Sideways Pull-Throughs

I don't really have step by step's for this style, sorry! But it's pretty self-explanatory... 
One pull-through on each side of a middle part
Then a pull-through facing sideways (compared to the first ones) with added hair!

This picture shows me prepping the ponytail for the pull-through - splitting the hair behind the ponytail and then flip the "tail" through the opening!

And there you have it! :) 
Yes, Q's watching "kidsongs" music videos on :)


Woo Hooo!

I'm so excited! I just won my very first giveaway!!

Thank you Cassia!!!!! Make sure to go check out her hair blog - Clips, Combs and Curls  :) This is one of my favorite posts - isn't she just adorable! I'm going to have to give this style a try! Or something similar.... :) Gotta love pull-throughs!

Triple Clip Simple Twist

Here's a quick and easy style that I thought was pretty cute!  I actually thought I had already posted it - but I looked, and I don't think I have!

As you can see, all I did was to comb her hair over to the left, then part it in 3 sections. I twisted the first section (while holding it out to the side of her head) and then pulled it straight back and clipped it.

Then I did the same to the second section of Q's hair.

And then the third! (which I'm in the middle of twisting in the previous picture)

That's it! As you can see, I let the twists lay over the previous clip if they wanted to.

What do you think?? :)

Beads, Braids and Beyond - Curlformers!

Make sure you head on over to Breads, Braids, and Beyond to enter their Curlformers GIVEAWAY!! and if  you want to read up on the curlers beforehand, she has 3 GREAT reviews on using the curlers on both her daughter's hair and her own!  Check it out!!

Shea Butter

Shea Butter is a new experience for me! But I'm learning there are many uses for it. Most commonly it is used as a moisturizer. Whether it works because it's a fat and locks in the moisture so the hair can use it - or whether it is moisturizing in and of itself - I don't know! I've read things from different sources that seem to conflict with each other. But the one thing that still holds true, either way you look at it - Shea Butter can help moisturize your hair! Keeping it soft, supple and shiny, too!

Raw Unrefined Shea Butter Grade A From Ghana 2.3 Lbs 15% MORE

Here are a few links to browse :)

Hair Boutique  (a thread in their forum about recipes to make yourself - all for your hair! Some include Shea Butter as an ingredient, and some don't.)

a GREAT clip from this website helps me understand the stuff a lot more!...

What is African Shea Butter?
Shea Butter is a fat derived from the fruit of the karite tree in Africa. Reviewing the Cosmetics Database, as it stands now, shea butter has a toxicity rating of 0 and its scientific name is BUTYROSPERMUM PARKII. Hopefully, more research can be done on this product so more benefits can be found for its use.

The website is called Natural Hair Grows.

 And here's a post about Hair Butter Recipes! Taken from The Blacker the Berry..... 

Easy Toddler Twist Hairdo

This one was so quick and easy I just had to post it! 
(Sorry no step by step pics, but I think you can manage without!)

We bought some Shea Butter last night and so today was mostly about playing with that and seeing how it affects Q's hair - but we still needed a style, too! I figure Q likes being able to see and not have her hair in her face all day :) So this is what we did! I just parted it in four sections and rolled them each towards the back of her head. Two going to the left and two going to the right. Then I clipped them! TaDa!

Stay tuned for a post about my adventures in using the Shea Butter and Coconut Oil in Q's hair!!

Raw Unrefined Shea Butter Grade A From Ghana 2.3 Lbs 15% MORE  Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 54-Ounce Jar

Another Giveaway shout-out!

Make sure you go over to Clips, Combs, and Curls and enter her first GIVEAWAY!! woo wooo!

Toddler "Y" Braids

Because they're always asking "WHY??" Here's a Y braid just for toddlers :)

I started with a zig zag part down the center of her head, small zig zags this time - for variety.

Then I took up a section of hair parallel with the zigs and split that in half.

At this point I have a temp clip in one section and I'm going to start braiding the other section of hair.

After braiding down about halfway, maybe a bit longer, I held it with a temporary clip. Notice how I only clipped two of the strands of the braid? and left the third strand out? I did that on purpose! :) Then I did the same with the other section of hair. (Braided it just over halfway down.)

Next I removed the temporary clip and laid both braids over the top of each other! I tried to make the strands sort of line up and then I continued braiding! As though I still only have 3 strands. (Well, which I did only have 3 strands of hair because I had joined the two braids into one.)

I braided down to the ends and then added some beads!

Top View!

Other side...

(You can see the purple elastic I used because her hair was thick enough that the beads couldn't fall back down over the hair and elastic! But I thought it was still cute. More color...)

Wooo! Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

 I hope everyone had a great green holiday!! I see lots of my favorite hair bloggers have been goin' crazy! Check them all out - you'll be glad you did! (See the links in the middle sidebar partway down on the right....)

ESPECIALLY make sure that you get over to Do's To Choose before the 20th and enter her first GIVEAWAY! I had sooooo much fun with mine, let's share the love! You can have up to 4 chances to win and if you do - you'll win 6 beautiful flower hair accessories! They are just adorable! Now get on over there and enter! :) (Let her know I sent you, too *wink, wink*  --ya know, if ya want...)

Come back tomorrow and see a new 'do!

Yikes! Photobucket!

Sorry about the massive Photobucket problem concerning pictures! I'm so sorry!

sigh. I think it will fix itself on the 20th - can we bear it for 4 days?? oof. I don't even know what bandwidth is! and I did try googling it - didn't clear up matters much.  But it sounds like if I want it fixed before the 20th, I have to pay to upgrade my photobucket account. Unfortunately I can't really afford to do that right now! sorry for the inconvenience!

Not havin' it! looks like we might not get the other St. Patty's Day style done in time! :( I started it yesterday, and had to stop because Q was done sitting still. So I decided to let her sleep in it and see how it fared...not bad!  This morning I added two more braids and was about to finish it off with some rainbow ribbon :D and she was just NOT gonna have it!! I've (ever so politely) asked her twice more today if I can play with her hair while I bribe her with things she likes - but it's a no go!

So instead I'll leave you with the hope that maybe she'll let me at her head again later....(who really knows?) and also with these two links! I have never really known anything about St. Patrick's Day, other than wear GREEN! (or get pinched!)  I found these very interesting :)

St. Patrick's Day links:

The History of St. Patrick's Day (Traditions and Symbols)

Annie's St. Patrick's Day Symbols Page

St. Patrick's Day Hairdo!

It's a rainbow! (well, it's supposed to be)
Q has a pretty noticeable "widow's peak" and it's perfect for this style! lol

I parted her hair in an arc to be the curve of the rainbow,

 then rolled the hair from one end to the other. 
Add a red clip!


and did it again, and again, and again!


 and then an orange, and a yellow, and a green clip, and ... it looks blue, but I actually didn't have a blue! :( But I used darker green instead. 

If I had some gold glitter spray, I'd have put that at the end of the rainbow :) 

I have a couple more St. Patty's Day ideas - so check back and see if I get them posted in the next couple days! (I have to see if I can find the "supplies" first. LOL)

Simple, Quick, Toddler Bun

So easy! So simple! I'm in love :)

All we did to make this one was to comb her hair back into what would hve been a ponytail - and then I gently twisted Q's hair and laid it down in this swirl pattern. Winding it around itself! I didn't even put an elastic in first! (which might have been a good idea for extra security - tho we didn't end up needing it.)

When I was twisted and wrapped the way I wanted it, I stuck 3 bobby pins in it, and tried to get them to overlap so they'd help hold themselves on.

That's it!    I couldn't stop taking pictures of this one! As her hair dried, the bun took on different looks. It was soo cool!! I'll try to limit the number of pics I add, tho, and spare you millions of pictures that probably all look alike! lol

I wanted a "soft" look, not pulled tight and flat - so that's why I tried leaving the bounce of hair up front.

(with a tiny flower on a bobby pin to the side of the bun - a nice bit of color, I thought.)

We Have a Winner!

I want to send out a GREAT BIG thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway!! I absolutely LOVED reading all the comments (each one made me smile!) and Thanks for the birthday wishes, too! It was so fun to be able to add this giveaway to my birthday celebration! :D Thanks for joining in it!

Congratulations to Kat! helped me pick...and they said #8! The #8 post is....
Kat said... 
Im a follower :) 
March 9, 2010 12:28 PM     

make sure you head over to her blog and check it out! 

CONGRATS, KAT!   Please email me asap and we'll talk details!

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What a day! - The French Knot Headband

I'm just exhausted! Guess I shouldn't have stayed up so late last night :) lol

Nah, it was worth it!

For today I wanted something somewhat quick and easy. I decided on a headband theme. And since I have French Knots on the brain, here's what happened! (sorry there's no step by step pics, but you can find the French Knot instructions here. Then just turn it sideways and braid from ear to ear!)

(This one's blurry, but you can see that I didn't do the loop ending this time - I swirled the hair around and made a sort of bun-thing. I stuck a small bobby pin thru it to hold it in place. After I had tied the braid off with an elastic.)


French? Knots?

LOL - ok, so these probably aren't "French" but the method reminds me of French Braids, so, hence the name :)

I actually had to point out to my hubby that these weren't french braids! I guess they are similar in effect, until you look closer. All I did was to knot her hair a whole bunch of times! and keep adding new hair to each new knot. Here's some step-by-step pictures:

First, I sprayed Q's hair with water and gently combed her curls out (starting at the ends and working toward the roots) with a wide tooth comb.

Then I parted it sideways down the middle(ish) and took up a section of hair where I wanted to start the "braid".
(Notice our terrible plastic pick is still in her hair, keeping my part clear and defined for me!)

Then I parted the section I'm holding in two pieces and made a knot! Like I was starting to tie my shoe.

I made that nice and tight. Next (while holding the tails of the knot I just made) I picked up two more pieces of hair, one directly under each "tail" of my knot. As you can see I'm not worried about making straight parts under here! You'll never know the difference! (oops, you can also see I use my palm as a notepad!)

Now, at this point I still am only working with TWO pieces of hair! Each new strand joined with a "tail" from the previous knot.

Then I made another knot!!

I continued that all the way across her head! Pick up new hair, add it to the tails, make a knot! and repeat!

Which produces this....
I didn't pull the end through the elastic on the last time through - I thought it fit nicely just leaving it like this. You could really do whatever you want with the ends, tho. Keep knotting, make a bun, let it hang loose, swoop it back, etc.

Of course, that wasn't enough, so I did one farther back on her head too! Only I made this one go the other direction. :)

Another view:

What do you think of this style of braid? Is it hard to accomplish? Easier than french braids? Interchangeable? Too "bumpy" looking? The best thing since sliced bread?

I found it easier to do that french braiding, just because I was only working with two strands of hair at a time instead of three. I'd love to hear your opinions!
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