Sidewinders Hair Holders ~ Floating Hairstyle (with video!)

I promised you some Sidewinder Hair Holders' tutorials! So here we go! I apparently favor the "Floating" hairstyle with these (I love it! I can't help it!) So that shall be our first tutorial! ...

It's really really easy to use Sidewinders! To get this look:

* First pick up a section of hair that you want to include in the sidewinder
* Then twist the hair

(sorry so blurry! oof!)

* Next twist/spin the sidewinder onto the hair that you previously twisted - then Add the second color!

* If you are working with fine, or not super curly hair, like we are - to get the floating look you'll need to add a small hair elastic. Just twist it around the sidewinder hair holder a few times, as shown in the video!

* Repeat as many times as you'd like!

To remove the Sidewinder Hair Holders - just take out the elastic (if you used one), and then slide the hair holders down the hair!  Here's a quick little video just for fun...

Be sure to read Sidewinders Hair Holders ~ Review, if you missed it the first time!


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