Get Up and Go Hairstyle! - The Headband

Hair doesn't always have to look perfect. I mean, let's face it - it doesn't always look perfect! So if we felt it should, we would really be setting ourselves and our children up for failure.  Instead, I like to embrace a kind of "Do what we can, when we can" attitude. I love doing fun, fancy hairstyles on my little girl - but I also live in the real world (sometimes) where that doesn't always happen. 

Not only that but I want my spunky 2 year old to play and romp and have a grand ole time just Living - not worrying about her hair.

So some days we end up with unique funky hair - and other days I just need something to run out the door with.

What better accessory on a day like that than a trusty headband? This is a headband that I made. and I also added two bobby pins to try to keep it in longer - but the jury's still out on whether they helped or not! I'm voting "not".

If I don't have time (or the desire) to detangle Q's hair, I like to fluff it a bit and separate a few curls. I love her big hair! and it helps make it look a little less "just slept in", at least in my opinion!



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