Frizzy Pig Tails!

As you can see I didn't take time to detangle or part her hair today! No time! But I still needed/wanted it to look cute cuz we were going to Grandma's house! The day before I decided to learn to embrace the frizz and tangles. There's no need to run from them Everyday, is there?!!

As it turns out, I loved this 'do! I think the little korker bows accent the frizz nicely :) 

(p.s. I'm back! The computer is fixed and I'm ready to roll! :D )


  1. Welcome back! And yes, I think the poofiness in her hair is adorable! :D

  2. Thanks! I'm just learning to embrace it. Previously I've been so in love with the curls and frustrated with the frizz that I didn't even think to try to love the frizz as well!

    I'm still working on ways to keep the frizz at bay when I want her curls to have the upperhand, but I'm learning to love the frizzies, too :)


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