Messy, Beautiful, and Quick Hairdo for Kids, Teens and up!

I love this style for its versatility. You can dress it up or down, rough it up or make it picture perfect - Totally up to you!


1. Start with a poof in the bangs. I like to twist the hair gently before I bobby pin it. This makes a poof without having to backcomb or anything damaging.
2. Cross your bobby pins in an X so that they lock together and stay put!

side view!

3. Parted haphazardly from ear to previously placed bobby pins, separate that section into two parts...

4. Twist the two sections around each other!
5. Pin the tails right on top of your first pins, so that the twist's tail ends up on top of the head.
6. Do the same on the other side!

From the front :)

Closer up view of that beautifully messy twist.

Finish with a bow or clip on top if you feel like it, otherwise just enjoy that BIG hair!

Done! Ahh, I love big hair days! :D  I did this style in Q's short curly hair on a day that we didn't detangle first. Talk about a fast hairstyle! I felt that the poof in front and the big poofy ringlets in back complimented each other quite well. :)


I actually took these pictures quite awhile ago, but hadn't posted the style yet. In the meantime Princess Hairstyles did a post very similar! (Which, as it turns out, she had also done previously and just not posted yet!)  Dare I say "Great minds think alike?" Nah, that's too presumptuous! Make sure you head over there and take a look! (She's an amazing hair blogger!)

Also, a month or so ago, I sent our neater, prettier version of this style over to Pretty Hair is Fun to Do - and it's going to be the "Creative Genious" Style for November! Wooo! Thanks, Shaunell! :D


In other news - what do you think of the new blog background colors?? Silly? Hard to read? Better? Be honest!! I value your opinions :)  


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