yourself deep conditioning to managing common hair and skin issues.

Original Sprout 12 oz Leave-In Conditioner Original Sprout Miracle Detangler Original Sprout Baby Hair Gel Original Sprout 2 in 1 Baby Shampoo & Body Wash 12 Oz

Non-Black Curly Hair Tips

Are you looking for advice or tips for caring for curly hair? Are you a straight haired mom of a curly haired kid? Kids’ curly hair can be especially frustrating to moms like me who didn’t grow up with curls!

I have searched the internet high and low, or so it feels, looking for information on taking care of regular old Caucasian (or non-Black) curly hair. It is HARD to find! Most of what I find is either about Black curls and coils (which is very helpful after I adapt it to our hair type through trial and error) or else it’s written in such bad grammar I don’t even know what they’re trying to say!

For example, I found this tonight while searching for “Caucasion curly hair”…..

"Moisturizing: It is necessary in keeping your curly hair in good shape is to moisturize well. When you wash your hair, use a moisturizing shampoo. This can help greatly in keeping the hair hydrated. especillay in Afro -Americans, curly hair, and kids’ curly hair. Following, habit an deeply conditioner that wish restore tainted whisker, and be on an entrust inwards conditioner and titling ointment. The right mix of products that moisturize hair will tame frizzy and/or kinky hair, and it feel sofer.

Shampooing: Among the heaviest faults domicile on frizzly pilus attain costs shampooing as well frequently. This will be especially true for caucasian moms who aren’t used to working with Afro-American kids or those of mixed cackground."

Seriously??! I mean, I think the point is good… I think what it’s trying to say is that you need to keep your hair moisturized and to use less shampoo….I think!! (Which are two very good tips for caring for naturally curly hair.) What do you think they are trying to say!?!

Why isn’t there more information out there for those of us dealing with kids who have curly hair – that isn’t necessarily kinky or coily? Plain old waves and spirals have their learning curve, too! And as a straight haired mom of a curly baby – I had no idea where to even begin looking for information!

I hope that the things I’ve learned in our journey so far will be of help to someone else out there! Here are a few links to get you started…

Basic Tips for Curly Hair

Frizz Control 

Tips for Removing Tangles

Co-Washing, aka Conditioner-Only Washing

And please, if you like this blog, or this post, please follow us (in the sidebar!) or like us on Facebook (sidebar!), or join the new facebook networked blogs (sidebar!) or tweet about us, share a status update on facebook ... Even feel free to copy this article for use on your own blog, etc!  I just ask that you add a link back to anything you copy - Thank you!

I want to help spread the word that curly hair of ANY ethnicity is something to be enjoyed! Not hidden under a flat iron!! Will YOU help?!?

Quick Pull-Through Hairdo for Kids, Teens and Adults!

I think this one is very versatile! As in, it looks adorable on Q, who's 2 years old, but I think it could also work very well on a tween or teen or even an adult! Because it's pure and simple without any over-the-top frills.

At least in my opinion...........

Get up and Go - Funky Messy Ponytails

This style was a goofy, funky, quick and easy hairdo that we came up with spur of the moment one day!

There's not much to say about it so I'll just leave you with some pictures!

Quick and Easy - Get up and Go - Hairstyle

Awhile ago on the Facebook Page we were talking about how sometimes it can seem frustrating that curly hair needs more attention or TIME than straight hair. Someone mentioned that they wished they had a "get up and go" hairstyle that they could do in the mornings. Well, maybe more what they said was that they wished curly hair could just "get up and go" without styling! :D  Of course, you can, but it doesn't always look "the best".

But let's face it, not all straight hair looks The Best when you just get up and go, either! In fact I would venture to say that most all hair could use a little love before it looks Great in the mornings! (With the exception of protective hairstyles and super short styles, I suppose.)

I decided to try to come up with a few super easy hairstyles that could be achieved in super short order to hopefully get close to this "get up and go" desire.

See below to find out what I came up with!....

Quick French Braid Hairstyle

Even on days we don't have much time I like to do something to hold Q's hair out of her eyes - at least an attempt! Here's a simple french braid in the front/side of her head:

Christmas Ribbon Hairstyle with Braids!

If you've seen any of my other Christmas Hairdo posts this year - I'm definitely on a Christmas Ribbon kick! lol!  (In case you missed them, check out Christmas Braids and Ribbons Hairstyle for Kids! ... and Christmas Braids and Ribbons - Braid Out!)

Anyway, this is my last Christmas Hairstyle for Christmas 2010 ... I know, I know! but hey, at least it's not February yet! (and I even got my Christmas cards sent!)

Christmas Braids and Ribbons - Braid Out!!

This is the BEST Braid Out Ever for our hair type!!!! Sideways braids or cornrows = Genius! Why didn't I think of it before?!!

My main complaint with Braid Outs on Q's hair is that it is hard to get the parts to disappear. Wherever there was a braid or part - you can tell. And sometimes they look Super goofy. But with this Braid Out, there were NO parts showing! (Because as you can see in the Original Christmas Braids and Ribbons Hairstyle for Kids all the braids are done sideways.)

Ready for some pictures?!? ...............

Taking a Poll, Please give your opinion!!

I hope everyone had a great vacation/holiday and is recovering well - and getting back into the swing of things once again :)  (Although if you're like my awesome sister and are home from college, you may not have had to cross that bridge yet!)

Anyway, in the interest of new beginnings and a new year and such... I've been thinking of tweaking hte blog! So I was curious if you all had any thoughts or desires or opinions on what I could do to make this site more user-friendly? :) No pressure or anything! lol!

Here's my main burning question:

Do you prefer How-To videos or How-To pictures?

Anything else? Please leave comments! AND vote in the poll in the sidebar!! Thank you so much!

Stay tuned for another Christmas ribbon 'do. :) I had fun with these this year! They would be great hairstyles for birthday parties, etc, too!!

Zig Zag Hair - Day 2

Did you see this Zig-Zag-gy Braided Hair? Well, never fear! All that braiding gives you more than one style! Here's what we did the next day...

Yep, Messy Buns! :D  I actually thought this was an improvement on the original style. What do you think??

(To do this I took out the little ponytails from the day before and added the braid right into a normal messy bun, at the height that I wanted it.)

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!!!!!!

May your new year be blessed! Be safe, create memories and cherish your family and friends!

and THANK YOU so much for all your support of this blog in 2010! You have no idea how much your comments, emails and facebook messages mean to me!

 Have a great 2011!
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