Valentine Hearts!

Two Valentine Hearts!

I found this hair style on Princess Hairstyles blog yesterday - and I LOVE it! Here are the instructions. I changed it a bit by only doing two hearts instead of three - and I left our some hair in front for "bangs".
Also, some things I found that might help if you're working with quite short hair, like I was:
* Put your first ponytails in AT the bottom of the section of hair, not "near" the bottom. I put the first one up too high and was running out of hair at the bottom of the heart.
*I just anchored Q's heart on some hair at the point of the heart, instead of taking up a lot of hair - because if I had, the tail of the heart wouldn't have reached the anchor!
* Make sure to anchor nice and tight. One of ours came out already! (easy fix tho)
* and lastly, I probably should have used some hair gel to help hold it together.



  1. Oh, how cute. (Your daughter and the hair!) Yay, I'm glad you shared this link with me. I love finding new blogs. Shoot me an email if you want to and I can add you to my links. :)

  2. Thanks! Well you are a fabulous inspiration! That would be incredible if you don't mind adding me :) I'll email you right now! lol

    Oh, and later in the day (after nap) I needed to redo Q's hair again, so I took the advice from one of the comments on your blog, and didn't anchor it at all...and it worked quite well! Because Q's hair is curly, it kinda wanted to flip up on the bottom, but not bad. and it gave the hearts a rounder shape which was pretty cute!


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