:) Ok, so I know Q doesn't have the "right" hair to do cornrows, but after so much talk about french braiding I've been having lately, and then I saw an incredible heart hairdo on a great blog...Beads, Braids and Beyond ... and I just had to give them a try. Here are the instructions she linked to for learning how to braid cornrows.

I LOVE them! I left them in for 4 days! :)




and then, the second day they were in, that little bit of hair at the back of her head wanted to flop over and cover the cute little I added one last cornrow (with a twist!)


and I added the beads using the instructions from another great hair blog ... Princess Hairstyles ... we didn't lose a bead the whole 4 days! (Including going to playtime at gymnastics!)

Woven Piggies X's 3

We've been a little MIA lately! (missing in action...) :)  But I have a couple we've done to show you! :D This is really just this 'do with one more "set", if you will.   Woven Piggies Times Three!


(You can see that I kinda twisted the last ones as I added them in, just trying to keep the fly-aways at bay :) )

I Just Couldn't Be More Proud!!

Look at what my amazing, creative, super sweet hubby did today!! ALL by himself! :D

 These pictures just don't do it justice, but he did a twist braid on each side of her head and finished it off with a bead! :D  He said he slid the bead on and then added an elastic, which tied off the braid as well as held the bead on.

He said he thought it would keep it out of her eyes without using a clip. :) (He put two clips in her hair yesterday! They looked so cute. :)  )

I'm soooooo proud of him! :D :D

French Twists into a Crown

I started with a zig zag part

Then just sort of twisted the hair in a curve - trying to make a half circle...and then I did the same on the other side to make another half circle - which would make a full circle - which makes the "crown" :)

Sorry, not very well explained, and the pictures aren't very good, either :S 

I actually didn't think this one would go over very well, but Q got TONS of compliments on it when we went to the store! :D I guess we'll have to try it again some day! It was really quick and easy, too, which is always nice :)

Messy - But Cute

I don't know what to call this one...

First I seperated Q's hair into three sections...

Then I went back and from each of the sections, I took out a bit in the middle - and flopped it forward to use later.

Then I laid the rest of the section of hair back down, just like before...

Next I twisted Q's hair in each section, adding hair as I went, but leaving the forward section out for later.

There really wasn't much of a method to my twisting :) It wasn't supposed to look smooth and perfect, just kinda wild and freeform :) When I had twisted all the hair into it - I finished it with an elastic.

Then I did the same to each of the three original sections...

This picture shows the three left out bits from each section :)

Then I twisted the three pieces that were left into another twist - but going the other direction! I added some hair in the back to anchor the twist too, as well as keep that extra hair from falling forward as the day went on :)

Finally I added some claw clips to sort of finish it off :)

X - Twists

I love this one! I think it's one of my favorites so far! :D

After thoroughly wetting and gently combing out Q's curls with a wide toothed comb, I sectioned the hair on top of her head into four sections.

Then, starting in the section of hair that isn't in a temporary clip (right front in this case) I divided the hair into two parts and twisted them both to the right, individually. then I twisted the two twists together to the left! (Basically did a "twist braid") I angled it diagonally to the left, toward the section of hair "kitty-corner" across from where I started...

Then I attempted to do a "french twist" by adding in the hair from the new section to the twist I had already started.

I added it in little sections, alternating which strand I added to as I went. No real rhyme or reason, just kinda made it up as I went along. :) and I ended up with this ...

This is what it looks like from the left side :)

Then I attempted to do the same thing with the two sections I had left!

Which brought us to here...

I thought about just leaving it like this, but the last bit had gotten loose (when I dropped it!) so I wasn't sure how long it would stay. Plus it just seemed a little unfinished to me.... so we brought the ends together with a clip!

And that was it! :D What do you think??

Triple Flip

Just a quick post today, no "how-to" pictures, sorry!

This is a series of 3 pull-throughs (or topsy tails!) I just started by gathering some hair near her forehead, then add a loose elastic, and flip it in on itself! If you need to tighten the elastic after you've done that - go ahead, I did a little bit. Turning is easier when the elastic is loose. (and the hair is wet!)

Then gather some hair behind the first one, including the "tail" from the first flip. and do the same thing again!

And one more time, and that's that!

Single Clip

Here's where we started today :)

I had a great new fun idea for today!!!... but Q didn't want to sit for it :( and it would have taken we'll just have to do it another day!

Instead, we did this...

I just took up a section of hair in the front of her head (bangs area) twisted it all in a big loose bunch - and clipped it!

This is a great way to keep bangs that you're trying to grow out - out of the eyes when they're at that "awkward stage".

I thought it ended up really cute and it was soooo fast! (Worked really well to keep her hair out of her eyes all day and as a solution to already having spent time on her hair and having to start alllll over from the beginning - at that point you need something fast!)

Even taking pictures of it was hard today - staying still was apparently NOT on the agenda! :)


I hope you all had a great weekend!! We sure did! Q even skied for the first time! :) SOOO Fun! and she got so many compliments on her hair :) THANK YOU to all my inspirations! - Rebekah, Heather, Candace, and all my favorite hairbloggers, too! :D

French Braid Headband

I first saw this style on Jennifer Aniston! Needless to say it looks much different on a baby. :) It goes to show that a lot of these styles can be worn on adults, I guess! No need to "outgrow" them as we get older! :)

This is just a normal French Braid, but it's sideways instead of straight back. So I stand by her shoulder and I've turned the camera and taken the pictures sideways... so that it's straight in orientation to the braider. :) (The same as I'm standing in relation to Q.)

Start with a piece of hair wherever you want the braid to start. Then divide it into three sections. Start braiding as normal!

Then you start the French Braid by taking up extra hair from the sides and adding to the "edge piece" as you cross it over to the center. Then add from the other side as you cross that "edge piece" over to the center, then back to the first side, and so on and so forth!

In this next picture, the hair between the first and middle fingers is the "new" extra hair that I just picked up. It's going to be joined with the hair that I've just crossed... and you can see a strand laying on Q's head... that is my new edge piece (for next time).

Then just make a French Braid across the head!

If you go from ear to ear, it's like a hair-headband...
When you are done adding hair, just finish off by braiding the rest in a normal braid.

Then you end up with this!

At which point you can be done :) Or you can tuck up the end underneath the braid, or you can pull it back and add a cute little clip!



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