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Braid Out Waves - Styled!

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Did you see our last style where I copied Piggy Back Halo from Intermittent Babbling?  I did it with Box Braids! 

But then I thought some variety would be nice, so here's the same toddler hairstyle but with twists and braid out waves!

Technically this picture was just in the "getting ready" stages.... I think these braid out waves are the the best we've ever had from box braids (and no cornrows)

Braid Out Waves

Pretty big braid out waves if you ask me!

And here's the Halo toddler hairstyle, complete with BRAID OUT WAVES!!!

Braid Out Waves

In keeping with the copy cat style I put her braid out waves in a ponytail and made a big poofy bun out of the ends. (not too tight, we want the waves visible!)

and I would have added beads on the end of that twist (I thought that was SO cute on the original style!) But we didn't have any with us and weren't at home.

Braid Out Waves

Then she wanted the bun out.....

Braid Out Waves

Then she wanted the ponytail out.....

Braid Out Waves

Can you tell she's 3 years old now? So opinionated!  But it's ok, I think braid out waves are cute no matter how they're styled!

Braid Out Waves

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Hair Carnival! Cute Toddler Hairstyles

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Toddler Hairstyle

This post was especially fun for me! Not only do I enjoy creating toddler hairstyles on my own daughter, this month's hair carnival gave me an excuse to copy and adapt a toddler hairstyle from my friends over at Intermittent Babbling: Hair Care and My Thoughts About It!

We chose the Piggy Back Halo toddler hairstyle.... but when I first wanted to do it.... Q was wearing box braids!

But I have no patience when it comes to wanting to style hair. So we just went with it.

Toddler Hairstyle

As you can see in the picture above, I took a few braids and tied them together with a little hair tie. Then I added a braid that was lower and used another hair tie to band that.

I continued with this process gathering new braids into the "halo" as I went. I've done this same sort of "piggy back braid" or "step ponies" in previous posts here on Curly Hairdo Ideas! Only this time the hair was already braided.  (If you are unsure of how to do step ponies - check out this Step Ponies Tutorial post)

Toddler Hairstyle

When I got around to the right side of her head (almost to the beginning) I added one more braid from the top of her head. Then I put ALL her braids in a ponytail of braids.

Toddler Hairstyle

Then, to make the quintessential toddler hairstyle, of course, you must add a bow or flower or korker or SOME kind of hair bling, right?!

I also used 3 mini claw clips to make a sort of "bun" out of the tails of the ponytail. It's hard to se in these pictures, tho, Sorry!!

Toddler Hairstyle

In the following picture can you see how the braids loop up in the ponytail?  That's because they're being held that way by the mini claw clips.

Toddler Hairstyle

OOH! There! Now you can see the mini claw clips! And a better "back-side" view of this toddler hairstyle!

Toddler Hairstyle

Thanks for joining us in our September Copy Cat Hairstyle Hair Carnival!

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Intermittent Babbling - Go SEE!

It's Hair Carnival time again!!! and some of them have a jump start on me.... Go check out Intermittent Babbling's newest post!

She's SOOOOO cute!

K, I have work to do - check back tomorrow..... for the Curly Hairdo Ideas version of the September Hair Carnival!

Toddler Hairstyle for Dance Class!

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It was Q's first day of Dance Class for the year! I was so excited and giddy you'd have thought it was ME taking classes!

Anyway, I wanted to show off how cute she looked and what we did with her toddler curly hair on the first day of dance class. Toddler hairstyles can be hard to come up with regularly, add into the mix that you want her to look extra special and toddler hair styles can be a REAL challenge!

So I took it easy.

Q's in a Photo Contest!

I entered Q in a photo contest! Just for fun....  Which would YOU choose?

I did her hair the night before we took the pictures - small inside out french braids on the top and a braid out for the rest. (she slept with 3 braids in the back which I took out in the morning) I made two messy buns on top of her head to hold the fireworks hair bows!

If you weren't sure.... yes. The contest has a Patriotic theme!  So, which would you pick if you were the judge?!

Boar Bristle Brush results

We recently did a pre-poo oil hair conditioning treatment (if you wanna call it a "treatment"!) on Q's hair and now it's so so soft!

Every once in awhile when her hair is dry I like to use our natural boar bristle brush. The natural bristles help distribute the hairs natural oils. This is especially helpful with curly hair because curly hair is typically more dry than straight - one theory on that is that gravity can't help spread out the oils as much! That the curves and kinks stop it from reaching the ends of the hair.

Doesn't it make her hair look so straight?! and no heat used to get it this straight. Her hair really straightens with braid outs sometimes - then when I added the boar bristle brush to the mix.... if you saw her on the street today you probably wouldn't think "I bet that girl has curly hair"!!

I spritzed it with water and almond oil in the picture below - just a bit, because I wanted SOME curl to show back up!

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Not Hair - But TOTALLY inspiring!!

Oh WOW!! 

So as you may or may not know, I'm *this* close to being a certified DONA International Doula!! Well it's been a very addicting career change and I'm constantly looking up information and inspiration for my clients - my friend/business partner and I have a new blog and facebook page totally devoted to educational articles and photos, etc.

WELL..... I just got done watching this video and it's AMAZING! WAAAAY too good to not share with everyone I know! So, here you go!!

Please share it with anyone who'd be willing to watch - especially those expecting multiples!

Pre-Poo Hair Conditioner

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I just love Q's hair like this! Big, curly and poofy curls!

Unfortunately it's not so good for her hair after a few days....

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