A Ponytail, with A Little Extra

Well this deviates from the usual! lol  I am getting sooooo tired of my hair. Seriously. It's boring. I have long hair, almost to my waist, and I love it, I really do. But it's boring. Especially right now - it's so dry here (gotta love winter!) that it gets static-y about 5 minutes after I brush it. So I usually end up wearing it in a ponytail, or putting it up in a messy bun. But those get BORING after awhile! So.....after looking at all these little girl's hairdo blogs and doing Q's hair and just plain getting inspired, I've started to try some of them out on myself! :)

This was what I did today - not perfect, but hey, I didn't have much time and it was at least some variety!

(Don't mind the messy bathroom in the background! lol Or the odd picture angles, I was taking them myself!)
As you can see, when I wrapped the hair around the elastic, some of it got caught on the bobby pins. I should have fixed that and it would have looked a lot better....but I was lazy!

I started with a side part...


The I took a section of hair from one side (and front-ish) and brought it in a swoop (loose) to the back of my head. And pinned it with bobby pins in an X shape. (locks them on and they stay all day that way, when they cross over each other)


Then the same kind of section of hair from the other side of my head...
OOPS! I forgot to take a picture! Well, anyway, I did two from each side, alternating as I went, and kinda crossing them over each other at the bobby pins. Here's what it looked like after the 4 strands were crossed...


Which, I think this looks great! I've left it just like this some days. But, like I mentioned earlier, I'm having static issues, so I wanted to pull it back more. So I added a ponytail right under the criss-crossed hair...


I didn't quite feel like I could just leave it like that, tho. It didn't feel finished. So I took a strand of hair from under the ponytail and wrapped it around the elastic - to cover it up. Then I used another bobby pin to pin the tail back underneath the pony so it was hidden...


LOL man, I really should have fixed that hair that got caught - it would have looked sooooo much better! lol Oh well!


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