Triple Braid Side Pony

Oh boy! What are my "names" coming to?! Anyway, here's a new one!


Don't mind the backgrounds today! Yikes! lol
Anyway, for this one I carefully detangled Q's hair with a wide toothed comb after wetting it thoroughly (like usual!) Then I brought all the top hair (the stuff that still likes to fall forward) to the side. I noticed I had been taking it all to the right side of her head lately - so today I changed it up and combed it to the left :)


Then I made a part along the side and divided that into two section. One section of hair I put in a temporary clip, the other I braided.

After I braided that one, I removed the clip and braided that section. Then I decided to do one more in her "bangs" area - up by her forehead (gotta keep it out of her eyes!) So I ended up with this...

Then flipping the braids out of the way, I brushed (combed) all the other hair into a side ponytail. Once that was smooth, I laid the braids over the top and tied it all off with the same elastic :)


She was wiggly today! Sorry for the poor quality pictures!
Anyway, that's it! I could have taken the elastics out at the end of each braid, but I didn't. I did make sure that the elastic that held the ponytail was closer to Q's head than the other elastics, tho, otherwise the braids would have slipped out. This style lasted well all day for us!

And of course we love the curls!

and one more just because :)
 (Notice her Baltic Amber Teething Necklace? I LOVE these things! I don't know how anyone survives without them!)


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