Two Small Braids and One Giant Hairbow

Cute or Corny? I guess it depends on your taste and how you dress it up!
(update: I was so ahead of the trends! Disney's Jo-Jo has made enormous bows all the rage these days. The current fad makes this one look tiny! LOL)

I half-french braided up each side of her cute little toddler head :) but I didn't get any good pictures, sorry! You really could do any kind of braid here that you like. I was trying to just add in hair from the front so that the braid drifted back toward the part... it kinda worked! But it could have been neater... oh well.

Anyway, braid up both sides, then regular braid for a bit and finish off with an elasticCurly Hairdo Ideas french braid on each braid.

THEN! Here's the hidden trick for this hairdo... Because I knew I would be adding a big heavy bow, I sectioned off a bit of hair behind my braids. Then I secured the two braids plus my extra "anchor" hair into a ponytail.

And added the giant hairbow! :D

I like it. It's WAY bigger than my normal taste, but that bow is just so cute!

If you so desire you could angle the whole thing back a bit so that the bow isn't perched right on the top of the head. Totally personal preference on that one!

If you've been missing the hairstyles lately - that's because I've been so busy sharing videos and talking about hair vs. culture ... !!  To catch up, read on:

Sesame Street's "I Love My Hair" video
a 2 year old's response to "I Love My Hair"


  1. She couldn't possibly look corny. Nope, not possible.

    I'm always impressed that your little one let's you create all these hairstyles on her. Mine barely lets me comb her hair.

  2. Thanks! Yeah, it's been something we kinda "practice" persay. I'm glad she likes it too, now, we have fun!


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