Sidewinders Hair Holders ~ Braids and Sidewinders

  The variations and options that there are with Sidewinders Hair Holders are truly limitless! Here is a hairstyle for little girls (or big ones, too!) that uses braids and Sidewinders.

* Simply braid 3 braids
* Slide the Sidewinder Hair Holders onto the braids
* Pull it all into a little ponytail!

Or you can add a small clear elastic to each Sidewinder and let them hang down, like this:

In the next picture you can see I'm adding a clear hair elastic around both the braid and the Sidewinder to keep it where I want it.

Or you can have them lower, in place of beads. (You can also use a bead to hold the sidewinder on!)

For more style ideas visit Sidewinders' hairstyle gallery and video page!

Or watch Curly Hairdo Ideas's video on doing a "Floating" Hairstyle with Sidewinders

and don't miss our Official Sidewinders Review!


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