Braids & Sidewinder Hair Holders!

Here is a hairstyle idea using beads to keep the Sidewinders on! I think it is super cute! and if you are one who loves beads on the ends of braids, this is a quick and easy alternative!

* First braid some braids
* Finish them off with one bead at the end.

To finish them off like that I coated her ends with some almond oil, slipped a bead onto the end of the braid, then bent the hair up back toward the braid itself, then I put a small clear elastic around the braid (and tail) just right above the bead.

(If you get the bead too close to the end you might lose it! I didn't want long tails hanging but really the sidewinder covers it anyway, so just make sure you leave enough end to keep the bead on.)

Oh, and I put almond oil on her ends to try to protect them from too much damage and stress while bent up like that.

* Then twist the Sidewinder Hair Holders onto the braids as shown on the "Floating" Sidewinder hairdo video!

* Done! Wasn't that fast and easy?!

I left Q's braids in for a day and a half - but that was probably pretty short. (She needed her hair washed) A style like this could be left in for a few days! Just remember to add some oil or moisturizer of some kind to the hair (and braids and scalp) while the style is in.

And don't leave braids in Too long!

At night I pulled the braids up into a high ponytail on top of her head so she didn't have to lay on the Sidewinders. They are pretty hard, so that wouldn't be very comfortable!


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