Beautiful Bow Baby Giveaway!

Head on over to my friend's Giveaway Blog and win yourself a $10 gift certificate for BABY HAIR ACCESSORIES!!!!! (perfect timing, huh?!)

Beautiful Bow Baby has some awesome, unique choices - go take a look!

Don't forget, this giveaway is being hosted by Mommy of 1 and Counting! Get over there right away!

Discussion on the Facebook Page!

Anybody feel like chiming in? Facebook Discussion Page!  - I'm curious to know what aspect of our blog you enjoy the most!  

* Does Q's short hair (and subsequent styles) interest you? 
* Or are you learning anything useful about curly hair? 
* What do you hope to see more of around here?? 

:) Just curious! :)

Other Uses for Hair Elastics :D

LOL! I don't often let Q play with the hair stuff anymore, because now that we have more it's so time-consuming to put it away! But the other day we were out of town and busy and needing to look cute :) so we had just finished her hair - I went to help my hubby with his tie and when I turned around again, this is what I saw!.....

 (They were pretty tight, so they came off right away.)

I stretched them out for her and she continued to play with them for almost an hour! lol

Diagonal Bangs Twist

Q and I were playing with Aubrey Organics Conditioner today :) I'll have to let you know how we like it later - once it's been put through the final tests :) (aka ... the carseat and naptime!)

Aubrey Organics - Swimmers Conditioner, 11 fl oz liquid 
(final thoughts forthcoming in a future post! Check back!)

So this hairstyle is just a quick way to keep her bangs out of her eyes...

After detangling and adding the conditioner, I combed her "bangs" and a bit farther back, too, off to the left side of her head. Then taking a diagonal piece of hair, I parted it in half. and started twisting. I wasn't being too careful or particular in my method - I just twisted each strand to the right and then both strands around each other to the left. (That what keep the definition of the twist.) 

What I wasn't particular about was when and how I added hair. I just picked up some from each side, added it to a strand and kept twisting as before!

Then I folded the "tail" of the twist back up and added a clip

YOU could Win Baby Hair Clips! Thanks Maranda!

After my post yesterday about Baby Hair Accessories (and how to spice up those fine baby hair ponytails!) I was so pleasantly surprised to find an email in my inbox from Maranda from Poppy's Boutique!! 

She was writing to say thanks for the shout-out (You're welcome!) and to let us know that she's hosting a GIVEAWAY! Wooo Hoo!!!! What a perfect chance to add to your baby's hair clip collection! (set of 3 clips!!)

Head on over to her FaceBook page and "Like" it (one entry) and then sign up for her newsletter and get an extra entry!

 Thanks for letting us know about your Giveaway, Maranda! :D

Baby Hair Accessories!

In emailing with a friend/reader of the blog (Hi!!) about baby hairstyles and options, I came across some super cute websites that might help us spice up our Baby's selection when it comes to hair accessories!

First we were talking about styles (see my my two previous posts on Baby Hairstyles and Simple Styles) and what it really comes down to is - at some point, you're just out of hair on these little heads!! There are still lots of styles and different options, but often we become stumped. And often it's purely due to a lack of more hair! :)

One thing we can do though (depending on your personal preferences of course!) is to vary the accessories! We can add clips and bows and flowers and hats and headbands... and the list goes on .... !!! (Just be careful not to leave headbands and hats on too long, and to make sure they aren't too tight. Babies don't have the vocabulary to tell us if/when they are uncomfortable or starting to get a headache!)

I highly recommend saving your money on "cheap" poor quality clips. Q and I don't have much available off line around us, so we succumbed and I bought her some cute little clips from Walmart. Some of them broke before they even got to her head! And the rest broke on the first use. I'm sure not all of their stuff is like that, but it didn't give me any reason to waste my money on their baby hair clips again! (The alligator clips didn't break, but they have ribbon all around the clip, so they snag and pull a lot. :( )

So, I decided to see what I could find online! Here's a start:

Disclaimer - I have NOT tried any of these products, I have never spoken to any of the businesses, and I'm not trying to get you to buy anything!! But I also know that finding these things can be hard, so I did a "SwagBucks" search and found all this on the first page! Maybe it will be helpful to someone! Let me know what you think of the products if you end up trying any!

However ... if you DO want to buy something that I have an invested interest in (hehe!), I have set up an amazon store through this blog, so if you were to buy anything from that - Q would get a commission (well, I suppose I would! lol - but then I just give it to her anyway :)  ) It's still pretty new and under construction, so please just know that! Also, if you have any recommendations of other things you'd like to see available through it, let me know!!

(No purchase necessary...!)

What kinds of products, styles and accessories do you like using on your babies hair??

Edited to add these Etsy stores:

Lovely LuLu Hair Bows

Beautiful Bow Baby

Edited to add these sites known for cute accessories:



Curly is Cuter

don't forget Claires, Walmart, Target, and The Children's Place, too. :)

What I Wouldn't Try ... yet...

Q's hair loves to frizz. It loves to get matted. It actually often takes on a life of its own! I used to joke that it really was just begging to be dreaded! :) But I haven't/won't do that to it. Not until it's Q's decision. I LOVE the look of dreadlocks, but I think that's probably a decision best left up to Q. :) 

Go here to see other pictures of DreadHeads! :) (If it comes up right away like it did for me, there's a picture of a CUTE lil 5 year old boy with AWESOME dreads...)

However, I must say it's something I would love to learn more about! 

Anybody here been brave enough to try them on their own head? What were your experiences??

(p.s. Q's been sporting the frizzy pigtails often these days as I'm back to work and we don't have an efficient morning routine worked out yet!)

A New Approach to Hair

I've stalled posting this for the last two days trying to get a picture! Ahh! But, no avail. I haven't been able to catch Q still enough to snap one - or, of course, I don't have the camera at the right moment, or, like now, she's fast asleep :)

But I wanted to share the essence of what we've been doing the last few days. :) We've been on the run a lot lately, and on top of that Q's losing a little interest in sitting still for getting her hair done :) (not too surprising! Maybe I need to invest in some new movies! lol)  But in the meantime, I've been retraining my brain on what "doing her hair" means. In the past I have really only gone for the detangled, smooth, neat curls. 
(That's not to say her hair was always perfect, far from it! But when I did it, it would start out neat. At least until we got in the car. The carseat is my nemesis!) 

Then, after a 12 hour train ride (yikes!) and other factors, I've been learning to embrace the frizz! :D

And more recently, in the last few days, I've been finding that I'm okay with just a nice detangle, and a quick clip or two. (Q still doesn't leave these in very well, so it's kinda of a trade off - she can either let me put ponytails in in the morning, or have me re-clip the clips all day long! lol)  Today was really the one I wanted a picture of. I had twisted two small twists at her forehead, added some hair on the way back, and then banded them together with a tiny elastic. I added a clip, too :) But as the day went on the whole thing has kinda fallen to the side. It's very loose and ... I love it! It's not neat, but more the "messy" style maybe? What I find so cool is that it keeps changing (as, I suppose, it slowly falls out.) and morphing into something new.

Anyway, the point of all this is that I'm learning to enjoy all the different aspects of different hairstyles, the neat ones, the frizzy ones, and the ones that slowly change as the day goes on. And the ones that look nothing like I intended them to when I started out! There is cuteness in many different looks :) even on the same head! Enjoy it all!!

Frizzy Pig Tails!

As you can see I didn't take time to detangle or part her hair today! No time! But I still needed/wanted it to look cute cuz we were going to Grandma's house! The day before I decided to learn to embrace the frizz and tangles. There's no need to run from them Everyday, is there?!!

As it turns out, I loved this 'do! I think the little korker bows accent the frizz nicely :) 

(p.s. I'm back! The computer is fixed and I'm ready to roll! :D )

Excuses, excuses!

I know, you don't wanna hear the excuses... :p ... but I have them!!

I've been absent lately due to Easter, then a family wedding! (yay!!), and now my computer is down!! :( Poor computer. :(  (currently borrowing one to write this)

But I have photos and styles ready and waiting to be posted!! Also a neat curl comparison where Q and I tried out some different "products" for her curls. And I have some AWESOME SITS ladies to get back to! Thanks for stopping by!! You made my day!!!

I'll be back as soon as possible! :) Don't give up on me! :)

Super Quick Toddler Ponytail

Q's hair is almost long enough to put it all in one big ponytail! But not quite....

We were very short on time this morning, so I didn't even detangle her curls.

I gently separated her hair into five sections. One in front, one on each side, and one in the lower back. (the center was left free - but that would be the fifth section.)  Added a tiny little elastic to each section, then pulled them all up toward each other (including the hair in the middle - the 5th section!) Into one big ponytail! :D

You can see I was in much too much of a hurry to bother with straight parts! :)

I added a clip and coaxed the ponytail curls off to the side so they didn't over up the bow on the lip. A style like this (simple, kinda messy, kinda big) should really have a nice big accessory to go with it! Don't you think?? All I had were small ones... I better remedy that ASAP! lol

I want to add that I did detangle the curls in the ponytail - but you wouldn't have to! Especially since the rest is so fluffy and not straight! Let the frizz fly free! :)

Tips for Curly Hair

This is just a short list - and probably very obvious if you've had any expereince with curly hair before... but I hadn't!! When I started I needed to know EVERYTHING. I have very very straight hair and had NO idea what to do with Q's curls! So, for all of you that are in my boat - here's a place to start!

1. Comb hair when wet!
2. Use a wide-tooth comb (not a brush)
3. Avoid any and all shampoos, conditioners, and products with any ingredients that end in -cone. SLS is bad too. (Sodium Laurel Sulfate)    (Visit Naturally for more info on products!)
4. Don't be afraid to space out the washings - water does a great job even without harsh soaps! Especially on young heads. Washing too often and using soap too much can actually cause hair problems and extra oil production.
5. Spritz hair with water to "revive" your curls later in the day, if needed. This can also work for a "second day hairdo" if you have added product the first day and not washed it out yet - you can just spritz and go the second day!

I hope everyone had a Blessed and Fun EASTER!!!!!

Maddy Moo Creations! Review!

I found Maddy Moo Creations on Facebook of all places - what did we do before facebook, anyway?! (just kidding!!)  and I think it's VERY cool!  They make custom handbags - in all sorts of designs and styles and sizes!

I contacted Amy about her business and she sent the CUTEST little bag for Q!!

So I tried to take a picture of her loving on it....

Wait!? Where is it?!?!

Oh! There it is! and there's my nose....

and finally one because mom asked...

Isn't it neat?! And all Maddy Moo Creations Bags are customized to fit the desires of the customer! You make your own bag!  Here's the main website link.

What Amy Says:
We have over 30 bag "models" to choose from (Q received the Erika), so the customer picks a model, then the outside fabric & inside fabric. The pockets are always made with whatever is chosen for the outside material. Then the customer can take things a step further and customize a bag by changing the handle fabric, making the bottom 1/3 of the bag a different fabric, adding some accent pieces like a ribbon belt with a bow, or a buckle and/or adding a bow to the handle.

For cleaning, Maddy Moo recommends scotch guarding your bag and having it dry cleaned. I've had customers get good results using the Dryel sheets for the dryer and I've personally had some dry cleaned and they turn out just great.

The guarantee Maddy Moo offers covers manufacturing defects only. Wear and tear from everyday use are not covered. They will, however, do what they can, if they can, to repair a damaged bag, but there would be a fee for the customer.

Curly Hairdo Ideas thoughts:
The construction of the handbag is excellent. At first I thought it was going to be flimsy or something because it's very light. But it isn't! It's very sturdy (and lightweight!). Q has hauled it all over the place, outside, in the car, to dance class, and it looks almost exactly the same as the day it came in the mail!

Amy is GREAT to work with. Her service is fast, and she is so sweet! I would order from her before even looking for someone in my area! (Although I'm 99% sure there aren't any dealers here.)

The cost of the Maddy Moo bags made me hesitate at first - I'll be honest! But truly I believe it's worth the cost! I mean, for one, they're CUSTOM! and for two, Q uses it for everything. It fits her stuffed animals perfectly for going on short trips in the car, too! and smaller toys, it holds a bunch! I am also so pleased with how well the bag is holding up to a toddler's antics - that alone proves the cost is worth it.

As I've said a million times, the usefulness and diversity of even this one bag is incredible. I can't begin to imagine the multi-tasking abilities of Maddy Moo's other bags! (and adult sizes!)  I'm totally thinking hair storage now! Or a bag to grab as I run out the door on a trip, that just already has all the hair things we'll need pre-packed? and Cute, too?!!

and did I mention they have checkbook covers and burb cloths, too!? Not just bags!

I just have to end this review with a GREAT BIG Thank You to Amy!!
Make sure you check out her Maddy Moo Page!!
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