I Love to Swim

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Summer and swimming go hand in hand, don't they? We haven't had as much time in the pool as Q would like, I'm sure, but we do what we can to make it happen! Especially after I started adding conditioner or aloe vera juice to her hair before she gets in the water - it makes all the difference later!

As Q was learning from her new book - "I've had my swim, my day is made!"  It's been her mantra every now and then this summer!

 (Don't mind the poor video quality! Or the goofy unfinished braid out Q is sporting!)

Not only is it important to take good care of her curly hair when she's in the water, but I also try to make water experiences good ones for her. From the time she was little I've wanted to make water a good, fun, safe place to be. So far, so good! and this book is a huge help toward that goal!

The author, Rita Goldberg, was a national swimmer in Britain! She takes the reader through the developmental stages of swimming and lessons and how to stay safe while around water. In an easy, fun, memorable way! and the drawings are adaptations of real children's drawings! How cool is that?!

If you would like to get your little swimmer's hands on a copy of one of these new books, check out the website at http://www.ilovetoswimthebook.com/

Q received this book in exchange for us to review it honestly and openly on this blog. I truly enjoyed the book and the pictures were creative. I think the story really helped Q become acquainted with the progression of growing up and becoming a more independent person, with regards to swimming...and in general!  It made her ask some interesting questions, which we then got to discuss! Awesome!

Our Summer Hairstyles

Hair Carnival Time!! I don't know if you've heard, but there are just short of a million awesome hair blogs out there in the world wide web. and we are now coming together like never before! Each month (or so) we are going to do a Hair Carnival where we link together, for your enjoyment, a bunch of related posts about hair! Isn't that exciting?!

So this month's theme was "Summer Hair Care" - in light of that, here are our summer styles so far! Enjoy!

Simple, quick and easy.
Braid Out.

Free Flowing CURLS!

Hats and braids

Box Braids and Cornrows

Two Low Pigtail Braids

Between leaving the Box Braid hairstyles in for 8-10 days, and a month of braiding varieties with the BBB Protective Styling Challenge, that's been about it! I have been enjoying the ease and simplicity of our styles this summer for sure.

Also, one more thing I've learned this summer about summer hairstyles and summer hair care is that before getting in the pool or the lake, or the OCEAN! (yes we were at the ocean!! But it was really really cold and Q didn't go in) I've found it really helpful to put either conditioner, or aloe vera juice, in Q's hair prior to getting wet. That way her hair soaks up some good moisture and healthy stuff rather than chlorine and salt and whoknowswhatelse. When she gets out I rinse it and we're good to go!

I hope you've been enjoying your summer hairstyles, too! Feel free to send me a picture or leave a comment! I love hearing from you! oh, and don't forget to "LIKE" this post...!

It's Q's Birthday! (How to Keep a Headband in Place)

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Happy Birthday to my sweet little 3 year old!!! I can't believe she's 3 already!!! Here is her birthday hairstyle complete with a birthday crown!

(gotta love the tv face)

I forgot to take step by step pictures, so let me try to explain how to keep a headband in place all day :) Or at least how I did it today. I got this method from Babes in Hairland! (Thank you!)

First I sectioned off two pieces of hair in order to keep this headband in place, one in the "bangs" section of her hair, plus down toward her ear a bit - on the left, and another on the right. Then I did pull throughs on those (because Babes did!) - however in hindsight with a headband this fluffy I really didn't need the pull throughs since the fluff just covered it up.

THEN, I put on her headband (after bending the hair hooks back so they wouldn't push into her head all day) and brought the tail of the first pony over the headband. Then I attached that ponytail to a new ponytail as shown below!

That's How to get a headband to stay in place all day! For added flair I brought the two hanging "tails" up and bobby pinned a couple flowers in her curls to add some interest to the area behind the birthday crown.

Happy Birthday Q!!!

Simple Braid Out Varieties

Blogger is working again! (for now anyway!) and I can post again! I'm so excited!!!

Anyway, here's just a quick little braid out post for those times when you can plan ahead, but don't want much prep the next day.

I braided Q's hair into two low ponytails while her hair was damp the night before - then in the morning I unbraided them and added a pull - through ponytail with a flower clip! (I secured the flower clip with an elastic as shown in this video)

For Miss E, I braided some little star pattern cornrows in the evening on damp hair, and then put the rest of her hair in a french braid to sleep in.

Then in the morning I took out the french braid and added some cute clips that matched her outfit of the day.

Isn't it cool how braid out waves can work on any kind of hair?  Straight, curly, and anything in between!

Friday Feature ~ An Oldie, but Goodie!

Happy Friday!! I thought I'd share an old favorite as the feature today. It's one that I shared here on the blog a couple years ago, right after this blog got started! But it's still one of my favorite, it's so pretty! I hope you enjoy it, too.


I love this one! I think it's one of my favorites so far! 

After thoroughly wetting and gently combing out Q's curls with a wide toothed comb, I sectioned the hair on top of her head into four sections.

Then, starting in the section of hair that isn't in a temporary clip (right front in this case) I divided the hair into two parts and twisted them both to the right, individually. then I twisted the two twists together to the left! (Basically did a "twist braid") I angled it diagonally to the left, toward the section of hair "kitty-corner" across from where I started...

Then I attempted to do a "french twist" by adding in the hair from the new section to the twist I had already started.

I added it in little sections, alternating which strand I added to as I went. No real rhyme or reason, just kinda made it up as I went along. :) and I ended up with this ...

This is what it looks like from the left side :)

Then I attempted to do the same thing with the two sections I had left!

Which brought us to here...

I thought about just leaving it like this, but the last bit had gotten loose (when I dropped it!) so I wasn't sure how long it would stay. Plus it just seemed a little unfinished to me.... so we brought the ends together with a clip!

And that was it! :D What do you think??


I hope your summer is fabulous so far! Keep coming back to visit us, I have lots more in store before the season is over!
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