Backwards French Braid

 I was noticing last night that Q's hair is still so young and fine that it likes to flop forward (and cover up styles unless I use all the hair on the top of her head!) and in most of the hairdo's that I do - I ask the hair to go backwards, to fall back, like grown up hair. :) So I thought I'd try a style that allowed her hair to go the way it seems to want to go, naturally.

So for this one I started by parting Q's hair waaaaay over on the side...

And combed it in the general direction it likes - forward! Then, starting at the back (crown) I took up a section of hair and started french braiding....towards her face! lol


Ok, so it didn't go straight toward her nose, I thought that might look goofy (hehe) so I angled it down toward her ear. And tied it off with a little elastic. I purposely used bigger sections of hair than normal, trying to see how it looked. Hoping for more of a "chunky" braid - but she doesn't have enough hair yet :) It does look different than if I had used tiny sections of hair to add in. I like the variety :)

Then, deciding it didn't look finished yet, we pulled the tail back and added a clip to keep it in place :)


I thought it turned out pretty cute :) What do you think?!


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