Pure Curls

Sometimes Q isn't very interested in having me do much more than detangle her curls (if that!) So on days like this we go Free Style! :D

My goodness I wish my hair looked like this! (sans the nose picking) lol

In case you are wondering - we detangle by spraying her hair down with water and combing it out gently with a wide toothed comb. If I want the curls to be finer and fuller, then I go through it afterwards with a finer toothed comb, but I usually don't because it can get very big that way! :)  We do get different looks with the different combs, tho, for sure.

ALWAYS start at the bottom of the hair when detangling. If you start at the roots you can kind of just push the tangles down, and then when you get to the ends you have a big, massive knot. If you start at the ends, and attack the tangles and matted hair bit by bit, it's easier to get it all out. And it hurts much less! (That knowledge is from years and years of personal experience with long hair!)

One more little tip...

Brush or comb straight hair when it's DRY.
Comb (do not brush!) curly hair when it's WET!


  1. Very good tips, about the detangling. I remember my mom used to hog tie me and I'd scream while she brushed my hair, but my dad was so gentle and would always "start at the top". That works with 2 of my 3 girls. My middle girl.. well, I have no choice but to hog tie her lol she is a MESS.

    I love your blog! Visit mine some time! :)

  2. :) that's cute :)

    Oh, I love your blog! Very cool! Thanks for sharing it! I'll definitely be back there again!


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