What are your little ones going to be for Halloween??

Just curious! 

Is your whole family dressing up? 
What are your kiddos going to be this year??

Share your awesome ideas in the comments! 

(and if you need spooky hair ideas, make sure you check out this hair blog -- Princess Piggies! She's been doing all kinds of crazy awesome Halloween Hair lately!)


Misty said...

I generally coordinate our costumes. But this year I am going as Rainbow Brite and I couldn't find anything for my toddler to be. So she is going as Snow White. She has really curly hair, but not enough to really do much with, so we'll just add in a red headband! lol

Aimee said...

My 6 month old is going as a lobster. We just need a stock pot for her to sit in! :)

Curly Hairdo Ideas said...

Ohhhh! Both of those are TOO cute! :D I love the lobster in a pot! and I used to be infatuated with Rainbow Brite and her horse!

Q, my hubby, me, my hubby's twin brother, his wife, and their 14mo old daughter are all going to be characters from The Flintstones :)

Sarah MP said...

Miss O is a bumble bee, Mr. K is a monkey and Mr. O is a chicken.

Me and the hubby are going to be hard "fist pumping" New Jersey-ians, Snookie and Mike "The Situation". Going all out this year!!

Olivia said...

That is just gorgeous! We don't do halloween (nobody does over here, so it is pointless!) but looking at those pictures makes me want to!

Common Goddess said...

Sigh. I would rather wrestle an alligator than attempt to put a costume on my toddler. It's a shame, really, because I do so love Halloween. Here's hoping she outgrows this!

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