Follower Question!

I LOVE my followers/readers! ((hugs))  And this is a question I've been thinking I should address, anyway, so thanks for the motivation, Penniless! :D  Here is her question ...

"I tried doing one of these hairdos (not this one exactly) on my little boy (he's got long hair till he'll be 3 years old- for religious reasons)... and i couldn't get him to keep his head in one place long enough. Twists, braids, whatever- I couldn't do anything that required precision. I ended up making him a whole bunch of layered ponies... but how do you get your daughter to stay still????"

 I'd like to tell you that I have a magical system and all you have to do is follow it, and they'll sit still as long as you need...but I don't! :)  I have to admit - for all the fancy styles you see her, Q's watching a movie! She has two concert dvd's and some old-school Winnie-the-Pooh that she watches while I mess with her hair. (Which explains her zoned and spacey expression in some of the photos! lol)

Before I took the "easy" way out (hair time is really the only time she watches TV, so she sits really well, and if she gets too squirmy - then the movie goes off.) we employed the use of things with small parts, things that took thought and detail to work with, to keep her brain and hands busy while I messed with her head. We still use this method occasionally! Things we use are puzzles, crayons, Light Brights, Legos, things to sort from one cup to another, etc, even while she ate breakfast sometimes! I usually have her sit in her high chair when we use this method, too, that way she is less likely to just get up and leave on me!

Another method we've done is to have her sit on the counter by the sink, in front of the mirror. She gets to look at herself or watch what I'm doing this way.

And if we need to do (or repair!) a style and we're not at home - I have her sit on my lap and look at a book, if available....I also keep this kind of thing as SHORT as possible!

Which is another thing to mention. I found, especially when starting out - that the more simple the style - the better! I wanted her to learn to like having her hair done, not learn to dread it every morning. I stuck to styles with NO braids or twists. I also avoided clip-only styles because she would just pull them out immediately. I favored the little elastics. But even then, I could only get about 3-5 in her hair before her attention span (and patience!) was used up! I love styles like Woven Piggies, Step-Ponies, and a Knot when I need to be quick! (I also have one more in the "archives" that I need to do again and get posted - it's adorable, and quick, too!)

I hope this helps! Thanks for the question, Penniless!


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