Sidewinders Hair Holders ~ Review!

   Have you heard of these Sidewinder Hair Holders? They come in 26 different colors and you can mix and match them to make different looks! They are designed to be an easier alternative to beads and barrettes ... aren't they cute? And they are so quick and easy to put in... and even faster to get out!

If you like beads at the ends of braided styles - you should definitely give these a try!
If you like unique accessories  -  these are the most unique I've seen!
If you like being on the cutting edge of trends and styles - you better get yourself a set of Sidewinder Hair Holders!

There are a lot of different ways to use Sidewinder Hair Holders - the options are  only as limited as your imagination! So Q and I had to give some styles a try.

Check back soon for some "How To Use Sidewinder Hair Holders" tutorials!! Or if you just can't wait - check out the Hair Holders' Style Gallery for lots of great ideas!

To buy your own sidewinders, check out their website at Did I mention their customer service is impeccable?? I LOVE doing business with a company that follows through and has great customer service. Sidewinder Hair Holders has definitely passed the test!

oh, I should also mention, these do not break! I mean, we haven't exactly tried to break them, but we've been using them for a couple months now and they look EXACTLY like they did when they were brand new. No scratching, no chips, none have only complaint is that I lose them occasionally! So be sure to stock up and have some extras on hand!!

(I should clarify - I lose them once they're out of Q's hair, just like I lose any other hair clip. When they are in her hair they are very secure!! They have only fallen out a couple times and that was just user error. When I do it right, they stay put all day!)

I absolutely love Sidewinders! I had some pink and white ones in her hair when we went to the grocery store back in Dec ... the day Santa was there... and he asked Q if she had Candy Canes in her hair! It was perfect! :)


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