Messy Knots


They're not actually "knots" - I just start to make a ponytail, but then twist the elastic over again before the first hair is pulled through all the way. Basically a "messy bun" but on such little hair it doesn't look as full.
The one in front also has a braid involved :) I was trying something new and it didn't go as planned - so we ended up with this! I quite liked it tho. :) Sometimes the best things come when you really weren't expecting them! (Not that this is my best style...I hope not anyway! But I do like it. It's very different from how I usually do Q's hair.) The braid wouldn't be necessary if you were intending to do messy knots from the beginning! :) lol

Here's a couple more pictures :) The last one's my personal favorite!


(This one was taken before the last knot had been added. Later in the day there was one more on her right side - our left as we look in the picture - and I think that really balanced it out nicely once that one was added.)


  1. I tried doing one of these hairdos (not this one exactly) on my little boy (he's got long hair till he'll be 3 years old- for religious reasons)... and i couldn't get him to keep his head in one place long enough. Twists, braids, whatever- I couldn't do anything that required precision. I ended up making him a whole bunch of layered ponies... but how do you get your daughter to stay still????
    (I followed you, and I'm Penniless on DiaperSwappers)

  2. Hi!! Thanks for following me! :D Here's my answer to your question...


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