How to Match Your Hair to Your Glasses

I love having guest authors, have I ever mentioned that? The timing is working out really well lately, too, with my blogging computer having recently died - I have had the chance to post these great guest articles while I try to get my picture program back up and running. If you missed the other one, be sure to read Cost Effective Ways to Take Care of Your Child's Hair by Kalen Smith.

Anyway, I hope to have things back to normal by the weekend, but in the meantime - here's a post for you by Sara Roberts ....

How to Match Your Hair to Your Glasses

Remember when you used to try and hide the fact that you had to wear glasses?
Or when fashion magazines told us to minimize our eye makeup so not to draw attention to our glasses? Oh, how the times have changed! And thankfully so, as glasses really can be the finishing touch for your look. Once you've picked out the glasses that are perfectly "you", use our top three tips to match your hair to your glasses for a polished look that will have heads turning.

1. Coordinate, but don't be matchy-matchy

You want your glasses and hair to share some similar elements but also maintain distinction. Just like it's fashionable to carry a purse that's a different color than your shoes, your style will look fresh and new if you don't match your glasses and hair perfectly.

Look at your glasses and determine their two most defining attributes. Pick the one with which you want your hair to coordinate and the one with which you want your hair to contrast. Perhaps you have traditional wire half-frame glasses; the traditional element of the glasses would work well with a simple, long-layered hairstyle. A contrast to the traditional side of such glasses would be a more extreme hair color, perhaps bleach blonde or jet black hair that screams anything but traditional.

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2. Balance hard lines with soft lines

Opposites really do attract, and while that idea might not work well in relationships, it does work especially well when it comes to your glasses and hair. Think about the dominant shapes and lines in your glasses, and consider how you can balance those with a hairstyle that creates the opposite type of shapes and lines.

If your glasses have a lot of hard edges, a haircut with lots of curls or soft wisps will balance them out. Do you like the hard lines of geek-chic glasses? They look great with a soft, side-swept bang that flows right into the edge of the glasses. If you prefer your glasses with round curves, consider a very blunt haircut, like a stacked bob.

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3. Don't be afraid to be bold twice

If you've got 'em, you might as well flaunt 'em. Bold glasses matched with bold hair might seem unconventional, but by pushing the envelope with both, you'll create a look that certainly won't be missed.

Thick, dark glasses are a great match with white blond hair. Try short, spiky hair and frames with spiked edges. Or go for a hair color and glasses that are the same bold color, like bright red. You'll turn heads for sure!

Photograph released under Creative Commons by xvire1969/

However you decide to match your hair to your glasses, keep in mind that your hair stylist plays a key role. Make an appointment for a consultation, and remember to bring your glasses with you. Once you both agree on a style and color, your look will come together just as you envisioned it.

Sara Roberts is a content contributor for Just Eyewear, an online glasses retailer. Learn how you can buy glasses online and save hundreds off your next pair.

Do you have glasses?! Did you consider your hair when you picked them out? Or vice versa? I should really get some new glasses here in the near future, so this post was probably a good one for me! Do you have any tips for me as well?! Let me know in the comments!


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