Valentine Daddy 'Do!

My sweet, sweet husband let me sleep in this morning - and ended up doing Q's hair today, too! Doesn't it look adorable?! He's so clever :D


I didn't see it done, but it looks like he parted it into four sections, then braided each one and added beads! He adds beads by slipping the bead on and then putting an elastic underneath it to hold it on. He did that for each bead :) 

Here's the other side!

(little blurry - sorry! She was moving a lot! :) )

and this is her "silly" face - she's not actually grumpy - I promise!

and one last one for good measure :)



  1. Thanks for stopping by our blog. We have a curly-haired beauty too. I'll have to try that flaxseed gel. We've been using all kinds of store-bought curl boosters to fight the winter dryness.

  2. of course! Your blog is interesting - I'll definitely be back :) and your little princess is adorable!


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