:) Ok, so I know Q doesn't have the "right" hair to do cornrows, but after so much talk about french braiding I've been having lately, and then I saw an incredible heart hairdo on a great blog...Beads, Braids and Beyond ... and I just had to give them a try. Here are the instructions she linked to for learning how to braid cornrows.

I LOVE them! I left them in for 4 days! :)




and then, the second day they were in, that little bit of hair at the back of her head wanted to flop over and cover the cute little I added one last cornrow (with a twist!)


and I added the beads using the instructions from another great hair blog ... Princess Hairstyles ... we didn't lose a bead the whole 4 days! (Including going to playtime at gymnastics!)


  1. How cool! You did a great job!! And she's such a cutie. :)

  2. Thank you! Thanks for coming to see it! I need more practice, but it was so fun!

  3. Mommy Vision - great question! I'm going to do a whole post in answer to you ;)


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